Win a copy of The Wholesome Baby Food Guide!

Does making your own baby food seem like climbing Mt. Everest, or does it seem as easy as mashing up an avocado? What do YOU think of making your own baby food? Tell us and you could win a copy of The Wholesome Baby Food Guide! Enter your answers in the comments and you could win! We’ll randomly choose FOUR winners from the correct answers to win a copy of the book! Contest ends March 27 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Prizes shipped to US addresses only.

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  • Kimberlydb

    I would love to make my own baby food, but worry about the cleanup and prep time involved. We’ve such a small kitchen and I worry about the space I would need, too. Plus, how portable would it be? But I’d love to be in control of what will go in my little one’s tummy.

  • Lydiamallen85

    I think its great to make your own food, then you know what’s in it versus jars, pouches, etc. My babies always eats the fresher food over the jarred or more processed. I hope I win so I can share with new mommies :).

  • Elizabeth Jalbert

    When my (now 18 month old) baby was ready for baby food, I made it all myself. I would prepare everything on Sunday, it would only take a bout an hour or so if I was multitasking, but I really enjoyed it! To this day she still eats all of her colors every day, give or take a random averson that winds up on the floor! I still cook all of her food on Sundays, portion it out in safe containers, and then it is a no brainer during the week!

  • Merly P

    I think making my own baby food will be as easy as mashing up an avocado – since that’s one of the things I’ll be doing! I’m seven months pregnant right now, so I’m not currently making my own baby food, but I will when this little bundle is ready for it. I do remember wishing there was a better & cheaper option when my oldest was eating us out of house and home at 1 – boy did she love to eat!
    Not only is making it yourself a cheaper way to do it, you can control what’s in the food and the textures. Plus, we all know that anything made with love just tastes better!

  • Erica

    With baby #1 (who is now 9 y.o.!) I did all store bought food and spent a small fortune! With baby #2, now 20 months, I decided to give making my own baby food a shot. I could not believe how easy it was! Cook everything on Sunday & package it up for the week! To this day BOTH my boys prefer our homemade applesauce to containered. And it gives me such a piece of mind knowing exactly what is going in their little bodies!
    It is also so much fun for me experimenting with different combinations mixed together… We are big fans of the blueberry/pear sauce. :)

  • Dgp102

    It’s possible – just need to make sure you plan accordingly with grocery shopping and being stocked with the right items needed. I will be making my own food come May when my little girl arrives!

  • Marif Figueroa

    My baby just started solids I she loves all the purees I make for her they are way better than the storebought and I think is easy I like to mix different fruits and veggies she loves them I hope I win the book that way I could keep making her different ones.

  • 1jadapalmer

    i did with my toddler and plan to with this baby too! my best advice is dont spend tons of money on a fancy food processor or special baby food making machine…we got ours at walmart for $20 and it does the job perfectly! it gets so fun when you can start combining things and leaving more texture!

  • Jhkimball

    Making your own food is so easy!! Just steam and puree. I just used my mini-prep attachment for my immersion blender to make small batches (only 3 pieces to wash). With my second child we just did baby-led weaning, so I skipped the purees entirely (caveat: she did exclusively breastfeed until eleven months, so she had half her teeth before she started eating solids).

  • marissa

    i have a little guy who will be starting solids in a couple of months. i’m curious if the book has any tips on baby led weaning. i made most of my older son’s food when he was a baby and it was fun for me and healthy for him :)

  • Erintmc

    I think making your own baby food is wonderful….it’s healthier and cheaper so definitely worthwhile! I made all of my daughters food and am currently doing the same for my son. He is really enjoying all of the food combinations and becoming an adventurous eater!

  • Kellie

    It seems to time consuming as a single mom of two. But I would love to try it.

  • Michelle Everson

    I have made Berkeley’s food since the doctor said get started. It was about 4 months and pre made baby food was not an option nor would ever be. She is nine months and I make it all. I cook her breakfast when I make mine. I mash up her lunch when I eat my sandwich and depending on dinner (spicyness) I blend it up and give it to her. I will say though that it has been hard for me to come up with creative dishes for her. I get lost in a pattern with she eats. THankfully, I have a huge yard and I am going to grow some veggies and herbs so I can get really down home with my food. Plus I’ll know where it came from. I encourage all you mama’s to buy local. Just because Whole Foods or wheverever you shop offers natural and organic choices, keep in mind it often takes a trunk to get it to the store. To me, it then loses it’s organic value!!! Plant a few seeds in some pot, herbs or whatever you like, and see how quickly you can really take making baby food to a whole new extreme!!!

  • Gin18

    I have found that it is super easy to make home made baby food. With the he,p of the wholesome baby food website, I have actually made too much!

  • Boston914

    I am 35 weeks pregnant with my third and final child and just received the baby bullet as a gift. I would love some good recipes to go with it!

  • pappi public

    I am all for homemade baby food and was planning on doing that, but when the time came I did BLW instead. I still make things like smoothies for him at home though, so that’s kinda like baby food :)

  • Kyla

    I absolutely loved making baby food for my son!! I felt like I was accomplishing something huge and it was so easy! My daughter is now 6 months and I’m really looking forward to making hers as well!!

  • Deb

    I love making my own baby food. It is really simple and I love knowing exactly what my daughter is eating.

  • Jennifer Lavallee

    WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS….I just bought a baby bullet to make my own baby food and after 7 kids I would LOVE to learn how to make my own baby food. And know what she is eating!

  • Brandy Greer

    I have wanted to make my own baby food for a long time. I’m at a point right now where I really need more ideas on what I can fix for my baby and toddler. I don’t really like all the gerber type baby snacks and foods, I’d just rather make their food myself. But I draw a blank on stuff to make for my babies, I want a wide range of things I can make each week. This book would be a great source for new recipes and ideas! I could get a lot of use from it. Thanks for this giveaway :)

    • Earth Mama Angel Baby

      Congrats Brandy! You win! Be on the lookout for a email from Social Mama!

  • Therese T.

    I have a 1-month old right now and we’re exclusively breastfeeding so far: really hope to be able to do that all the way, then transition to homemade baby food: it’s cheaper and better quality coz then we’ll know exactly what we feed our baby! Bought a food mill, though I’m also looking at a beaba or kalorik. I’m not very good in the kitchen so I’m a bit nervous as to how I’ll make my little one’s food.

  • Ncrotondi88

    It is way easier than people think to make your baby’s food, and then u know exactly what is in it! I did it with my boys and just had a baby girl! Can’t wait to start again! That book wld be great!

  • Lupe Tovar

    Pretty much my whole family fed their babies jarred baby food and think I’m making more work for myself than is really necessary but I really want my son to be healthy now and continue eating healthy as he gets older. I know that have whole food made in the same week that he will eat it is a key to healthy eating throughout his lifetime. I’ve started by making my own applesauce and would love to continue with other homemade foods ( he is 6 months now) this book would be a great help.

  • Sophie and Momma

    Baby food making can make a mom feel overwhelmed. As a first time mom, I felt overwhelmed and did not exactly think clearly as to what ingredients to put together to make a good tasty and nutritious meal for baby. I felt a bit worried knowing that I needed to make sure to introduce foods slowly so I can note of any allergic reactions. Having a book such as The Whoelsome Baby Food Guide that could guide me and give expert advice on climbing “Mt. Everest” would be great.

  • Shahleena Weller

    As a professional nanny for 13 years, I have made countless batches of all different foods for babies! I have used fancy equipment, and nothing more than a steamer and a fork. I find it to be so, so easy, and I will certainly be making food for my own little one… Once she’s old enough! About 3 months from now!

  • Jill

    I’m excited to make my own baby food once my baby gets old enough for solids. I think it will be easy, and I’m not too worried about it, but looking forward to it!

  • Ashley T

    I have twins due in May, and am definitely going to make my own baby food when the time comes. I feel much better knowing exactly what is my babies food!

    • Earth Mama Angel Baby

      Congrats Ashley! You win! Be on the lookout for an email from Social Mama!

  • Vdubluvr

    I’ve made my daughter’s food since her first bite. 4 months later and I feel like she is getting bored with the same ol recipes. I could really use the cook book.

  • Melissa Russell

    I was late getting into the make your own baby food game, but once I did got all of my info from! My sister is expecting and I have already shared lots of information with her regarding making her own babyfood.

  • Megan Luddington

    I’m a first time mommy and Maggie’s website has been my baby food bible! I love knowing exactly what my little girl is eating! And she loves every bite! I would love a copy of her book!

  • Lisabee912

    I recently started making my own baby food for my little one and I refer to the Wholesome Baby Food website all the time! It’s so nice knowing I can provide the freshest ingredients for him and also introduce foods that simply don’t come in jars. Love it!!

  • Robin

    I’ve got my first due in May and I want to put time and love into the foods she eats! One of the best gifts I can give her is a healthy, natural start in her tummy. ^.^

  • Meg01981

    I absolutely LOVED making my own baby food with my first baby. I actually started purchasing apples and pears at the local farmer’s market and pre-froze some in preparation I was so excited. Now that baby 2 is ready to make his debut in May, I’m starting to get excited to get on the puree train again. Not only is it good for baby to not have the extra tuff in there, mommy and the rest of the family can enjoy it with our meals too.!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve just started, and so far, I’ve given our six month old sweet potatoes and avocado. On deck are green beans and pumpkin. It’s so much cheaper to make your own!

  • Babyhoward1

    I just found the corresponding website and made a small batch of applesauce. DD will be trying it this week! We plan on going and getting other foods to make and freeze. With teaching, it seems to be easier to set time aside to do a set of “chores” – makes the week less stressful. I like what I have read on the website thus far and would love to read the book. I want to offer LO the best chance at a healthy lifestyle myself and her father were not offered. I also like to know I have offered her the best I could, not to mention the monetary benefits. Here’s to 6 months of EBF after a very rough start complete with everyone trying to tell me to quit and now for offering the best foods we can. I can’t wait to see all the faces with the introduction of new textures and flavors, hopefully assisted by this book . :-)

  • Heather

    I plan on making my baby’s food… It seems easy enough but I need guidance on what foods are best and appropriate for a little one

  • mommystrub

    I want this book! I have tried making my own a bit here and there, mostly recipes from the Wholesome Baby Food website, but I just respond to recipes better printed in a pretty little book. I want this book because it would be organized, neat, compact; all the info I need, right there! I know my son would be interested in a more varied diet, so this book would go a long way.

    I want, I want, I want!

  • Alana

    It has been great making my own baby food. I just make sure to make large batches so I don’t have to do it too often. And my son loooooves the savory butternut squash & potato puree! He loves it so much that if there is a new food we are trying and he doesn’t like it, I just mix it with that puree and he’ll eat it!

  • Iisha

    I am a mother of a 3.5mo old girl and I CAN”T WAIT to start making her food! I’m so excited to try it all but really looking forward to when we get to the point of making her meals out of the same stuff we’re eating- like Pork and Peaches or Spaghetti Squash w/ Marinara. My husband and I love to cook so I feel pretty confident that our daughter will love all sorts of food! (fingers crossed 😉 ) Having this guide would certainly be handy!

  • Juliehavard

    I love making Hattie’s baby food! It brings me great comfort to know exactly what goes in it! It’s a very therapeutic activity for me, and one of my new favorite hobbies!

  • Bellcourtney

    I find the baby food making process very easy. The only difficult part is finding the foods my daughter will like and at the right stage. Thnakfully, the resources moms have now to make food on their own is so much easier. Blogs, books and websites are amazing resources for solutions, which is the information age at it best…building things up not down.

  • Kristin

    Making baby food was pretty easy for me and I loved knowing exactly what my baby girl was eating.

  • Jennifer. K

    I enjoyI making my own baby food. Its simple and knowing what my banybis eating is satisfing.
    Its also satisfying when he smiles when eating letting me know he loves my combinations &I concoctions

  • Gianna – Theroddybride

    I used the Wholesome Baby Food website when I was making food for my daughter. It was actually what gave me the idea. I didn’t know how easy it really was. I’d take an hour or so to make a few week’s worth of food. My hubby and I felt really good about giving her wholesome foods especially since she had digestive issues with my breastmilk. It really helped her to LOVE her fruits and veggies. I was a very proud Mama when I heard that she went for her peas and carrots over a slice of pizza :)

  • Allison Weaver

    I have very limited experience with making baby food myself…would love to have the book. The reviews on it are great and it seems like it would be a GREAT asset! We are due with baby boy #4 in a couple months and I think it would be fairly easy to make baby food myself, not to mention a real money saver!

  • Amanda Reyna

    making our own food makes me feel better knowing that what Olive eats is healthy. The site itself has helped so much!

  • K Steele

    I made all my own foods for my oldest and plan to do the same for my new little one. It is a continuation of the gift of always trying to give them the best that I can provide, be it my breastmilk or freshly made organic foods. It’s really not difficult and I’ve now got a toddler who asks for seconds on her veggies during dinner!

  • Sarah Paradis 2010

    I really enjoy making my own! It’s pretty simple and super healthy for baby :)

  • Melissa

    i love making baby food for my little guy. i use the wholesome baby food guide website as my resource for what to give him, when its safe, how to make it. i love it!! i use my monday mornings as time to make the food. right now in the freezer we have avacados, butternut squash, summer squash, zucchini, apples, peaches, pears, green beans, and sweet potatos. he hasnt turned down anything yet. i really love making it for my little foodie

  • Orly

    I must admit, I was really scared cooking my 5 moths old baby boy’s food. I came across this website and read about what he can or cant eat and decided to try and get rid of all the jars I have bought from the supermarket. Another confession, I felt really really guilty buying those jars! I never eat ready meals so why should my little precious one?

    I started steaming fruit and boiled some potatos and his facial expressions when I feed him are just great! He “talks” while I feed him, smiles and loves it! Well, the bits of food thatr are in his mouth and not his cloths.

    My little boy still not sleeping through the night so needless to say I am quite tired most of the time, so I take him out to baby groups and music sessions to keep him happy. Yesm tired and it feels like Im on auto pilot but when I make his food, I am full with energy becasue I cannot wait to try new foods with him!

    Thank you so much for a great website and making my fears of feeding go away!x

  • Melissa

    I love making my own baby food. Not only do I know exactly what she is eating, but it forces me to make sure I’m eating healthy and setting a good example for her. I hope it leads her to make good food decisions in the future.

  • Tammie

    I love making my daughter’s food. There are days that it feels more daunting than others, but I know what I am putting in it. Plus she loves fresh fruits and vegetables and I feel like that will be a lifetime gift for her to enjoy!

  • Medmimi2

    It seems natural for me to cook for my little one because we are a family who loves to eat tasty food. I had difficulty waiting to introduce seasoning to my baby’s food. She is a little bit picky and it motivates me to try new things to help her tastes. I hope she becomes a gourmet and will one day be the one who makes me try new flavours.

  • Cperkins1212

    I love the website, it’s my baby food making bible. Lol. I love how the website is so informative, so far it’s helped me with every stage of foods. It’s great to know exactually what I’m feeding my son. I’ve told several of my friends about the website and love it too.

  • Stephanie H

    I have never before fed Elaina any store bought baby food. I have always made her food from scratch, and I have always used Wholesome Baby food as my guide (the online version). Now that she is 1 and has tried so many different types of food, most of the time I cut up whatever we are eating and she has that, or if its not the right texture for her, I blend it up, and she eats that way…either way, it is always homemade! She eats pretty much anything now…and is very rarely picky!

    I would love a copy of the book to keep on hand for Elaina and for the next baby!

  • Caroline Andrus

    So far my daughter, who’s about to turn 6 months, has only had foods that I’ve made her (with the exception of ONE jar of bananas because I needed the jar to heat the frozen foods for her!!!)
    I’d LOVE to have a copy of the book because it would be so much easier to have that on my kitchen counter vs my computer!!!

  • Jennifer

    I love making my baby’s food. I have had a lot of fun doing it and seeing her experience it all for the first time. I love that I am using the best organic ingredients with nothing extra. It is a great feeling to know you are started your baby off right with good nutrition. Love the Wholesome baby’s website. It has been really helpful.

  • Aubrey

    Making baby food for my first seemed as easy as mashing up an avocado, but for my second, it seems like I never have time to make the food for him because I have a million other things to do, and for the third (due in August) it seems more like climbing Mt. Everest… Although I LOVE the idea of making my own baby food, I think I just need to carve out time to make it work…

  • Christina Y

    Easy! I have a beeba babycook and my little one never ate food out of the jar!! i am a very proud Mama of making my own food .

  • Maddy Johnson

    At first it was a little daunting, but once I got in to a system it went really well and I found making the food was pretty easy. However, I’m back to the daunting and difficult as I now have a toddler and trying to make him food is more difficult. He doesn’t love purees, but doesn’t have the molars for true table food yet. I love your site, and having the book would really help me out with my current situation, and when it is time to start the first foods baby food again sometime in the future.

  • mgowthrop

    When we found out our 6 month old has multiple food allergies, I made the important decision to make his baby food. It was the only sure way to guarantee what he was ingesting. I had no idea where to begin. When we got home from his appointment with the allergist, I found I was saved! Griffin has adjusted to the new tastes and textures and is no longer symptomatic of his food allergies. The fact that I am making this contribution to his health is priceless!

  • Liz L.

    I think making your own food is awesome, but I went with jarred food after my baby’s first foods. I think it’s kind of hard! Would love this book to help me out with my second baby who will be starting solids in about 3 months.

  • Hyatt

    I had a hard time making more than single fruit purées. I would like a copy of this book to help simplify things for me.

  • Momalawi

    I enjoy making my own baby food. I would make a bunch up at once and freeze it so it was easy for me to just take something out and heat. This recipe book would be wonderful for those times when you just aren’t sure what else to make. I have loved the website!

  • Beth

    I thought it would be much harder than it is. I admit, I did not think I could do it, but it is really pretty easy! And I feel so good about knowing exactly what my son is eating. Also, I am eating much healthier too.

  • Crystal Rogers

    I was a bit imtimidated by making my own abay food, but not anymore. After a friend said to visit your website, I know I can do it. And I can do it without spending a whole lot of extra time. I can make my little one’s food while making the family’s dinner! I love it.

  • Rosie R

    I would love to make my own baby food, I dont have the imagination to come up with the mixes.

  • Priscilla Liang

    OMG I love making food for my precious baby! You know exactly what go in and no need to worry about chemicals like preservatives ! I also go by the Dirty Dozen rules to make my selections. Even though I reference the Wholesome Baby Food site already, I’d love to have a copy of this book! Plz plz plz!!! =)))

  • Jenna

    I was so excited to start pureeing and making all the baby food I could…esp ones like avocados since I don’t see them in the store bought jars. I feel accomplished and happy my baby is trying so many fruits and veggies! :-) I loved this website and it has helped me introduce so many yummy foods into my baby’s diet! Thanks!

    • Earth Mama Angel Baby

      Congrats Jenna! You win! Be on the lookout for a email from Social Mam!

  • Meriane

    I’m nine months and recently bought a puree machine and blender as I intend on making a good three-quarters of any solid foods my baby will eat. It’s my belief that I will have more control over his nutrients this way, as well as encourage him to be less of a picky eater. However, I am not there yet and my goals may end up out the window in favor of jarred organic food supplements.

  • Queenjafri

    Hi, I am so grateful my sister recommended me to your site when my baby was 4 months and about to start eating. I felt encouraged and inspired by your monthly meal planners, and after breastfeeding, I felt the next step to ensure my baby got the best start nutritionally was to make my own home made baby food. It was a fun experience and was not as difficult as many would think, because you can make large batches and freeze them in ice cube trays. I always had a big supply in the freezer and then as the months progressed, it was fun mixing the flavors. It eased the transition for him to start eating our regular home food. I never used jars except on 2 flights. Anyone can make their own baby food, all you need is a handy dandy hand blender!

  • Annemarie_luperini

    I used the website as my guide daily while making baby food for my daughter. I’m a terrible cook and did not think I could pull it off but I was determined to make my own food. I can’t believe I did it and its only because of this website! I’m so happy there is a book now so I can use that for the next baby due in September! If I can do it anyone can!

  • Linda Thomsen

    I want to give my baby the best start in life…and fresh, healthy food is the best way I can think of! I’m convinced that it will benefit him in the long run..and I’ll feel like I’ve done my best as a mom! No matter what it’s definitely worth the effort….thanks for a great website :)

  • Heather

    I was intimidated to make homemade baby food because it looked complicated. But someone recommended your site and it looked so easy. Thanks for providing the helpful tools to feed my baby healthy baby food!

  • Stephanie S.

    It was all new for both my husband and I but once we dived in and started making our daughter’s food at 6months of age it was awesome! We tried new foods such as sweet potatoes, snap peas, yellow squash, apples, you name it! I enjoy making her food in batches, and when it comes down to new recipes I am constantly checking out the wholesome baby food site. I absolutely love this site; it has helped us in many ways. We have learned what to feed her at the right time, different ways to prepare her food, and what to feed her due to possible allergic reactions. It’s been a lifesaver! Our daughter will be a year old next month, and I must say this whole experience with making her food has been amazing. Knowing that I’m helping my daughter grow healthy and strong from the start, giving her foods rich in nutrients, and tons of vitamins made out of our kitchen makes me feel GREAT! Thank you wholesome baby food!

  • Afsnow26

    I was very nervous making my son’s, Cody, baby food since he was a preemie and I only want the best for him. I started slowly with the foods recommended for his age on this site and he loved them! Now he enjoys meals and always grabbing at the bowl wanting more.

    I love making his food! I know exactly what is going into it and how fresh it is. I boil, steam or bake then puree and freeze. Whenever it’s meal time, it’s easy to combine foods for different textures and tastes.

    I really appreciate all the research she adds along with ways to remedy common problems (constipation, diarrhea, etc).

    I still receive criticism from people asking me why I make Cody’s food and my response is how many peaches do you know have a shelf-life of 2 years (as seen on baby jars)?

  • Darcie

    I like to keep it simple – especially since sometimes they may not want to eat what your having fun experimenting with! Pureed peas are the most gratifying for me to make and cheesy spinach nuggets are the most yummy for me to eat… sometimes I can’t help myself.

  • Kerri

    Making baby food has been so rewarding, both for me and my 8 month old twins. My boys have big appetites, so keeping up with their demand has been challenging, but I love every minute of it. We are now entering the finger food phase, which is a bit daunting; however, the recipes on WBF sound so delicious that I can’t resist the temptation to try them out. Feeding my boys solid food, thanks to the great resources upon which I depend, has become one of the most fulfilling elements of parenthood, since I truly feel I am starting my children off on a healthy path.

  • Katara

    I love making baby food! Thanks for all the great ideas from your website!

  • Lauren Greve

    I think it is wonderful! I like making yummy meals for my baby. I just do it on Saturday’s and I make large batches so I will be stocked for a while. I too came across this site while looking up recipes for baby food. It is so informative and I have learned a lot. I’ve also shared this site with some of my friends.

  • shel

    I’ve cooked for my 11-month-old from the start – it’s super easy! I have bookmarked on my computer and refer to it all the time. Our pediatrician recommended that we start seasoning his food to adult palates (minus extra salt or sugar) as soon as he was comfortable with purees, and as a result of that he’s now an excellent eater who almost always is just eating what we eat. Let’s hope it lasts through toddler hood…

  • Julie Beveridge

    Never knowing it would be even possible to make my own babyfood. I am telling everyone how they can start to do it. Don’t know how things will go as we just started but it is great so far.

  • Amy biegalski

    I love making homemade baby food. I love that it is easy, frugal, and most importantly healthy for my girls. The Wholesomebabyfood website and Facebook page continue to help and inspire me!

  • Ambydoo143

    I think it is wonderful! I did have to do some store bought (plum organics….earth’s best…happy baby) but, making it myself was so easy, healthy, and economical! So worth it, for so many reasons. :o) Hoping to do a lot of homemade for our second baby too!

  • Sandrabrock86

    At first the idea of making my own baby food seemed overwhelming, especially because at the time I barely cooked for myself. Now that I’ve begun to make my daughters food not only is she eating healthier but so is the whole family! Learning to cook fresh food for my baby gave me the confidence to learn how to cook EVERYTHING!

  • Jls5814

    I absolutely loved making my son’s food! I loved Saturday trips to the Farmer’s Market with him! I was actually sad when it was time for him to start trying “big boy food.” I still like to make his applesauce and a few different things. AND with a new baby on the way, I get to do it all again and can’t wait!

  • Megan

    I am planning to make homemade baby food for my twin girls in the next month. I found your website a year or so ago when browsing the web- it will be a great help! would love the book!!!

  • Japnezdoll

    I enjoy making my own baby food! Its cost saving and healthy. Its a lot easier than i thought it would be. I get good suggestions from WBF site!

  • Elyce

    I decided on a whim to make my son’s baby food. I looked at my hsban and said I want to make baby food for Ben. Well now he is a happy, healthy two year old (albeit the pickiest eater ever though). we hav hit a brick wall with food, but my 6month old is absolutely loving the homemade baby food. He scarfs it down like its hi last meal. I just hope he isn’t as picky as his brother. I would love love love the book to help keep m variety and possible get the big boy to eat.

  • Pam McBride

    I loved making my own baby food. A little intimidating at first but I got better. I still struggle with what I make and give to my little one.

  • Abtrent

    Making baby food is just like any other task when you first start out. It seems like it will be so confusing, but as you do it more and more the process becomes easier snd you become

  • Ndfanatik

    This is my 3rd child, but the 1st time I’m really making an effort to make my own baby food and CONTINUE making it. The other times I would make a few things and then get lazy. I’m learning a lot more this time in an effort to make it easy on me and healthier for my baby. :) It’s been a lot easier than I remember, but I’m also just starting to build my “stash.” I may freak out a bit when I get to more complex recipes 😛

  • nancy

    its such a helpful guide,i do not know how can start feeding my baby without it,Ilike it so much
    thank you for your wonderful website every things goes easy, and every day am doing new thing to my baby .
    GOD bless you.

  • Pingback: Are You Ready To Make Your Own Baby Food()

  • Keduc8or

    I love making my baby’s food. I’m a full-time working mommy so it’s one thing that I feel that I can do for her and enjoy that doesn’t take too much time. It makes me feel like I’m using my time wisely and I love knowing that I know what is going into her little body. I’m constantly looking at the site for answers for everything. I would love to have the book to grab in a pinch. Thanks for all your help with such a great resource!

  • Sarajenningsrn

    I have identical twin boys that are 11weeks old. My husband and I ave planted a garden for years but this year we planted things we knew that I could make baby food out of – I am over the top exacted to provide this to our boys.

  • Spurzzies

    I started making Jax’s food at around 6 months when I found the Wholesome baby food website. I love making his food and it makes me feel so good knowing that he’s getting nutritious food instead of jarred stuff. When I first started I would only do one ingredient purrees but, now that he is 9 months old I’ve been experimenting with mixtures and finger foods!

  • Kourtney

    I love the wholesome baby food website. I searched high and low on various websites to find the answers until I found this one. All my answers were in one place. I even printed off charts.

  • Hola Mom

    I enjoyed so much making my baby’s food with my first one/ I’m looking forward to doing the same with my second one. It’s so much fun!

  • NeKisha Rowe

    I am not so scared of making my own baby food. I think my biggest issue may be creativity. I admit I have not done much of my own in the past but it is always so satisfying to make your own when I do.

    • Earth Mama Angel Baby

      Congrats NeKisha! You win! Be on the lookout for an email from Social Mama!

  • Beth

    I love making my own baby food, but do wish i had more recipes as with my own eating i tend to find favorites and keep doing them over & over!! (variety variety!!) Making my own baby food is such a wonderful thing- I know i’m giving my son the absolute freshest & best possible with nothing crazy added!! I do feed him some organic prepackaged blends, but want to be making enough fresh food to transition away from that this spring!

  • Lisaevitts

    I loved making my own baby food. I knew exactly what was going into the food, how fresh it was, and there was never a recall on my homemade stuff!

  • Hilary

    I made some food for my older son, but I am definitely going to make more for my 4 month old (when he starts eating). I’m already making food for the rest of the family. What’s a few more minutes to make food for the baby?

  • Marissa Brown

    First time mom-to-be and I have never been able to eat healthy for anything! Vegetables have always been an immediate “ew, no.” and fruits are generally only in smoothies. Getting pregnant sure was a wake up call. My partner and I may have bad habits and have somehow ended up reasonably fit people, but our baby isn’t going to learn those bad habits. Several months ago, that realization pushed me into the decision that fresh and natural, as close to the source as possible, was the way for my little girl. She will be here in a couple months, but education is the way to go. I am so looking forward to learning how to do best for her and hoping that I get with the picture too!

  • Bser83

    I pureed some blueberries yesterday, it seemed good at first, but after refrigerating they got like jelly … would love this book!

  • Cnewsom721

    I used her website to make food with my first, it’s surprisingly easy and so much more nutrious for your little one. I liked knowing exactly what was in what I was feeding him and being able to expose him to more fruits and vegetables than the jarred. I totally plan on doing this again with my little girl due in June!

  • Sellis79

    I love making my 8 month olds food. It is sometimes a little time consuming being a full time working mama of 2 girls. I came across when I was looking into making her food to save money anyway we could. I admitt somethings I do buy already made, due to everything isn’t always in season where we leave tear round. I even got my sister-in-law into it.

  • Jessica

    I also love making our own baby food. It is really easy and I feel good about doing it. I would love more recipes!

  • Stecha

    Its pretty easy in my opinion. I’m very busy, going to teacher’s college but I’ve found it such a relief to know I can prepare a big batch of veggies and whatever else, freeze it, and know that I’m giving my child safe, healthy food. And, everything that I have made for him has been from your website. Love it!

  • Kimberly

    Glad I found this website. I will be starting my son on solids in about a month. I need all the resources I can get!

  • Domanica

    I love making our own baby food. I live trying new recipes and seeing which ones my little one loves.

  • Lnarvaez97

    Its not as hard as we think. With my first daughter, being a first time mom, I thought buying jar food was best for her (1st foods up to 8months). Never thought about what “other” ingredients they put in those jars. But 12 years later and daughter #2 I know now the importance of homemade food. And now realize how easy it is to make. Especially when you already have the ingredients at home and all you have to remember if you puree or smash!

  • Lacie Anna Mericka

    I absolutely LOVE making my own baby food. I had planed on doing it before I ever got pregnant, but when I had complications at birth with my first, my body would only produce breast milk for a month after and I would have to supplement with formula in between. I tried everything from extra pumpings and herbal supplements nothing worked…and felt so guilty about not breastfeeding that it REALLY made me more passionate about making my own baby food.

    My babies (and husband when he ‘taste tests’) absolutely love it as well! We even did an experiment with store bought pears and homemade pears with my daughter and half way through the store bought she shivers (which she does when she does like something) and would hold her mouth shut, but right after would eat the whole batch of homemade pears. Making my baby food is one thing I will always do and recommend others doing as well.

  • Yuni_h

    It is not as easy as mashing an avocado, it is quite a work too, but I really enjoy it, because when I see my kids eating my homemade food, it really makes me feel like I am the best chef in the world…

  • Elisabeth Zaremba Hunter

    Yes, I definitely think we can make our own baby food! We did, a little bit, with our first son, but gave up too easily. I’m expecting our 2nd baby boy in May and we are “guns a-blazin'” this time! Can’t wait to make ALL of our new little guy’s food. :)

  • Mary Fee

    I cant wait til my son is old enough to eat baby food! I Think maknig your own is the only way to go! You can monitor what goes in!

  • Stefanie

    I made most of my first baby’s food myself ans hope to do so as well for my second. The only problem I had was to come up with more creative variations and seasonings. This time I am also looking forward to freeze some in season veggies for the winter month.

  • Ashleigh

    I love making my baby’s food! The best part is knowing my baby is eating real food, since I pick it out, cook it, and puree/squish it up myself. There are so many more options available to one who makes their own baby food. For example, have you ever seen avocado jarred baby food? If you have, it’s extremely rare. But avocado is well known for being a super food!
    For me, it’s been very easy. I don’t even give the jars a second glance at the store. Also, I’m a stay at home mom, and while I have found myself busy some days, honestly there’s always 5 minutes I can take to make baby food, and that 5 minutes usually keeps us set for 4 or 5 days! Talk about simple, time efficient, and cheap!
    What I do wish I had was a really good cook book, though. Soon enough, my boy will be ready for more complex things than pureed pears and carrots, so theBaby Food Guide would be a well-used book in my household!

  • Jasmine

    My family bought me the beaba babycook and a friend got me the baby bullet. They also got me tons of storage. I have been reading about how to make my own baby food since I was pregnant. My son is 3 months old now and I can’t wait to cook for him! I can control what he eats and start exposing him to various tastes and spices. I’ll be so devastated if he turns into a picky eater!!

  • BDenny

    I love making my little one her food!. I thought at first it’d be hard but really now i look foward to it . It’s also healthy and cheaper.

  • Maureen M.

    I have a 2 1/2 year old and I attemped making baby food…merely by steaming and pureeing. I tried to freeze in the cube trays, but it just made me crazy so i stuck with the jars of food. I am currently expecting and plan to EBF this baby, and make my own food. I want to know exactly what is in everything I am feeding my baby for as long as possible. There are so many scary things and chemicals out there that I cant stand it anymore! I have been using EMAB for well over a year on my son and now use the pregnancy products…and plan to use all the BF and baby products too. I plan to buy a system for baby food making, hoping it will make it somewhat easier….and I saw this book on Shari’s show and DEFINITELY plan to buy it….well if I dont win it! :) haha…thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  • Bert

    I love it! And I do it all the time. :o) Avocados and J&J’s Baby Meatballs are my favorites for my kids.

  • Jen Thames

    I’m looking forward to making my son’s baby food. I like that we can know what we’re giving him, that it will save us money & that we can introduce him to the foods that we like to eat.

  • Pingback: How To Make My Own Baby Food | Baby Food Menus()

  • Christina_mcclain

    I would climb Mt.Everest multiple time if that’s what it would take to make my own Babyfood,this days you just don’t know for sure what is in our food.

  • becca o.

    As a first time mama I am really enjoying making my son’s baby food. I know exactly what goes in it and I feel making it rather than buying it pre-made and packaged is an excellent foundation for future eating habits. I love the wholesome baby food website and was my first choice for sound advice and ideas when I was looking for recipes and how to’s. Would love, love, love the book in the kitchen!

  • Sara Moore

    Making our daughter’s food is easy and economical. We love seeing her react to new tastes. It really gives us peace of mind knowing exactly what she’s eating.

  • Bel

    I am a first time mom just starting out on solids. I would LOVE to have this a guide.

  • Cristine Veggie

    I breast fed my daughter, and I remember calling my mom and asking what the rice cereal was all about. She sounded like I was nuts. I said I just didn’t get how processed white food could be nutritious and complete for a baby. So… I trusted my instincts. I started with pears… I peeled and diced and simmered until mushy. Then I tried Sweet Potatoes. YUM. I realized I was giving her things that I liked and I thought were healthy. It made sense. Shouldn’t parenting be instinctive and make sense? We had refried beans. Mashed banana. Other than my breast milk, she was pretty much a vegetarian. People kept telling me to add maple syrup, or sugar, or whatever to “make her like it” Well, if she never had those highly concentrated sweets, she’d never know. So we stuck to plain. She did just fine.

    She’s 15 now, vegetarian, doesn’t drink soda or milk and is perfectly healthy! Moms… trust what you think and what makes sense to you!!!

    My sister is pregnant with her first. I vowed to make all of the baby’s food and deliver to her an hour away. She’s due this summer, so I have time to come up with a plan. I am looking for recipes. Storage ideas, and a timeline for when to introduce what. I was winging it with mine, I want to make sure I have it all just right for hers!!!

    Looks like a great book, I sure could use it… Thanks!

  • Jessica

    My husband and I just started making our son (6 months old) baby food over the weekend and we are very excited about it! We already have 6 different fruits and veggies pureed and frozen in the freezer now. It is a lot of fun and nice knowing exactly what is going in to his tummy!

  • Gayle

    There was no question that I wasn’t going to make my own baby food when I had my daughters. It was less expensive and no trouble for me to puree, mash or finely chop their food for them. I breast fed both of my daughters and I never bought one single jar of baby food. I started them out on easy-to-mash fruits, even mixing banana and avocado which were plentiful in Miami where they were born. Then they graduated to veggies which were steamed and mashed into purees and then left chunky as they were able to chew. Some came from our backyard garden which contained yellow squash, eggplant, green peppers and much more. Our family is vegetarian but does enjoy dairy and eggs. I’m very proud of how I fed my children and I know they appreciated the nutritious food that was served to them.

  • Allison

    I have so many questions when it comes to making my daughter baby food. Right now I’m too nervous to make it since it needs to be pureed so smoothly for her. But, I look forward to making homemade baby food once she gets a little older and I can mix many different items together. I barely make homemade items for my husband and me, so it will be quite an adventure.

  • Bernadette

    I think making my own baby food is going to be as fun and exciting as making food for myself. I’m so excited to introduce my baby to new foods and flavors…and hopefully have another foodie on our hands! :)

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby

    Congrats to our winners: Ashley T, NeKisha Rowe, Jenna, and Brandy Greer!! Thanks for playing everyone!

  • Vanessa Silversmith

    I need this for my baby girl, who will be transitioning to solids before I know it! :) New ideas are always welcomed! Thanks for the opportunity!

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  • Erika Honu

    I love making my own baby food and watching my baby enjoy it!…… I only give my baby the very best!…… I breastfed my LO exclusively for the first 6 months and now I feed him homemade baby food, never formula or jars. For introduction of solids I follow the chart that my naturepractor doctor gave me, so no meat or lactose yet until he turns one year old. I get many great ideas from your book, thank you for helping this mom figure things out when it comes to solids.

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