Mama’s Salubrious Salt

Salt is essential but it isn’t the Earth’s only yummy seasoning. Herbs can add zing to your cooking, and enrich your dishes with all the wonderful benefits of herbs. Related Posts One Person’s Weeds, Another Person’s Dinner Sprouting Health

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Mama Catches Up with Peggy O’Mara

Melinda and Peggy met professionally a long time ago when Peggy was the editor of Mothering Magazine, and they immediately felt like kindred spirits. Related Posts Earth Mama Wins SheKnows Parents’ Choice Awards! Campers, Travelers, and Back to School Clean! The Breastfeeding Photo Battle Rages On

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Photo Shoot Outtakes at Earth Mama HQ

Did you ever wonder what it takes to create one of Earth Mama’s beautiful, ethereal photos? Come see what you’ll find behind the scenes at an Earth Mama photo shoot. Some fun, and frustration too! Related Posts The Breast Room at Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mama Angel Baby Approved for Whole Foods Market Premium […]

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Name Michelle’s Baby Contest!

UPDATE We have good news and other news! Michelle has TWO baby names that she really likes, that’s the good news! The other news is that she still hasn’t decided, so we don’t really have a winner but we have a booby prize (well not a full-on booby prize but somewhere around the breast area)! One of the names […]

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