Welcoming Mama’s You Herb it Here Newsletter!

We’re delighted to welcome Mama’s You Herb it Here Newsletter, spreading Peace Love and Information for All! Mama’s Family Weekly and Mama’s Monthly Newsletter have merged into one herb packed, pretty bi-weekly newsletter, delivering herbal news, contests, fun and facts every other week. And thanks to Boolie Sluka for the clever name for our new baby!

Earth Mama's NEW Bi-Weekly Newsletter!

Earth Mama has changed the format of the new bi-weekly newsletter and we hope you find it easier to navigate directly to the articles that interest YOU. We know mamas love Earth Mama contests, so we’ll have a new contest with every newsletter, and since the contests now live on Mama’s Herb Garden blog your comments will help other mamas too! The new bi-weekly format also lets us inform more mamas of changing specials, as well as breaking news from the world of herbs and organic personal care product safety. We sincerely hope you love the new format as much as we do. If you’re not signed up, click on over and sign up now! And if you don’t want to receive Mama’s You Herb it Here Newsletter, please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter your recieved, simple as that.

Of course you know we love to hear what you think. Please leave any observations, ideas, or suggestions in the comments below. We truly love our mamas, and we want to give you the news you want, in the prettiest, easiest way possible!

Peace, Love and Nipple Butter for All!

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