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Over the Moon with New Baby? Love Your “Lying-in”!

Lying-in, the period of time for a postpartum mama to heal and bond with her newborn, has, sadly, become an antiquated notion, a practice predating current goals like “bouncing back” and “pre-pregnancy weight.” Traditional rites, ancient midwives and less hurried cultures all have healing, nurturing rituals, and these practices were created for a good reason. […]

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Earth Mama Responds to the Safe and Natural Question

Is It Safe? Earth Mama Responds

How safe and natural are Earth Mama Angel Baby products? We love this question! When consumers take product safety seriously and their buying decisions equal a vote with their dollars, companies start to get the message. It’s part of Earth Mama’s mission to educate consumers about safe herbal products and clear, transparent product labeling. Nurse, […]

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