Soap vs Detergent: How did Detergent become “Soap?”

Better living through chemistry! When margarine was invented, housewives huzzahed. Margarine didn’t spoil like butter, it didn’t burn like butter, and it was much less expensive than butter. That “miracle fabric” Polyester saved time and money, polyester pants came out of the dryer looking fine and dandy without hauling out the ironing board. And the […]

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Win Earth Mama's Pure, Safe Soaps!

What’s new about all four pure, organic Earth Mama soaps? Read all about it here, and then enter your answers in the comments and you could win all four! We’ll randomly choose ONE winner from the correct answers to win one 5.3 oz bottle of Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Natural Non-Scents Hand to […]

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Kids Say the Darndest Things Contest!

Kids say the darndest things. Some of our favorite stories feature these darndest phrases: “Mom, can we go to Costco so we can eat some examples?” “Oh Mr. Gato, that’s AWAREious!” and “It’s pure sugar? I can only smell the pure.” What’s your favorite cutie kiddy story? We’ll choose one comment in the comments below […]

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Feb 8 – Support with Integrity Contest!

Do you know about the Support with Integrity Pledge? It’s a pledge that seeks to unite support from breastfeeding mamas, organizations, professionals and helpful friends toward the ultimate goal: to have a happy, healthy mama and a happy, healthy — well-fed — baby. What’s the third item of the pledge? Quick! To the Rafflecopter below! […]

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Social Media Fun Day!

It’s Social Media Fun Day for Earth Mama’s 10th Birthday! Log in to the Rafflecopter contest form below using your Facebook or email accounts and then click the Do It button to find out your task. The interwebby action takes place on the earth Mama Blog, Twitter,  Facebook, Pinterest and Google+, it’s a special social […]

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One of These Things is Not Like the Other!

One of These Things is Not Like the Other! Find the 10 differences in the adorable baby bath photos below and enter them in the Rafflecopter below. We’ll randomly choose ONE winner from the correct answers to win A Little Something for Baby! Contest ends February 2 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. We have our winner! […]

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