Mikki's replacement products

Mikki’s Safer Product Switch

We’re all on different paths on the journey, but the destination is the same: safer products with fewer toxins. What’s your toxin score? Higher is NOT better! Bump Squad mama Mikki took the What’s Your Score challenge by looking up the toxin score of her old products on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. You can take […]

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Erica Belly

Basking in the Sun With a Smoothie – (RECIPE)

Bump Squad mamas Erica and Mikki settle down for a smoothie. Erica says, “basking in the sun during naptime with my favorite smoothie… 1 frozen banana + a heaping spoonful almond butter + tablespoon unsweetened coco powder + a sprinkle chia seeds + almond milk! yummm ✨ happy Thursday mamas!” It sounded so good, Mikki […]

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