What Goes on and What Goes in! Safe food, safe choices.

Most mamas find Earth Mama when they become pregnant and start looking for the safest teas to drink while pregnant, and the purest products to go ON their pregnant bodies, knowing that what goes on their skin goes in their baby. That knowledge gets kicked up a notch once baby is born, and mamas want to protect their sweet ones from unnecessary toxins, and of course we’re happy to help! But there’s more to babies than personal comfort care, so we’ve invited some friends to chat about safe food and BPA too. Alicia Voorhies’ The Soft Landing can help mamas negotiate a toxic world, and Maggie Meade’s Wholesome Baby Food Guide Book and website gives you easy tools to make your baby’s first foods the safest and best!

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Soap vs Detergent: How did Detergent Become “Soap?”

Soap vs Detergent: How did Detergent become “Soap?”

Better living through chemistry! When margarine was invented, housewives huzzahed. Margarine didn’t spoil like butter, it didn’t burn like butter, and it was much less expensive than butter. That “miracle fabric” Polyester saved time and money, polyester pants came out of the dryer looking fine and dandy without hauling out the ironing board. And the magic of detergent left clothes and dishes spotless, free of grease and grime!

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This Just In – Nothing New With Earth Mama’s Soaps

Earth Mama’s pure castile soaps are still the same. But you probably wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They are dressed in shiny new bottles, they have herbally new label designs, a fancy new organic certifier and a new ingredient panel that has different words that mean the exactly same thing. OK, if you want to get picky, those are four things that ARE different. Except the soap. The soap is still exactly the same.

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A Walk Down Earth Mama Lane

In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s been ten years and in others it seems like I’ve been immersed heart-and-soul in Earth Mama for a lifetime.  This business has been like a child. Its birth only happened after a long gestation period. In this case I studied, gardened, blended and formulated, learning how to extract the herbal goodness from plants and use them in every way possible. And, like a child, Earth Mama didn’t come into this world fully formed, knowing its way around. Instead it had to learn how to navigate each little landmark, figuring how to turn over before it could crawl, developing new skills and knowledge along the way.

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Support with Integrity Breastfeeding Pledge

Support with Integrity Breastfeeding Pledge

Over the past 10 years, Earth Mama has worked closely with, and supported, a tremendous cadre of knowledgeable, generous, and loving advocates who support breastfeeding women with evidence-based research: professionals, non-profits, educators, manufacturers of breastfeeding products, and breastfeeding mothers, both experienced as well as first timers. They all want the same thing – to offer support. But too often we’ve seen these breastfeeding supporters need to defend themselves  — or their position, method, techniques, organization or beliefs about breastfeeding — against judgment and criticism. Their time and energy is wasted defending themselves, instead of focusing on helping nursing mamas.

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Peace, Love and Information for All!

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