First Trimester and Feeling Queasy

All the Mama’s Bump Squad Mamas Are in Their First Trimester and Feeling Queasy!

Erica on pregnancy nausea, “things that make me feel nauseous/want to gag: bacon, brushing my teeth, eating, not eating, car rides with lots of twists & turns, standing up too long, being hungry but feeling bloated, my (normally beloved) steamy showers & the list goes on. ::enter the morning wellness spray:: i love the tart, refreshing citrus mixed with herby but light ginger scent. i’ve spritzed it on my scarf, my wrists, my hair…heck, even just sniffing it right out of the bottle helps calm my tummy (and anxious feelings that goes along with feeling nauseous in public settings). first trimester must have!”

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