About Face

I’ve mentioned before how extraordinarily lucky I was to spend three years outside, working in the garden to learn what would become the Earth Mama Angel Baby product line. Those three years were bliss. Each day I had nothing to focus on but which plants needed to be moved, pruned, nurtured or harvested. I learned [...]

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Bee Positive

I’ve been pondering the apparent plight of bees the past few days. I mean more so than usual. I tried to take a picture of the lavender that is dancing under the weight of bees that zip from one blossom to the next, but photographs just don’t capture the magic. Still pictures just can’t show [...]

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To Nettle

To Nettle net·tle (ntl) n. tr.v. net·tled, net·tling, net·tles 1. To sting with or as if with a nettle. 2. To irritate; vex. If you’re planning on hiking, camping or being out in the Great Outdoors this summer, you would do well knowing how to identify our nettlesome, herbal friend, Stinging nettle, Urtica dioica. Nettles [...]

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