Name Michelle’s Baby Contest!


We have good news and other news! Michelle has TWO baby names that she really likes, that’s the good news! The other news is that she still hasn’t decided, so we don’t really have a winner but we have a booby prize (well not a full-on booby prize but somewhere around the breast area)! One of the names she likes nobody said, Keenan, so there’s no winner on that one. The other name was posted at least once so if you offered the name Ryder before noon Monday, raise your hand AND email CustomerCareMama {at}

Think YOU have what it takes to name a baby? Well, do ya, mama? Let’s see if Michelle thinks you do! Our friend Michelle’s baby boy is due in November, and she’s having a rough time coming up with a name. So listen up and see the parameters and rules below: we’re throwing the baby-naming gauntlet at your feet! If Michelle chooses the name you post, we’ll announce the winner Monday afternoon and the winner can pick a favorite Earth Mama Bundle as a prize. If she doesn’t like any of the names, you all get sent to the Island of Terrible Baby Namers!

So, here are her parameters:
No names that start with B
Middle name: James
Has to sound good with Ella (his sister)

And the rules:
Add your name  suggestion in the comments below.
If Michelle chooses a name that lots of people have suggested, the first one who posted it wins.
Prize can be shipped to US addresses only.
It’s Michelle’s choice! If you get sent to the Island of Terrible Baby Namers it’s not our fault!
You can enter names until Noon, Monday, August 27. Winner (or losers) will be announced that afternoon!


  • Andrea

    I love Asher. Too bad my husband hates it.

    • Elizabeth Perryman

      My sons name is Asher he is my angel on heaven

  • Denise M

    My fave boys name is Noah

  • Allison K

    Elliot James

  • S


  • Tiffany Reynolds

    Lachlan James :)

  • Julie

    Nathan James

  • Amanda Ingram

    Elijah James! You can call him “Eli,” which is super cute – Ella and Eli.

    • Danielle

      My boys are Corbyn and Kingsley and I thought it would be cute, it is HARD especially when I am mad! LOL! Corb-King…ughhhhh you!!!! LOL!!

  • Ali


  • ma912


  • sebdann


  • Elizabeth Janak


  • Alta

    Rowan James or Alexander James. Congratulations on your new bundle. If I am allowed any unsolicited advice- go the “The Other Baby Book” Such an amazing resourse!

  • Tiffany Reynolds

    Lachlan James :)

  • Danielle

    Our oldest is Garrett, which I think would sound nice with James :-)
    We also like Landon, Jude, Tristan and Quinn. All of which would sound nice with James and with big sister Ella.
    Happy Choosing!!!

  • Rachel @ day2day joys

    Well, the perfect boy name in my opinion is Lincoln… Our son is 5 and everyone absolutelty loves his name, he gets so many compliments. I think Lincoln James sounds great! And goes great with Ella… can’t ya see it now, Lincoln & Ella stop fighting, lol! jk!

  • Trina S


  • Stacey

    Harvest (Harvey can be a nickname if you like)

  • Kristen H-R


  • Stacey


  • Amanda M

    Sullivan (Sully)

  • Copper

    Emery James

  • Dana


  • Stacey


  • Andrea

    Caiden James

  • Laura

    How about Charles (Charlie)? Or Parker…. can be a little jazz theme.

  • Jamie D.


  • MJA

    My first inclination is “Henry” as I think it goes great with sis Ella and middle name James.

  • Amanda M


  • Alexandra P

    Emory or Wyatt :)

  • Liz Ticona

    I think Adam is such a great name. :) Hope u find name u most love!

  • Amanda M


  • Erin


  • Michelle P.

    Bryant I love this name.

  • Monica

    Isaac James :)

  • Jenny

    Aidan James ahhh Aidan and Ella :)

  • heather

    Alexei James

  • Amanda Ingram

    I also like Aiden. Aiden and Ella sounds great as well.

  • Jessica

    My 5-year-old has the middle name James as well. His name is Owen :)

  • Anonymous

    Samuel :)

  • amanda

    Simon james or Oliver james, my gave boys names but my husband doesn’t like them. Congrats!!

  • Elizabeth K

    Matthew James
    (If you reconsider “B”, Brendan James)!

  • Melissa

    Creighton has always been a favorite of mine. Or I also like Kellen.

  • heather t

    Kaden James

  • Samantha S

    Camden James or Cameron James both sound good with Ella! Happy name hunting!

  • Angela S

    Aiden James. I like that with Ella. :-)

  • Jenny Kuehnle

    Milo or Miles — was almost our baby’s name whose middle name is also James. 😉 Good Luck!!!!

  • Bethany Eskro

    Ella is such a pretty, classic name so I would suggest a strong, classic name for your boy too. Leo James, Rocco James (my brother’s name!)

  • Kara S

    Ethan James

  • marie

    William (can be called Liam) James or Michael James

  • Kari

    Timothy James is a favorite combination of mine. TJ is good if you like nicknames.
    Milo James would by my second vote.

    Good luck with finding a name you love, and congrats on your new addition whatever his name!

  • Amanda M


  • Amanda M


  • Rebecca Primm

    Giddeon James :)

    …you can call him Ian or Indy for short <3

  • Amanda M


  • Taylor Sperry

    Owen James, Preston James, Collin James, Talon James

  • Ivy S

    Zev or Zevi James

  • Ehlane O

    I think Arlo would be a great one. :)

  • heather t

    Calvin james

  • Amanda M

    Lewis? I also love Edward James….but think Edward and Ella may be a little too “Twilight-y”. :)

  • Jessica

    Oliver James

  • Shauna

    Everett James

  • Christie

    Aaron James

  • Rebekah

    Leland James! So cute! I know THEE cutest little boy named Leeland. I’m having a girl in November and having a terrible time picking out anything but boy’s names! Or Sheffield which would be cute for boy or girl.

  • Whitney Corp

    Keiron James (Keiron means dark-haired)

  • Victoria Worley

    Kolby James

  • Carly Glover


  • Rosa

    Coming from left field….Henry, I think it sounds lovely with James and with Ella

  • Bernadette

    Garret, Ryan, or Carter

  • Eileen

    Jude James…. and you can call him ‘JJ’ or ‘Jude’

  • Angela S

    Lucas James

  • Kassie Groll

    How about Daxton? We love that name if our baby ends up being a boy and we would call him Dax.

  • Jenny Kuehnle

    My “James” is Abraham James which I think flows well. Or his brother’s name which is Felix. I always loved it because it cannot be shortened.

  • Laura Muzinic

    Liam James!

  • Kassie Groll

    My brother’s name is Michiel James. =)

  • Libby

    Calix James

  • Elizabeth Janak

    Aaron, Zachary, Scott, Matthew, Mason, Owen, Kyle, Tyler, Taylor

  • Jennifer

    Archer James

  • Copper

    Everett James =)

  • Kara


  • Katie Kinslow

    Landon James “LJ”

  • Anonymous

    I’m having a boy in a few weeks and have had the same issue. We’re going with “Finn” (“Finnegan”). On my short list were also Harrison, Rorey, Rafferty, and Alfie.

    • Andrea G

      My 4th would have been Finn if she had been a boy. It is one of my favorite names

    • terilyn

      My son is named Finn!

  • Lindsey

    Everette James

  • Katie Beck

    Owen James! Ella and Owen sound good without the cutesy same letter thing

  • Melodie

    Ian James

  • Angela S

    Zachery James

  • Elizabeth Janak

    Connor, Caden, Aiden, Christopher

  • Caimin Jimenez

    Edward James…

  • Sarahnwill

    Michael James :)

  • Melissa Richardson

    Gabriel James :)

  • Anonymous

    Calvin James – it was almost my son’s name, but we ended up going with Calvin Edward. I also love Henry James (Hank).

  • DeAnna

    Samson James or Henry James

  • Angela S

    Bryan James

    • Angela S

      Sorry bout that forgot the no B names….

  • Angenico

    Antonius James…

  • Michelle R

    Gunnar James

  • jennifer


  • Amy k

    Gannon or Caleb

  • Caimin Jimenez

    Easton James… could be cool too :)

  • Maryanne

    Everett James :)

  • loren

    Sylus James

  • becky stephens

    We love Theodore. And call him Theo

  • Danielle Plummer


  • katie klein

    My first choice is Evan James and my second choice is Elliot James.

  • Guest

    I think “Conner James” sounds perfect! Goes great with Ella too!!! :) Best of luck! I am due with my 2nd girl in early December!!! :)

  • Angela S

    Levi James…sounds good with Ella

  • Andrea

    Vincent James

  • Barbara McKenna

    I think Connor James is perfect! Goes great with Ella!!! Wishing you a happy, healthy rest of your pregnancy!!!!!

  • Manderdoll

    We just had a boy and named him Ewan, and although his middle name is not James, I kept saying Ewan James

  • Blair


  • Caimin Jimenez


  • JenniferMusson

    Wyatt!!! My sons name is Wyatt James and I think that would go great with Ella!!

  • Richelle

    Alexander James Alex or AJ for short…Alex and Ella sound good together :)

  • Jessica McMasters


  • Jessica McMasters


  • Andrea G

    I think Asher James goes lovely with Ella.

  • Jessica McMasters


  • Lauren A.

    Matthias James

  • Easton James

    Easton James

  • Caimin Jimenez

    Jasper James…”Ella, Jasper, time for dinner”

  • Jessica McMasters


  • Jessica McMasters

    I know you said no B’s but we love Boydan James

  • Grace H

    River. Austin. Wesley. Merrick. Levi. Cade. Lyle. Three of those belong to my three boys. :)

  • Megan Lighthouse

    Otto :)

  • Jessica McMasters


  • Megam

    Caden James

  • Jessica McMasters


  • Danielle

    My first thought was Gabriel, which is what someone else put. I also like Zachary James and Rory James.

  • Jessica McMasters


  • ShawnaHembree

    Sawyer James

  • renee

    Duncan James

  • Hilary

    Jack. You can call him JJ, if you want.

  • Rebecca Roland

    Sebastian James
    Garrett James
    Walker James
    Taylor James
    Gregory James
    Preston James
    Allan James

  • Hannah S

    Eli James, or Micah James

  • Alycia g


  • Crystal Bol

    Gabriel James

  • Jessica McMasters

    Our boys names are Micah William James McMasters and Sullivan Alan Thomas McMasters :) Love them both!!

  • Beth F

    Daniel James

  • Hilary

    Richard, Robert, Rory, Thomas, Eric, Evan, Nicholas (Nick)

  • Caimin Jimenez

    The Roman name Justus, which naturally means “just,” is a precursor of the modern word name Justice and also of Justin. But we like the original for both its meaning and its authenticity.”
    We went ancient Roman naming our boys, Tiberius who is 2-ish and Romulus who is 5 weeks away from birth.

  • Valerie

    Jack James (JJ for short!). I have an Ella (Eloisa) and her big brother is Jack! Congrats and good luck finding the perfect name!

  • Kelli

    Luca or Marcello :)

  • Angela

    Evan, Edward, Ethan, Alexander, Anthony, Xander, Elijah, ok.. that’s all I can come up with right now. LOL My favorites of that list are Evan, Ethan, and Alexander.

  • stacy hancock

    Colin or Elias

  • Elizabeth Wisniewski

    Our three boys are named Oliver, Elliot, and Henry. I think any of those sound great with James. We actually almost used it with our Henry.

  • Heidi Daily

    Andrew or Carter

  • jodi

    Kaden james

  • Honnie

    Percy James

  • Lisa


  • Anonymous

    Ian or Ronan

  • Laura

    Ewan – I think Ewan James sounds amazing! Plus it starts with an E just like Ella :)

  • twinsmom

    Leeman James

    • Jeana Leeman

      This is my dad’s name backwards! I like it!

  • Laura

    I also really like Frederick James, Freddie for short

  • Sarah Osborne

    I’d say Owen, Ethan, Henry or November :)

  • Elizabeth H.

    I posted on FB but will post here too. Clayton James, c’mon-that’s super cute. Little Clayton & Ella, I love it!

  • Mindi

    Titus, Henrick, Maddox, Koston, Hudson, Noah

  • Mrs. T

    Judah … Jude for short. =)

  • Josie

    Dylan James, Evan James or Gavin James.

  • Jennifer

    We wanted to use James as our middle name too and narrowed it down to Weston James or Lucas James. I loved both but ultimately decided on Weston. So cute!

  • Anna


  • Brie L.

    Noah James
    Weston “Wes” James
    Alex James
    Luke James

  • Mary

    I’m also having a boy in November! His name will be Asher Gray, but for you I suggest Ezra James. Ezra and Ella sound cute together :) I also love August and Wyatt .. . .

  • Rachel Brown

    Garret, Ethan, Kellan, Cameron or Cooper are some of my fav boy names!

  • Jadasharp


  • Meegan Lowe

    Levi James, Michael James, Matthew James… Levi and Ella sound good together

  • Shayla

    Tyler James
    Colton James

  • Breanna

    Carson James
    Leland James
    Robert James
    Isaac James
    Johnathan James
    Timothy James
    Nekari James
    Todrick James

  • Erin T

    Wyatt James, Riley James, Julian James, or Greyson James

  • michelle fuhrmann

    christian , christopher , Elijah , Jackson , Gabriel , Dylan , Gavin , Brayden , Tyler , Evan , Levi , Zachary , Sebastian , jacob (or jakob )

  • Allison

    Mason, Hayden, Corbin, Hudson, Avery, Harrison, Greyson, Tucker, Micah, Sterling, Colby

  • Sara H

    Emerson James

  • Cathy H

    Milo James

  • Bethany Beer

    Tobias (shorten to Toby)
    happy naming!

  • JustMe

    Oscar, Clark, Flynn, Patrick, Daniel, Ryan, Anthony

  • Kenzie

    Mathew James sounds great.. Mason, Carter, Patrick, Parker,
    Sebastian, Michael, Christopher, Evan, Nolan, Oliver, Emerson, Gabriel, Hudson, Aiden

  • Jennifer Kreisler

    Leander James or the french version Leandre James
    Yoav James (very masculine)
    I know someone else said Dylan James…. I was going to say that

  • Jennifer Kreisler

    Austin James!

  • Elizabeth

    Declan James

  • cookiemom

    Archer James, Lorn or Loren James, Cadel James (although Cadel might sound too much like Ella when calling them!) Kai is a nice name too. Have a great birth!

  • connie

    Trent, Clint, Murry, Harley.

  • MelodyWeemaels

    Arutha James :)

  • Chi Chi

    Eli (Ascend; my God) James (he who supplants).

  • Kali


  • Juli. W.

    Peter, Matthias, Stephen, Mathew, Raymond, Miles, Julian, Benjamin, Clark (or Clarke), Andrew, Nathaniel, Michael, Emmet, Owen, Liam, Alexander, Caleb, Allen.

  • Aviva

    Solomon James. Solomon means
    peaceful man. That’s my youngest boy’s name. We call him Sol or
    Solly. (ps. I live in canada but have lots of relatives in the US you
    could ship to 😉 )

  • Shannon M

    my brother in law is Daniel James. Have always loved it, and that he can be Danny or DJ for short when he feels like it!

  • rachelc


  • Bonnie J

    Conor, Colin, Grady or Grayson

  • Audry

    My second choice name for my son was Hunter. Still really like the name. Congrats!

  • Aheldreth

    Well I was going to say Dierks, but it doesnt go with James. So howabout Ryder? :-)

  • Melanie

    Aaron or Arran (pronounced the same). My son is Arran for his Scottish heritage.

  • Heather

    I like Ryan James….I think “Ella and Ryan” sound lovely together (even when yelled :) and they both mean youthful or young!

  • Sarah Dale

    Avery James! It goes great with Ella! Ella and Avery! :) congrats!

  • sgeoff

    My 4th would have been Ronan if my husband had been a little more adventurous :-) Ronan James sounds nice!

  • ellie holden


  • Laura Weathebee

    Eli James or Nolan James

  • Becky W.

    Elias James

  • Heather

    I noticed people posting mulitple times, so I will share one more…..Anuj James….kind of unusual, but I like the way it sounds, and I think “Ella and Anuj” flow nicely. Anuj has a similar meaning….I had posted thet Ryan and Ella both mean young….Anuj means “younger brother, and good in everything”…..and incase it is important to you Rayan is Irish and Anuj is Indian….when I say Anuj the “j” is silent.

    • Heather

      lol…sorry for all the typos :)

  • Amy lee rife

    Cyrus (cy) James or joeseph james

  • Sharee Dominick

    Henry James :)

  • Sharee Dominick

    Fynnian James

  • ste


  • Arbor James

    I just recently had a son and named him Owen Michael. Soon after naming him, I thought of Arbor, and I am not likely to have any more children. It’s such a beautiful name…Strong and clean. I hope you love it…Arbor James!!!!

  • envy68

    Elliot James, Easton James, Edan James, Noah James, Oliver James, Clifton James, Frederick James, Franklin James, Waylon James

  • rjackson14

    Jayden James

  • MamaS

    Mason or Timothy

  • Linda

    I have thought that Evan and Ella go together very nicely- in fact, I believe that I know someone whose children have those names. Ethan and Ian are both similar to Evan, as well.
    Other names that I like, don’t start w/ B, sound good w/ James, and may be fine with Ella, (very subjective!): Noah, Nathaniel, Gavin, Donovan, Conner, Judson, Theo, Hudson, Preston, Levi, Judah, Garrett, Jared, Cole, Josiah, Elijah.

  • Jennifer

    My boy is named Beniah James…but you said no Bs! So how about Noah?

  • brenda

    Boy names were hard for us too! We named our son Chase. “B” names were out because our last name starts with “M” no BM initials for us! For you I recommend, Hayden or Colton. Good luck!

  • Grayson James
  • Rachel

    Boys names are hard! We have a Hudson, Rhys, and Elias. Our top runners up were Knox, Ezra, Miller, and Jude.

  • Dana Kroh

    Maxwell or

  • sherry barton

    Justice James or Tucker James

  • Elliot

    Elliot James… Eli and Ella… Can go by E.J. for short. I think that’s cute!

  • Amber

    I couldn’t find if thïs was posted already.

    Jackson (we spelled our son’s name Jaxson, but traditional is better with James and Ella)

  • jagilroy

    Caleb James, Ethan James, Kylar/Kyler James

  • Amanda

    I did not really look through others, but I think Alexander james sounds nice! Alexander and Ella :)

  • Jeanette J

    Boy names are tough. I would suggest: Hunter, Quentin, Leo or Leonidas, Ari, Atlas, Ethan, Kannan, and Matthew

  • erinvandordrecht

    Ezra James :)

    • erinvandordrecht

      my newest little is Ezra Xavier, I looooove the name Ezra…. unique, biblical, strong…not to mention goes adorable with Ella :)

  • Nicole

    Viking or Ivan

  • kelly

    My son’s name is Graham, which I love. I have Graham & Eden so I think Graham & Ella would go perfect too. :) I also like Jonah James.

  • Tamara Radcliff

    Justn…. Yes that’s J-u-s-t-n. Justn James (JJ for short) JJ and Ella

  • Eli James… Ella and Eli.:)

    Eli. It took us five days post birth to name ours, but it definitely fits. Ella and Eli James. :) good luck!

  • Ms. Beth

    Boy names on our “short list” were Colton James and Carter James — I also like Elias James, Holden James.

  • Dorian Lucius

    I’m also having a baby boy in November. Feel free to steal the name if you like it, we’re naming him

  • Kelly Bach

    Everett James (my son’s name) strong and powerful adult name, and adorable kid/baby name

  • Hanna

    Lucas, Asher, Maxton(Max), Finn, or Parker :)

  • Melanie

    My son’s name is Escher James (from the artist, MC Escher). I also like the name Atley.

  • andrea r

    Calvin – Cal for short
    Theodore – Ted or Theo for short

  • tbryan

    I vote for Emmett James…goes great with Ella!
    I wanted to name a daughter Elliott (Elli) to go with Emmett.

  • Angie

    Ruben, Connor, Tyler, Ethan, Samuel, Hayden
    Good luck!!!!!

  • Oliver James

    Oliver James has a nice rhythm depending on the last name and it could be good with Ella as they both start with soft vowels. (Can you tell I have naming issues? lol It took forever to find a name that felt right and sounded good!)

    • Stephanie W.

      oops lol I saw the Name slot and wrote my suggestion again not realizing it should have been my name…I’m Stephanie

  • Laura

    Anderson James!

  • Melanie Waters Schemanski

    I have 5 boys. I think Canyon, Maverick or Mackinley would .go well

  • Alissa Tipton

    Name Game!!! FUN!! I’m a fan of Wilder James, Kellen James, August James, Seth James, Issac James (you could call him Ike…), Raylan James, Abram James…I could go on forever :)

  • Piper Kimberly Latimer

    Ella & Noah James!

  • Ana Oliva

    Caleb . Sounds strong, it’s not too popular but not too unique that noone knows its a name. hope you like it!

  • nerilka_theona_raven

    I love Finn (Finnegan) with Ella. Too bad someone got there first. I’d say Logan, Michael, Owen, Christopher, Jesse, Raydn, or Brady.

  • Andrea Wescott

    Christian or elliott

  • JBB

    I think Samuel (nicknamed Sam) sounds really cute with Ella. What about Ethan, Aiden, Liam, Jackson or Jack, Gabriel (Gabe), Lucas or Luke, Isaac, Owen, Jack, Henry, Max?

    • Jen

      Sam and Ella…Samolnella?

      • Hollie Shaddy

        Lmao!! Definitly NOT! Lol 😛

  • Healshaw

    Typing this as I pump in the back of a parking lot! I vote for Odin James. Odin is strong, unique, & sounds good eith Ella. Good Luck!

  • Laura Cooper Narvaez


  • Alyssa

    Knox James! Congrats!!

  • rvaorbust

    Gabriel, Xander, Colton, Everett, Ethan, Owen =)

  • Lisa

    Oh my gosh! I kinda don’t blame you if you send everyone to the terrible baby names island… like 12 people voted for Eli! Eli and Ella? No thank you! I’m going to suggest Dominick!

  • Kimberly Greenway

    Connor James

  • Ashley Degen

    Colton James or Joshua James (can call him JJ for a nickname)

  • jen

    This may be a duplicate I did not read all of the comments but I like Christopher James

  • Rebeca Mack

    I am due with my 5th (my second boy) in 2 weeks and we are STILL a little unsure about boys’ names. They’ve always been hard and we’ve had to pick one each time because we didn’t find out the gender with any of the girls (interesting that it ended up being a girl each time we DIDN’T find out!) Anyway, I know I’m duplicating someone, though I didn’t read all the names on the comments list.. Anthony is my first pick for your baby! I also like Isaac, Julien and Daniel. Good luck, mama!

  • Natalie Maxwell Taylor

    I like Reese (or Rhys, if you prefer). My son is Maxwell, but I already saw that posted!

  • DB Bervig


  • Amanda Hammond


    • Amanda Hammond

      Tobias would be the longer version. Or Toben

  • Jessica R.


  • Megan Ferguson


  • Amy Huggins Dearborn

    Our son’s middle name is Grayer. Goes great with James!

  • Lauren S.

    Parker James. I love how Parker sounds with Ella. Another name I love and will use if I have another boy is Trevin. I have a Parker and Brody now.

  • Janet Lloyd Ferguson

    How about Robert James, George James or even Jessie James.

  • Janet Lloyd Ferguson

    Carlton James, Thomas James, Joseph James, William James.

  • Michele

    Hudson James or Tallin James

  • Terri

    TJ (short for Tequila Jack)

  • Lesley Brooks Legakis

    I like Aristotle, Abraham (my kiddo’s name, which someone else already said), Ibrahim, Ian, Gideon, Nathan, William, Enzo, Dustin, Magnus, Cyrus, Victor, Vladimir, or Gregory. I was thinking Sam, but you don’t want to be yelling “Salmonella” (which is what “Sam and Ella” sounds like. :) I found that looking at the Social Security Administration website was especially helpful if you wanted to scope out the popularity of a certain name. Good luck! :)

  • Lauren Schuck Hanke

    Ryker. It’s a form of Richard and means strong and powerful.

  • Brittany Huntamer

    Kaelin James.

  • chana

    SImon, Jacob, Samson, Rapheal, Akiba, Benjamin

  • Lisa Hathaway

    Hi, my 3 sons are called Calan, pronounced (Kay lan), Moss, just as it is and sounds, and Ossian, pronounced (Aw shan). Calan was named after the last king of Auchterarder, Moss after all the wonderfull moss’ we have in Scotland, and Ossian means “Little Fawn” in Old Scots. I hope your keeping well and i think Ella sounds great with all 3 names. I’m sure you will pick the right one for your boy, no matter what. All the very best, Lisa

  • Ashley King

    Maybe Ethan James or Logan James?

  • lindsay

    mason james, Henry james

  • Lindsay

    I like the boys names Roman or Sutton or Carter which all go well with James, I had 3 girls and never got to pick one!!

  • Raven

    Evan James.

  • Kate Hagedorn

    Cohen James :)

  • Brandy

    Davison Riley or Riley Davison

  • Rachel Harris

    I really like Avery James or Emmett James. I think they both go very well with Ella!

  • Rachel Harris

    I also like Elliott James and Oliver James!

  • Carmen Shaw

    Remi ? Sounds good with James!

  • Audry Strain Pettit

    My second choice name for my son was Hunter. Still love the name. Congrats!

  • Stacy Lynn Brunscheen Hancock

    oh i just thought of another one, not sure it’s been suggested- Tristan. Tristan James sounds very nice and nice with Ella.

  • Dom D

    our son is Kayan Amadeus :)

  • Janet Lloyd Ferguson

    Edward James, Edwin James, Romeo James. I have to admit that I like what someone suggested Gabriel and call him “Gabe”. Gabe and Ella sounds nice.

  • Dayna Speight

    Sawyer James :)

  • Diana Mau

    Ryan James–that’s my son’s name.

  • Cheryl

    Keegan, Gunner, Finley, Kaylin, Rylin, Trey, Maxwell (Max), Tanner, Jude, Leo, Tristan, Shane, Issac, Callan, Malcolm
    , Colby, Jared, Cory, Rory

  • Lisa Ski

    I think Maximilian James is nice and strong. Shorten for Max and Ella. Have fun choosing!!

  • Jennifer brown

    Silas or Judah, good luck!

  • Mary C. Javed

    Cavan James or Hugo James

  • Anonymous

    Trent James, you can call him TJ for short.

  • Elizabeth

    Samuel James. You can call him Sam, then you would have Sam -N- Ella…get it?!? “Salmonella” lol :)

  • Amy Beth E

    Evan James, Wesley James, Josiah James, Abram James, Charles James

    • Amy Beth E

      Abraham James, too–Abe and Ella. Very classic as is my personal favorite I listed above Wesley James–Wes and Ella. Josiah and Ella, Charlie and Ella, Evan and Ella, Abram and Ella…. I think I like all of them and would have to have six sons all with the middle name James! ; ) What a cool story to tell your son when he grows up about how you got choices from a contest just for him and then chose his name.

  • Jessica Martin-Weber

    Lysander James
    Bronte James
    Camden James

  • Amber Pindell

    Xavier James :)

  • Liz Shifflett

    I really like Caleb or Kaiden and both go great with James and Ella!!!

  • Helen Marshall Ibclc

    I love my son’s name Gareth and think it would go beautifully as Gareth James!

  • Shel

    My 3 boys are called Riley, Jarvis and Carter. My brother’s 3 boys are called Francis (Frank) Joseph (Joe) and Stanley (Stan)

  • Sarra Jane Larsen

    We just named our son Charlie James

  • LaRae

    So you say it has to start with a B, so… Braden, Brody, Baxter, Benjamin….

    • LaRae

      oops I miss read! No B’s LOL Ellijah, Emmit, Emmerson, ….

  • Linda Hernandez

    I like Ryker or Riker or Rykar or Rikar spelled different ways still cute

  • terilyngray

    Timothy or Liam!

  • Heatherrr


  • Georgina Lovely

    Matthew – my boy’s name. Classic and not too common.

  • Austin James

    I love Austin James :)

  • Maggie

    Anders James

  • Suzanne Kaiser

    William. Wolfgang. Cypress.
    Happy birthing!

  • Jacqi Pausch Glenn

    Elijah, Michael, or Andrew

  • Michelle Tarpening Parsons

    Erick James, Tyler James, Davin James

  • Melissa

    Evan, Gavin, Galen, Ethan, Elias, Alex/Alexander…Those are what I can come up with right now :-)

  • Haley Kasprzyk


    Charles (Charlie)

  • Elizabeth perryman


  • Liz Awald-Billet

    Hawthorne James

  • Charity Kraynak

    My yougest is Alexavier James. Say it a few times until you’re comfy with it and it’s an awesome name! We call him Alex for short. I also love John, Thomas, Michael, Paul, and Robert.

  • Anjanette Barr

    Tyler, Gavin, Liam, Wyatt

  • Jo

    Tristan James, Oliver James, Isaiah James

  • caroline

    Ezra, Lucas, Eli

  • Alex Bender

    Arion, Aeth, Dameck, Javan, or Nova those are some of my favs

  • Brooke

    Aiden James
    Everett James
    Andrew (Andy or Drew) James
    William (Liam or will or Bill) James
    Douglas James
    Gregory James

  • Haley Kasprzyk


  • Christine

    I like Addison James. But! After reading all the comments, I really like Grayson-very cool name!

  • Kccasebolt

    We have a Leo and Owen. I think Owen James is cute. Owen & Ella go together too!

  • Amanda Miller

    Caleb, Conner, Carter, Sullivan (Sully), Keaton, Emery, love all these names! Good luck!

    • Amanda Miller

      Also, how about Ethan, or Reeve I work in childcare and hear LOTS of names that are cute but then I cant bring myself to name my child that because usually the cutest names are the naughty ones lol, then it just reminds me of a naughty kiddo. lol

  • Sarah

    Ella and Arthur.

  • Deanna Decker

    If we had a boy, his name was going to be Julian James. Instead, we had a girl and named her Abriella. We call her Ella. Great minds think alike!? :)

  • Ashley Harris

    Griffin, griffyth, loki, keegan.

  • Tracey Albert

    Andrew James
    Leo James
    Owen James
    Garrison James
    Maxwell James
    Levi James
    Caleb James
    Lucas James
    Ethan James
    William James
    Isaac James
    Simon James
    Michael James
    Carter James

  • Jeana Leeman

    Tyson James (T.J.), Layne James, Lincoln James, Hudson James

  • Tenielle

    My son’s name is Ianto :)

  • Crystal

    My sons middle name is Jennings.
    How about- Jennings James “JJ”

  • Heather Ginn

    I’m from Australia, so I can’t win the prize, but my son’s name is Ezekiel. I think Ezekiel James sounds good, and it goes well with Ella. Plus it has the added bonus of the cool nickname of Zeke.
    We are planning on naming our next Lincoln James if it is a boy, so I think that one sounds good too. And Lincoln and Ella also sound good together.

  • Naomi Bourgeois Holton

    Thomas James, collin James, christopher James – I think they would all flow pretty well with Ella… I’ll also pass on one of my favorite boy names that dh won’t let me use – Zadok.

  • elisabethjordan

    Charlie James- Ella & Charlie <3

  • Heather Keeney

    Gabriel, Lucas, Ethan, Nathaniel, Oliver, Owen… those are some of my favorites. I love old fashioned names. :)

  • Brittany Harvey

    Elijah =)

  • Jiil C.

    My daughter is Ella. Her older brother is Reed and her soon to be baby brother will be Adam. Have fun choosing!

  • Amy Wilfong

    ezra :)

  • Amanda Lynne Rose-Arias

    Aberdeen James. Call him Deen for short. Both go with Ella.

    Oscar James. Love the name Oscar.

    Maddox James.

    Eram James (air-um). Ella and Eram sound really nice together.

    Dawson James.

  • Mallory

    Alden James

  • Marie Chalkley Connor

    I <3 Elliot, Emmet, Emery, & Linden.

  • Robyn

    Lincoln, Urban, Major

  • Charlene Martin

    Deaglan James (Declan), Lochlan James, Levi

  • Anzhie

    Emanuel James

  • Donovan


    • Elledanurse

      Oops, my name is not Donovan, my name is Danielle – but my boy baby name is Donovan. 😉

  • Courtney McMillian

    If you love James, use it for a first name! Ella and James, so beautiful and classic. Or go with the musical nod and do Ella and Miles (or Davis) James.

  • Alexis Taylor

    Arthur, Tristen, Zachary

  • LeAndra


  • nicole

    I think Ian James sounds good! And it sounds good with Ella.

    • nicole

      Or August or Ezekiel!

  • Deanna Decker

    Jaxon James or Talon James.

  • Chiquito’s mom

    Isaac :)

  • Christa Johnson

    1. Adrian James
    2. Gabriel James
    3. Emmett James

  • Jessica

    Im a mom of 5! (4 girls 1 boy) my two youngest babies are 18 months apart. They are Ella Rose and Nash Benjamin, so I think Nash James or Wyatt James sounds good!!

  • Amy H

    Wiley James – I wanted to use the name Wiley, but my husbands family passes down initials, so I didn’t get to use it. 😉

  • Jennifer Halko

    Rylen James. If we have a boy next, we want to use Rylen as either first or middle name. :)

  • Robyn

    Duncan, Nicholas, Archer

  • Jennifer Chavoya Moreno

    My son’s name is Caius Jacob. Caius James sounds nice. I like that it is a very old name, but unusual.

  • Amanda Rhodes

    Jasper James :). Wish you a happy and safe delivery !

  • Marlene Waechter

    Asa, Ezekiel, Zebulon

  • Tania


    • tania

      Oisin is pronounce (ochine its irish name meaning little dear

  • Melanie Murdock

    Hudson James

  • Laura Pedersen

    Micah James :)

  • Ekelsh

    Ash or Arrow :)

  • Becky C

    Emerson James
    Kennedy James

  • Kim Cowen

    I’ve always loved Rumi for either sex. Meets all the parameters too! and Congrats :)

  • Jennie Brennen

    Cody James, Derek James, Skylar James, Dexter James, Dax James, Striker James, Paxton James

  • Jessica

    Our son’s name is Noam Thomas. We love how unique it is and receive a lot of compliments. It’s two syllables – like a combination of Noah and Liam. It also means “pleasant” which we liked a lot.

    However, if you were going for something unique but not unheard of, I suggest Abel. I love that it still is unique, but not completely unheard of, and strong sounding. I also think Abel and Ella sound fantastic together! Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  • RichardandAshley Holley

    Ezra James =]

  • Tabitha Ann Smith

    Weston…that was one of my favorites when we had our son, but we went with my husbands pick, Tanner. Both would sound good with James

  • vna

    Elliot James
    Christopher James
    Austin James
    Landon James
    Timothy James
    Alexander James
    Wesley James
    Frances James
    Cameron James
    NIcholas James

  • Samantha Lynne Hinsch

    I have an Elijah and an Isaiah.
    Isaiah James is beautiful :)
    I also love Ryver.

  • juliette

    Had my second son in May who is called Kieran James. Kieran mean little dark one. Enda -means freedom of spirit or bird like.
    Malachi- meaning -my angel.
    If you pick any of these Im based in uk I would like the prize to go to a charity and can let you know which one. Good luck with the birth.

  • Amilee Moore

    Wolfgang James, Ethan James, Martin James, Joseph James, Michael James

  • Laura H.

    Xavier James…

  • Nicole Saylor

    I think Eli (pronounced E lie) sounds good with your middle name choice Eli James Eli also sounds good with Ella. If you don’t mind using the same letter to start both names. Good luck! And congrats on you little boy

  • Aiden

    Evan James (gotta be good, it’s been in the family for YEARS) Or Fitzgerald….that goes GREAT with Ella! :-) I like Brian a lot, but my husband prefers names from the scriptrues, so I’ll never get to use it. 😛 Brian James and Ella

    • Danielle

      My next boy will be named Gatsby, but I SERIOUSLY considered Fitzgerald for DS2 who is now Kingsley Patrick :)

  • Zen Roskelley

    I like Elijah (my 8 year old’s name) and Emery or Ennis with James and to sound great with Ella.

  • Cassie

    Zane Elijah, Or Zane Alexander. :-)

  • Kirsten Pitini

    Elliott James or Emmett James. U will either have to “l’s” or and “l and an m”. These are my boys names. Wishing u a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery

  • Ricki Oskerson

    Alec, Ira, Emery, Brody

  • Kathy Haney Grindle


  • Maria a

    Landon or Lyndon, I absolutely LOVE Evander! Or Greyson, our first is named Noah, but we are due in December and are trying to choose also lol I also love Hunter and Heath.

  • Jen

    Killian James. KJ.

  • Shannon Hiscocks

    I like Xavier James and Daniel James. (my son is Xavier Leander, my brother is Daniel James).
    I also suggest you think about Strider James or Ezekiel James.

  • Monika Alston-Miller

    I like Emory or Richmond.

  • Daphne K.

    How about Gavin? I like the name Jack, but I like Gavin James more. Gavin and Ella. :-)

  • Janna-Cate Hart

    Everett or Emmett. Goes well with Ella and both go beautifully with James. Whatever name you chose, congratulations! :)

  • Jacklynn Pederson

    We named our son Anton. I think Anton James sounds great, as well as Anton and Ella.:-)

  • Melody

    Landon James
    David James

  • Stacey Snyder Ruch

    Kian. Pronounced KEY-IN. Can also be spelled Cian. Kian James? I really like it!

    Kian & Ella?

    We found this name by chance when naming my twins. We like unusual names, but nothing to crazy. I have yet to meet another Kian!

  • Laura Hoffmann

    Percy James.
    Gabriel James
    Leland James
    Kieran James
    Oliver James
    Griffin James
    Griffith James
    Harrison James
    Gordon James
    Grant James
    Gilbert James
    Harvey James
    Homer James
    Hubert James
    Harvard James
    Iysten James
    Issaiah James
    Isaac James
    Isau James
    Kiernan James
    Korbin James
    Kelvin James
    Kalvin James
    Kevin James
    Konrad James
    Leonidas James
    Leonard James
    Leon James
    Leo James
    Malachi James
    Mitchell James
    Mordechai James
    Martin James
    Marvin James
    Moses James
    Nathaniel James
    Nathan James
    Nikolaus James
    Odysseus James
    Jasper James
    Julian James
    Jacob James
    Judah James (my childhood fav name, James included)
    Jordan James
    Joran James
    Patrick James
    Perceval James
    Philip James
    Peter James
    Peeta James
    Quinton James
    Quentin James
    Quinnley James
    Raul James
    Remington James
    Rory James
    Ricardo James
    Sean James
    Shawn James
    Shaun James
    Stephan James
    Todd James
    Talvin James
    Terrigo James
    Tobias James
    Tobin James
    Torbin James
    Talon James
    Ulysses James
    Vincent James
    Victor James
    Walter James
    Xander James
    Xavier James
    Xavin James
    Yannick James
    Zander James
    Zavier James
    Zavin James
    Zayden James
    Zon James
    Zechariah James
    Zachary James
    Zephaniah James
    Abraham James
    Alexander James
    Alexavier James
    Arthur James
    Anthony James
    Caden James
    Calvin James
    Corbin James
    Corey James
    Cody James
    Desmond James
    Dominick James
    Damon James
    Dallas James
    Draco James
    Drake James
    Elliot James
    Elias James
    Elladan James
    Elvin James
    Eric James
    Everett James ***
    Evander James
    Ervin James
    Ezra James ***
    Finnegan James
    Finley James
    Frederick James

    Good luck!

  • Danielle Baker

    Rordan. It’s an irish name that means young poetic king.

  • Carol b.


  • Sara

    Hudson James

  • Brianna

    We love traditional names. Henry, William, (Ella and Will), Samuel (Ella and Sam), Nathaniel, Finley, Sullivan and of course Oliver (our two year old sons name) Good luck, momma! <3

  • Stacy

    Elijah James (Eli for short)

  • Brianne P

    Michael James, Luca James (or Lucas!) sounds beautiful!

  • Jodi

    Landon James or Coby (Kobe) James
    I can’t win because I live in Canada though!

  • Elizabeth Butcher Hancock

    We’re expecting Soren Robert in roughly 9 weeks. Soren James has a nice ring to it!

    • Danielle

      LOVE Soren!!

      • Elizabeth Butcher Hancock

        We love it, too! Baby #3 was hard to choose. What made it even more difficult was it had to be as unique and beautiful as Evangelene and Eamon. I think that we did him proud!

  • jennifer

    My son’s name is Talon. (and my girls are elliana -ellie for short- and emelia)

  • Ethan James

    Ethan James,

  • Sarah Baker

    Isaiah James

  • Katherine

    Ethan James

  • Jessica Shaham

    I have three boys. Naming kids can be so hard! I think a 2-syllable name with the same rhythm as Ella would work well. How about Simon or Ryan. Ryan James. Ella and Ryan. Simon James. Ella and Simon.

  • smartensen

    Ethan, Dylan, Rowan. I love Elliott but it is probably too similar to Ella. Good luck and all the best – boys are wonderful :)

  • Dawnn Thornton

    I say Huntley James. I think it has a good ring to it, and goes with Ella as well. I definitely is a different name! My son is Huntley Dail.

    Good luck picking a name, there are some great ones!

    I am pregnant with number 3 with a little girl, and husband and I have a deal when it comes to baby names…if it is a girl, then I pick first name, and he picks middle name, and if its a boy he picks first name and I pick middle, however with bundle number 3 on the way due December 23rd we had a hard time picking a middle name, so we ended up going with Payten Rae as a first name and Noelle for her middle name since she will be a Christmas baby.

    So we have a 8 year old daughter named Kaydence Grace, a 3 year old son named Huntley Dail, and our bundle on the way Payten Rae Noelle.

    Hope I helped!

  • Katheryn Howat

    Levi James, Ethan James, ayden James.

  • Amanda Reed

    Vincent James
    Silas James
    Thaxton James
    Dresden James
    Nero James
    Henry James
    Weston James
    Knox James
    Dawson James
    Darson James
    Doyle James
    Gabriel James (Gabe)
    Harrison James
    Walter James
    Nolan James

  • Lorien

    I like Nicholas James. Nick and Ella sounds great to me! Or Owen… Owen James, Owen and Ella :)

  • Melissa Martin

    Deacon. Gregory. Isaac. Keenan.

  • Megan Nix

    I have always loved the names Oliver and Remy/Remi. My younger daughter would have been Pearson if she were a boy. Pearson James – Pearson, meaning “rock” and James, “cunning and smart” – together, you’re setting him up for great things! Good luck, the name game is tricky!

  • kris

    Alex, Avery, Grayson, Euriah, Brighton, Danny, Thorin, Torrin, Kyrin, Kai, Matteo

  • Kate Eschete

    What about Orion James? I also like Domonic James, both go well with Ella…

  • Alyssa

    When looking for my baby names I had to like the meaning as well as the name. I also didnt want my child to have a common name, but yet not a name no one could pronounce when looking at it :-)
    Haven (safe place),
    Keyin ( Irish name spelled Cian but pronounced Key-inn Means ‘ancient’ and was the name of two legendary heroes)
    Good luck !

  • Robin Hale-Meek


  • Jessica

    I love Caden James. You’d have a variety of choices with that one, all of which go well with Ella. Caden, Cade, CJ, etc.

    • nicole

      My daughters name is caden Bailey!!! And her friends SISter is named caden!

  • Catriona

    Findlay James, it was on the short list for our son but he ended up Liam James.

  • Stephanie

    Sebastian James :) Ella & Sebastian sound perfect together

  • Bethan Steward

    Hollis, my son’s name.

  • JekkaStone

    We are going with Milo for our little boy. He should join our family early October. Milo James…

  • nicole

    Trevor! Trevor James “Tj”. Ella and TJ!

  • Bethan Steward

    Hollis, a classic old name that’s gone out of style and, my son’s name. Hollis James. I like it !

  • tana

    Vincent price, paxton izaak

  • Superblessedmomma

    I have a friend that named her little boy (Teagan) I think it a cute name:)

  • Josette

    My favorite boy names would be Fletcher and Ollie. My two boys names : )

  • Rae

    Tristin James
    Charles “Charlie” James
    Liam James
    Lloyd James “LJ” (LJ and Ella! hehe)
    Eamon James

  • Brianna Baxter

    Hayden James :-)

  • Superblessedmomma


  • Jenn Thorne

    Joaquin James (my sons name is Joaquin)
    Enrique James (Enrique will sound cute with Ella)

  • Brittany

    Marshall James

  • Julie

    Harmon James :)

  • kris

    Alex, Avery, Grayson, Euriah, Brighton, Thorin, Torrin, Kyran, Danny, Matteo, Logan, Miles, Dean, Cash

  • Autumn Longmire

    Walter (nickname Walt), Ian, Lincoln (NN nickname Link)

  • kris


  • Christy Lou Sturman

    our son due in a couple weeks will be named after nikola tesla because we are extreme nerds, but the other names i liked were:

  • Alice

    Elijah James…Elijah is my son’s name.
    Avery James
    Jaxson James
    Edward James

  • Amy

    Callum James :) Good luck!

  • Cameo Cavanagh Harrington

    I like the sound of: Cason James, Latham James and/or Gunnar James :) Ella and Gunnar sound nice together

  • Emily

    Maverick James. Congrats on your soon to be bundle of love!!

  • Xanthe Worby

    We are expecting our 3rd girl so you can have our boy name as this is our last baby.
    Loxley (as in Robin of Loxley aka Robin Hood from English legend).

  • Jesica Stifflemire Hubbard

    I understand how hard it is to name a second child, especially a boy! My OBGYN named our son while she was prepping me for a c-section. We had Taylor (family name) for a middle name. Our daughter is Ava LeeAnn. So she named our son Eli. Ava and Eli. For you I like the name:
    Abbot James
    Abbott James
    Abbot and Ella
    You could have your own A & E, like me! I also love the names:
    Best wishes to you and your family!

  • Katie Robbins Ramirez

    Lucas James, Love it!

  • Aubrey S

    Khepri James. Ella and Khepri awwww! Its ancient egyptian for born with the rising sun :)

  • tammy blevins

    Ellias James

  • Kate


  • Andrea Foli

    Oliver..I love the name Oliver….

  • Tara

    How about Arik James?

  • Basia

    David James
    Luciano James
    Ryan James
    Kenneth James
    Michael James – I don’t know if you would like it, but I think it’s cute, Mommy = Michelle, daughter =Ella, son =Michael
    Best of luck with your name search! =) God Bless & easy delivery /recovery

  • ncaljets

    Isaiah, Zebediah, Orion are three of my favorites!

  • Emma Sleeth

    Daelen James
    William James (Billy for short)
    Kurt James
    Christopher James
    Eli James
    Theodor James (Theo for short)

  • Michelle Barnett Gonçalves

    Quinn or Vaughn

  • Debi Smithhisler Ackerman

    Dakota, Malachi or Erik

  • Kelly Christy


  • Paola

    Maximus James
    Isaac James
    Daxxon James
    Alec James
    Dylan James
    Atticus James
    Demitrius/Dmitri(means lover of the earth) James
    Cooper James
    Zachary James
    Aiden James

  • Kim Armstrong Simpson

    Xavier James, Orion James, Jericho James, Marcus James, Dixon James, Devlin James, Hudson James, Becker James or Beckett James. Hope you find something perfect. But I wouldn’t mind a vacation to a faroff island. 😉

  • kiri

    Quintus, Holden, Osiris, Silas

  • Hollie Shaddy

    Orean James
    KyLer James
    Deverixx James
    Deveroux James
    Aderik James
    Dion James
    Regan James

    Hope you like one of these mamma! (:

  • Sarah Woodward

    Everett James, the name I WISHED I would have stuck with for my son. Everett means “strength”

    Morgan James Everett, is is actual name. So Morgan James is my second vote! Blessings on you and your sweet boy!

  • Lisa Keeler Larice


  • frances

    Quincy James
    Quinton James

  • Amy Pemberton-Warbrick

    Sidney James or Stanley James

  • Amber Lippon

    Camden James
    Kellen James
    I have three girls so have never been able to use my boy names!

  • Jeri Thurber

    I noticed many Irish names, but not Eamon. Eamon James is a lovely name.

  • Jenn

    Andrew James – I love the name Andrew; you could call him Drew for short. I think Andrew and Ella or Drew and Ella sounds cute together. Good luck!

  • SarahHaman

    William or Parker

  • Heather Atkins Kelly

    Greyson James
    I had Greyson picked for my baby, but alas she is a girl and my last baby.

    Grey and Ella….awwww

  • Mia

    Ollie James, Porter James, Quin James, Gregory James, Hoyt James, Gabriel (Gabe) James

  • Jasmine

    We have an Oliver and an Ella at our house!

  • Aidan James

    Aidan James

  • Suggestions

    Im in australia so cant win a prize but..
    We have Zachary Christopher James so i love
    Zachary James
    Christopher James
    Zachary and Ella sound lovely together
    So do Christopher and Ella <3

    Also like:
    Ethan James
    Ethan and Ella= cute!

  • cathy

    My little one is named Ronin they also have an Irish version Ronan ! GOOD LUCK MAMA!

  • Angelo Afanador

    I have 4 girls waiting on my boy I have had many chances to think of boy names just not any to use.. My boy name will be Logan Isaiah but I don’t want you to choose either of those.. I have a lot of James in my family Joseph James is my nephew but you also can go with Nehemiah (nemo for short.. Nemo and Ella), Zacharia, Nathanial (Nate and Ella), Emmanuel, Abraham, Angelo, Gideon, Adam which means earth.., Ayden, Brenton, Kenneth, Felix, Xavier, Andres, Gabriel, Francisco, and my final one Ferdinand only because it was Ferdinand and Isabella Spanish King and Queen to fun Columbus trip to the new world. Good luck and God bless.. I told you I have had a lot of time to think. Praying God blesses me with another baby soon..

  • Dana Lindsey Fortner

    Emmett James

  • Arietta Elizabeth Holloway




  • Tofu.rene

    Bryson Braydon Bentley Bartholomew basil benson Blaine blaxton Braxton bryce

  • kroundy

    shad james

  • Brandy

    Anthony James :) Anthony and Ella.

  • Anonymous

    Names for the baby
    Atticus , or Lake, or Rhett and last Patrick

  • Heather Eustice-Hollis

    Parker, Mosely, Moses, Augustus (Gus), Preston, Jamison, Thaddeus (Thad), Trenton

  • Audrey Egan

    Emerson James! Ella and Emerson :).

  • Tiffany

    I have the perfect name for you. It’s the one that we would have used if our second had been a boy.


    Strong and gentle at the same time. Unique but not bizarre. Basically, it’s totally rad.

  • Isaac

    We have a daughter Ella and now 3 month old son Isaac Joel.
    Isaac and Ella-has a nice ring to it! :)

  • Emily

    Ezra James!

  • Natasha Farrell


  • AshleyH

    How about Owen. Ella and Owen:). I also like Josiah, Josiah James. Micha is nice too.
    Happy name searching!

  • Cheryl Berndt

    What do you think about Patton?

  • mechgirlxx

    I have always loved these …
    Good luck, I just became a mama myself!

  • Audrey Read Egan

    Emerson James :)! Ella and Emerson….so cute!

  • Superblessedmomma


  • Dahlee Johansen

    Liam James is cute I think.

  • jamie


  • Danielle C

    Owen James. Owen & Ella sounds adorable!

  • Ashley Rae Boutelle

    Hank James 😀 Hank and Ella

  • Ashley Rae Boutelle

    Hank not Henry.

  • Heather Campbell Brooks

    Carson James or Marley James….Whatever you do, please NOT LeBron

  • Jamie

    or Wade

  • Tiffani Anderson

    Liam James

  • Tiffani Anderson


  • Audrey Miles Cherney

    Fletcher James.

    If I had a boy, the middle name would have also been James, for my much beloved maternal Grandfather. Congratulations on you expected arrival! How fun to find a cherished name. Best wishes!

  • libby

    wyatt james
    tyler james

  • Heather Grinstead

    Kagon James?

  • Sarah

    Colin. :)

  • Kylie Olean

    Sorensen James.

  • Nicole Nielsen

    Nolan James?

  • sherry barton

    Ezra James or Elam james

  • Maia

    Gideon James
    Milo James
    Victor James
    Gabriel James
    Samuel James

  • Eden Bennett

    I named my son’s McKinley and Elliot. I think those are wonderful names. My name is Eden, which is listed as a boys name (I’ve heard of more men named Eden than women, too…) If I have another boy, I’m really thinking Oliver or Francis. Those are the names I suggest!

  • AmandaP

    Samuel James

  • Melodie

    Camden James for the win!

  • Kimberly Bovee

    Miles, Alexander, Cole, Nolan, Grayson, Nicolas, Carson

  • Laura Sowdon

    Ian James is nice

  • Alex H

    Fitzwilliam James. You could go with all sorts of nicknames (will, bill, fitz), and it sounds very classic like Ella.

  • Katie


  • Tiffany

    Nash. Simple, strong, goes with James and Ella and it looks like it would fit Michelle’s personality.

  • Ilka Guevara

    Alfonso ! Just like my son! lol :)

  • Sarah Hovey Bouvier

    Sawyer James!

  • sherry barton

    Devlin james.

  • Katrina Kerns

    Jamison James

  • Heather Grinstead

    Kagon James?

  • Byrdy…or something

    Adam, Luke, Mark or Noah…my boys

  • Mummie’s Nummies

    I LOVE the name Drew (any spelling would work) I think it works awesome with Ella too! We would name our boy (if we have one) Drew…… think Drew-Bear! LOVE that nick name! So….. what do you think? Oh and CONGRATS! My Kit Kat was born in November ~Mummie

  • Paz

    Rafael (or Raphael), if my baby girl Esperanza (Hope in spanish, since I’m from Argentina) was a boy that was going to be her name. I love it! it’s very manly and sweet! And the reason I liked it the most is that it is one of the angels from my favorite book of the old testament (bible), who never gave up on Tobias

  • Megan

    Caden James
    Oliver James
    Matthew James
    Caleb James
    Ashton James
    Christopher James
    Russell James
    Andrew James

  • Jessica Lawrence

    Ethan James, Calvin James, or Nathan James

  • Marina Falkin


  • jveilleux

    River :-)

    • Melissa

      My son is Chase river . Love it.

  • Deidre

    My son’s name is Ezra. His younger sister is Eliana (aka Ellie), so we have Ez and Ellie. :) I liked Ezra because it was a Biblical name, which I was looking for, but not overdone (aka Josh-no offense, it’s my husband’s name, but we have a very common last name, so I wanted it to be unique) and also not too ‘out there,’ like Jehoshaphat (no offense to anyone with this name, just not my style). 😉

    • Jennifer Herford

      I really like this one. We have an Ezra also.

      • Jess T

        Oh wow. My little boy is Ezra too. Seems it’s becoming very popular.

  • Louise Casey

    I think Gordon James would be nice, and Gord or Gordie and Ella work. :) (Gordon was going to be my sister’s name – until he was a she!)

  • Ellisa

    I like “Oliver James” – I have an Ella Sophia and a Maxwell Jacob Harris! I love Haris too, but not sure about a Harris James? Maybe! Good luck!!

  • Jen R

    Andreas <3

  • Momo Mitchell

    Xenon James, Daniel James, Xander James, Wendall James, Kael James, Kole james, Nathaniel James, Kalyn James, Kaden James, Cameron James, Jordan james, Dylan James, Robert James, Hawthorne James, Ezekial James, Zachary James

  • Sarah E. White

    If I were having a boy, it would be Owen. It’s a lovely name, Owen James is nice, and Ella and Owen sounds cute. You have the added bonus of them both having four letter names. And if you’ve ever read A Prayer for Owen Meaney, you know why I love this name. Good luck!

  • Samara Ferguson

    Oakley, Asher, Spiro, Elijah, Avery, Evan, Pascal and Baxter

  • Sarah Hovey Bouvier

    I also like Harmon and Ransom

  • Emily Tesson Rupp

    Jenner James, Wilson James, Joshua James, Miller James, Carter James

  • Erin O’Brien

    I’ve always loved Corwin (Corwyn) which comes from the crow/raven. If he grows up to hate it and Cory or Wyn don’t float your boat, CJ is a good nickname too.

  • Ka Leigh Edwards

    Branton James, Drennon James, Koda James, Levi James, Dallas James and last but not least… Tanner James. :)

    • Ka Leigh Edwards

      Lol I forgot the no name with B.. lol Sorry you guys.. I got to excited. haha!

  • Autumn Mullen

    Tristan James!
    Ella and Tristan… sounds good to me :)

  • Lauren

    Arlo James
    Ever James
    Otto James
    Milo James

  • Autumn Mullen

    Oliver James! :)

  • Tiffany

    Mitchell James sounds great together and can be shortened to Mitch. It’s close to Michelle, so he could be named after her.

  • Shawn Hanlon

    How about the name: Kai
    Hope u like it and congrats.

  • Nisha

    How about Langston … I love the name.

  • Autumn Mullen

    name him Sam
    Sam and Ella (say it out oud then you will get it) hahahaa :)

  • Dani

    Aristaeus, Azrael, Sagan, Monroe

  • Trisha

    A friend of mine just named her baby boy Knox. Love it! also love Hudson, Parrish, Charlie, Owen, Landon, Ryder….

  • Casey

    I know you said no names with B……but “Brydan”(Br-eye-den) is a really cute name :)
    Brydan James :p

  • Danielle Teslevich

    Milo James. I’m in the process of trying to pick our baby boys name (due oct) but no luck yet :) congrats and good luck!

  • Crystal Lipsmeyer small

    We have an Ayla. And her brothers Alex (Alexander James)

    I also like isreal James

  • Heather Jordan

    robert james, jackson james (jj for short)

  • Mommy Price

    What about Everett James. Would go well with Ella, Everett and Ella :)

  • Rebecca Tibbs

    How about Morgan James?

  • Megan Hillyer

    I hope you will like one of these names. You are an earth mama about to have your angel baby, but he will soon be showered in blessings from the earth.

    DEMETRIUS: Greek male name means Lover of The Earth (Demetrius, Dimitrius, other variations on spelling)
    JARED: Biblical male name means Down to Earth (Jarod, Jarred, other variations on spelling)
    TERRAN: Irish unisex name means Earth (Terren)

    Congratulations on your (soon to come) little boy!

  • Christina

    I have a Nolan Archer, and a Lincoln Theodore on the way. So I’m pretty partial to any of those four names 😉

  • Crew James. Unique and strong

    Crew James. Unique and strong

  • Heather Jordan

    robert james, or jackson james(jj for short)

  • Brandy McIntosh Chatman

    Artemis. It’s what I wanted to name ours whose due anytime but got vetoed

  • jenny

    Here are my favorite boy names: Noah, Henry, Alden, William, Benjamin, Matthew (Mattie for short), Charlie, and Owen. Not sure if any of these have been suggested. Good luck!

  • Sarah S

    Alexander (Alex)

  • Julie Johnson

    Valentino James

  • KC Schofield

    Kaiden (kay-den)

  • KJDS

    Oliver James, Ever James, Nico James, or Jaxton James

  • Chelsea Wallis

    Tyler James
    Devin James
    Deacon James
    Dillion James
    Alex James
    Zachary James
    Henry James
    Logan James
    Gideon James
    Esca James
    Mason James
    Cyress James
    Clyde James
    Evaan James
    Leary James
    Lennon James
    Lyle James
    Marlen James
    Rex James
    Trenton James

  • Nathaniel James

    Nathaniel and Ella sound adorable together <3

  • ch

    Wesley James

  • Laura Knight

    Logan James I would narrow it down to a few favorites and pick when you see him!

  • Vana Goddard


  • Kelly

    Our first son’s name is Michael Andrew after my husband. when it came time for our 2nd child we were so ready for the girl names but could not come up with boy names. As fate would have it our 2nd child was also a boy (thankfully I opted to find out early) and we were down to the middle name Alexander and then Caleb, Matthew, Daniel and Jacob (my maiden name) for the first name. We didn’t have an official name until the day I was going in for an emergency c-section and as I was in the room being prepped I told my husband “He needs a damn name before he’s born so I can talk him through the birth” (seriously I was so panicked that he’d be born without a name that I freaked) And so, Daniel Alexander won out over all. Hope one of our names tickles your fancy and you’re not stuck in labor still guessing. But if you are, it will be because you will need to see his sweet face to know for sure. And then in an instant you will know. Good luck!!!!

  • KC Schofield

    Terek (sounds just like Derek but with a T)

  • rlyb

    Theo James
    Izek James

  • Nisha

    I also like Seamus (maybe “Shay” for short?) – I think that goes well with James and with Ella!

  • Kimberly

    Arthur James. Whitaker James. Abraham James.

    • Kimberly

      Also – Elias James,

      • Kimberly

        and Elam James, Kipling James, Whitman James, Emerson James, Tennyson James, Emmanuel James,

  • Vana Goddard


  • lindsay

    Aven James

  • Sandra

    Alexander James, Andrew James or Emil James

  • Meg

    Tyler James

  • Linda Nutter Snay

    Ari James or Tenzin James. Tenzin means keeper of the dharma and is also the name of HH the Dalai Lama. The name of our future son.

  • Kendra

    Nolan James, Brogan James… All my other suggestions have been taken.

    • Kendra

      Also, Edgar James, Kason James, Easton James. Or Edison James, Edward James- Eddy for short

  • Anonymous

    Elias (form of Elijah) sounds awesome next to Ella and great with James :)

  • Lorilin

    Noah. Jonathan or Jack (JJ!). Kai. Nicholas. Silas. Christopher.

  • Tammy


  • Elizabeth

    This our 3rd boy and we struggled with names too! We have actually decided to go with Aaron James :) Thomas was also in the running. Good luck mama!!!

  • Erinn


  • kylie

    Shadow james

  • envy68

    Amon, Alastor, Ami, Corson, Dade, Dante, Draezen, Eamon, Ezra, Omias, Paimon, Rae, Radcliff, Sacha, Thaddeus,

  • Copper Siegel

    Holden, Sawyer, Finley, Griffen

  • Keely

    Phoenix is my favorite boy name and I think it works perfectly within you parameters! :)

  • MamaMia

    Evan James & Ella; Travis James & Ella? Good luck mama!

  • wendy

    Owen? Ella and Owen sound good together

  • Sarahnwill

    Lucas & Ella

  • kylie

    Silas james

  • Nicole Toscano

    Noah or Connor!

  • Vanessa Richard

    Matthias, Sylas, Jonah, Sawyer, Gage,

  • Kimberly


  • Kimberly


  • Kimberly


  • Tracy

    We chose a unique but well-known name – Malcolm. I think you could have Malcolm James as a brother for Ella! Good luck, mama!

  • kylie


  • Amy

    The name Luca is beautiful and Luca and Ella sound perfect together!

  • Copper Siegel

    Judah, Marcus, or Mason. i actually like Mason a lot.

    Mason James, mason & ella. =)

    I hope you find somehting you love!

  • Amanda Davis

    Jonah James

  • Angela Cisneros

    Paxton James

  • Kimberly


  • Vana Goddard


  • MeganDocerty

    We are due in Jan and didn’t find out gender. Our boy names are: Cullen, Keegan, Emmett, and Tadgh (pronounced Tie). Good Luck! Boys names are hard but don’t get too stressed, it will all fall into place!

  • Kimberly


  • Russell


  • Madison Fitzgerald

    Emmett James!

  • Noah


  • kaiyasue

    Ezra James sounds nice to me. Or Dexter or Theodore (Ted or Theo for short). Best wishes!

  • Nicole

    Keeling James
    Cian James ( pronounced Key-in)
    Emerson James

  • Bethany Johnson Shrable

    Our daughter is also named Ella and we just named our youngest son Gideon, which means “mighty warrior”. I will also suggest Truson because that was another name we had tossed around and I think it’s kind of cool and unique and you could call him Tru (true) for short. :)

  • Jada Brooke


  • Lollie

    The first name that came to my mind is Arrow. Second is Asher. Third is Axel.

  • Lisa Maharaj

    Amos and Ella is cute 😉

  • Jennifer


  • Traci

    Caiden James

  • Rhyanna

    Tate, Jacob, Issac, Isaiah, Ethan, Evan, Taylor, Tyler, Sebastian, Owen, Parker, Micah, Brody, Anderson, Hayden, Oliver, Cory, Callum, Thomas, Caleb, Luca, Hunter

  • Monique

    Wesley James, Griffin James, Desmond James, Teagan James, Kieran (or Ciaran) James, Ferris James that’s all I have, we always have the hardest time naming our boys!

  • MeganDocerty

    Not sure if my last post went through. Cullen, Keegan, Tadgh (pronounced Tie) and Emmett

  • Aislynn


  • Erin Kaufman

    How about Asher, Asher James :)

  • Vana Goddard

    Roderick, Warrick

  • Brittany

    Caden James!

  • Alyssa M.

    Eliot James.
    Aaron James
    Alexander James (you could call him Alex or Xander)

  • Mary1424

    Caden , Elijah (Eli),Parker ,Jacob ,Jackson

  • Heather

    Have you thought of using your maiden name (or a variation of it) for your sons first name?
    Or perhaps an acronym? That is how we got my 3rd childs middle name…we didn’t find out the sex of the baby, but knew we were having Rae or Raymond after my grandfather and James would have been the middle name if she were a boy, but she was a girl and I was playing around with the first letters of the female members of my families names and we got Shale….S=after my SIL, H=after me, A=after my oldest daughter, and E=after my niece….her name is Raevin Shale :)

    • Heather

      L=after my mom…lol…forgot to add that one…oops!

  • Alyssa M.

    William James. I love the name William, or Will. And it’s very classic and strong, just like Ella.

  • Robin

    We wanted Declan Grant, but we had a girl! Lol. Declan James?

  • Simone M

    My boys are Spencer (his middle name is James) and Lincoln and their older sister is Isabella (Bella) so I think either go pretty well with Ella. :)

  • Tanja Lindeque Crowie

    Nathaniel James :) Shortened to Nate – Ella and Nate. Good luck Mama! Hope you find the perfect name for your little one.

  • Daisy

    Aiden (Aiden James, AJ for short?). Ella and Aiden James.. Or Ella and AJ <3

  • Vana Goddard

    Matteo, Enzo, Cassius, Quinton, Payton, Lazarus, Darius

  • Tamzin

    Emmett James or Duncan James

  • Kate R

    Oliver? Miles?

  • Brahman Huber

    My sugestions are Kamden, Kianni, Rylan, Josiah, and Nicu.

  • Lynsey James

    Our last name is James and my kiddos are Tyler, Ellie and Canon. I’d be happy to share my favorite names!

  • Robin Griesen

    Cole James (my son’s name and he gets compliments constantly)

    2nd choice is Jett James (what my daughter would have been named)

    Good luck Michelle

  • KtCarter

    Henley! My second son is Reid Henley but Reid James is harder to say than Henley James. for us, Henley stood for my grandfathers Henry and Leon. My other son is Landon …that would work too!! 😉

  • Amberncsa

    Marlo or Malcolm

  • Breanna Osborne

    Maxwell, Edger, Rex, Bradley

  • Dragonfishie

    Perhaps you would like one of my boy name contenders:
    Colin, Cole, Kieran, Nicholas, Edward, Noel, Jett or Ryan
    I named my son Colin Edward after my Dad.

  • Dean

    Dean James is actually what we will name our second (if the baby is a boy). It is the reverse of James Dean :) We named our first Dylan Robert after Bob Dylan because we love his poetry, music not so much, LOL.

    • Didi

      Opps, my name is Didi and the name I am nominating is Dean :)

  • Rachel

    Kyle (a strait channel), Miles (peaceful/merciful), Jordan (flowing down/descend), Corey (God’s peace)

  • Bethany B

    Lukas James
    Tobin James
    Hayden James
    Tristan James
    Willem James

  • Robin Griesen

    Cole James (my son is constantly getting compliments)

    Jett James (what my daughter would have been named)

  • Otis

    Here is a great name!

  • Quin Galaway


  • Carrie

    Oops! Otis would be perfect. Otis and Ella, Otis James.

  • Rachel

    Harrison (just b/c I love the Beatles…lol)

  • Gina


  • Tamara Radcliff

    Evandrew (Ev andrew) Van for short….

  • Lindsey

    Kai or Malakai

  • Rachel Radtke

    We really struggled picking names for our boys! They weren’t named until they were 2 days old. My littlest was born last November :) (doing a page search to try and not repeat names that have been said) Travis, Calvin, Quentin, Quinn, Cassius (prounounced CASH-es..Cash for short) Lance, Logan, Levi, Felix, Nathan, Anthony, Tristan

  • Rachel Radtke

    We really struggled picking names for our boys! They weren’t named until they were 2 days old. My littlest was born last November :) (doing a page search to try and not repeat names that have been said) Travis, Calvin, Quentin, Quinn, Cassius (prounounced CASH-es..Cash for short) Lance, Logan, Levi, Felix, Nathan, Anthony, Tristan

  • Jada

    Eli or Cody

  • Jada

    Eli or Cody

  • Jennifer Andreani

    Nicholas James — Nick and Ella?

  • Jennifer Andreani

    Nicholas James — Nick and Ella?

  • BECKY W.

    Nile James
    August James
    Emry James
    Isaiah James
    Lennon James

  • BECKY W.

    Nile James
    August James
    Emry James
    Isaiah James
    Lennon James

  • Lisa Mellinger

    My boys are:
    Kyle Dominic
    Kalen Micah (pronouced Kale – n , nickname – Kale)
    Koleton Michael (pronounced Kole – ton, nickname – Kole)
    All would go well with a middle name of James and a sister named Ella. :)

  • Lisa Mellinger

    My boys are:
    Kyle Dominic
    Kalen Micah (pronouced Kale – n , nickname – Kale)
    Koleton Michael (pronounced Kole – ton, nickname – Kole)
    All would go well with a middle name of James and a sister named Ella. :)

  • Staci

    We love Asher!

  • Basia

    Noah James
    Owen James
    Spencer James
    Scott James
    Cooper James
    Lucas James
    Mason James
    Tristan James
    Evan James
    Ethan James
    Ian James

  • Megan Borah Pribble

    Leander James, Micah James, River James, Quilleran James

  • Mandy Rothschild

    Nolen James
    Mikael James
    Daniel James
    Evan James
    Aiden James

  • Caitlin Samonds Dover


  • Jenny

    Nathanial was one of my favorites for #1 (but we had a girl), but some other ones I like are Donovon, Declan, Cody, Cal, and Silas. Good luck! (P.S. I didn’t read through all the other ones, so I don’t know whether or not these are repeats!)

    • Jenny

      oops, should be Nathaniel, not Nathanial :)

  • Mindy May Farmer

    I have an Ella with younger brothers named Ezra and Kai. I also considered Ira for our youngest. Boys names are hard! I also like Zander or Xander and Zane. Jack is my favorite classic name.

  • Kristen

    Alexander James (if my most recent baby was a boy, its what I had chosen :)

  • mego

    Easton James!

  • Lindsy S

    Payton, Paxton, Dexter (Dex), Clinton, Everett, Evan, Wesley, Alston, Kendal

  • Kellie E

    We are actualy naming our newest addtion (due in December) Cedar James!

  • andrea

    my son is wesley. sounds nice with james.

  • Rachel

    My son’s name is Jakob Eli. We liked a classic, old fashion name (yes, I know it’s now the most popular name!) and we spelled it with a “K” for our German heritage. Eli was my grandfather’s name. I was very close to him and said if I ever had a boy, his middle name would be after him.

  • Lara

    Haven’t read through them all of course, but I see a lot of unique names! Are you looking for more traditional?
    How about Nathaniel?

  • Lindsay Ostrand

    My son’s name is Linden James Ostrand. For my next son I’m having trouble deciding between Angel, Tannon, Nicholas, Riven, Beckett, Valon, Nathanial and Hurley. I think they all sound good with James but I already have a son with that middle name lol

  • Doni

    Greyson James

  • Monique

    Dalton James

  • Lynnette G.

    Maximus. My middle boy is named that and he gets the most compliments out of all my boys! Especially from men/dads. Good luck! I have 3 boys and the last one didn’t get named till about a week before he was born because it was so hard to decide on a name.

  • Kendra

    Leland James, Leslie James. Wesley james

  • Jenny Harbert

    I like Elliot James, but I don’t know if that is too close to Ella.

  • Monique

    Theodore James, Theodore means gift from God. It was Dr. Suess’ first name and Theodore Roosevelt is a great namesake! We have a Theodore, but is called Teddy, or Teddy Bear.

  • Monique

    No idea what your husband’s name is but Thompson is a great name and means son of Tom, though it could be given to any boy!

  • Megan A.

    Tito James

  • Jenny Harbert

    Oh, one more, Oliver James! That’s not too bad. No offense, but I can see why you haven’t picked some of these other names. They are HORRENDOUS.

  • Somer

    Merrick James
    Elliot James
    Garrett James

  • Colleen

    My suggestion would be Caius James. I also thought Séamus would sound nice with Ella, but it would duplicate the middle name.

  • Ashley Mooney

    Kyler James

  • Monique

    Spencer is a cute name!

  • Brandy Garner-Benyo

    Aleph James. That would have been the name I had picked out if we’d had a son.

  • Andie

    Landry james
    Preston James

  • Erin Jensen

    Wallis (Wallace) James

  • Aubre

    What about Eli James? Scott James? Or Larsen James?

  • Andie

    Cutter James

  • Evelyn

    Anthony James is a very good name…what do you think?

  • Tianna

    Julian…still my favorite name and I am so glad I named my son this. Goes great with James :) My other son is Leo James and I love that as well.

  • Crew James.

    Alisa V

  • Sarah B

    Elliott James, Preston James, Wyatt James, Ellis James, August James, Isaac James, Griffin James, Caleb James, Hudson James, Iden James, Logan James, Omar James, Otto James, Sawyer James, Carson James, Tobias James, Holden James, Dalton James, Kellen James, Levi James, Kingston James, Landon James, Silas James, Weston James

  • Candace Treiber

    Arran (Scottish version of Aaron) James
    Matthew James
    Brennan James

    good luck!! picking the right name is one of the hardest things :)

  • Vanessa Marie

    Elliot James or Alexander James

  • Jenny Harbert


  • Heather

    Eric, Caleb, Chris, Miles, Robert, Connor, or Trevor.

  • Carey

    Charlie or Maverick

  • Cynthia

    I really liked the name Egan b/c I thought it was unique but my DF would go for it. Ella and Egan sounds cute and Egan James could also be EJ as a nickname. Honestly, without your last name I wouldn’t know where to start. My friend’s twins are Ella and Jack, but I’m no so sure anyone would want John/Jack James…..We ended up with an Ethan and another mama on a birth board had an Ethan James. I’ll think some more on this…. :)

  • Josha

    Ash and Ella!

    • Josha

      guess it could be Asher James since two syllables sound better…

  • Misty

    Charles, nickname Charlie. Charlie and Ella! Sounds cute together. There’s also Rowan…Trinity…Ethan…Jacob…Aiden…Finn…Noah

  • Stephanie Tannenbaum-Weiss

    Here are some from our Boy’s List
    But if you still don’t find one Zippy works for a stand in, lol we called our son Ziggy Squiggles until we finally named him, Archer Tiberius, in the delivery room after he was born :)

  • Taylor W

    Emmett James
    Silas James
    Oscar James
    Samuel James
    Lewis James
    Edwin James
    Otto James

  • Maria G

    Lucian James or Sebastien James :)

  • Jennifer Brown

    How about Charles, Teagen (spelling varies) or Seren?

  • Jennifer Herford

    Bastian James, Samuel James

  • Megan Hillyer

    I’m checking back and my comment disappeared! Re-posting in short version

    DEMETRIUS: Greek male name means Lover of The Earth (many combos of spelling)
    JARED: Biblical male name means Down to Earth

    I’m going to go with: TERRAN: Irish unisex name means Earth.

  • stlmommy

    Love the name Cash and Hamish not sound wonderful with James

  • Kate

    Nathan James, Peyton James, Jack James, Jake James, Tucker James… i hope this might help!!!

  • Marissa R

    How about Crosby ??

  • Chrissy Schultz Sparks

    Parker James, Landon James, Carter James, Cameron James, Preston James, Nolan James, Asher James, Ashton James, Xander James , Xavier James, Oliver James, Garrett James, Adrian James, Domnic James, Devin James, Evan James, Dylan James, Zachary James, Hunter James, thats about all I got!

  • Julie V

    We named our son Eric, after my husband’s late father. Eric means ruler, and he is definitely our little ruler! Also, if/when we have a girl, we chose the name Ellie – I think Eric would blend just as nicely with Ella! (and sounds good with James, too!)

  • Keri Robinson

    Nathaniel. It gives you lots of nickname choices.

  • trish

    Eliotte James. Anderson James. Caraway James. Stefan James. Tanner James. Mackenzie James. Saunder James. Philip James. Killian James. Garrus James.

  • Jaimie Leader-Goodale

    Milo :)

  • Rebeca Mack


  • Carol Yates

    Haven’t read all the names… but Carter James maybe? Had this one in mind if we had a boy, but we had a girl so didn’t use it. Best of luck in your finding the perfect name!

  • Lauren

    Ananias. It’s my sons middle name. :-)

  • Aspen Alu Morales

    I’ve always liked the names Sage and Seth.

  • MeganDocerty

    Kieran, Brody

  • Kelli Joyce

    Parker James:O) Good Luck!

  • Emily


  • Mandy


  • Carly


  • Emry James

    Emry and Ella sound great together…:)

  • Crystal

    Indiana- Indie for a nickname.. it’s such a great boys name.

  • Kelly

    Ryder James?

  • Miriam


  • Sarah Hull

    Jackson (Jaxson)

  • Jessica Melvin

    Clark or Grayson

  • Christine Sherman

    My parents are Edward and Eleanor. So I think Edward sounds great with Ella :) And…my father’s full name is Edward James!

  • Jennifer Abramshe

    Nikolas James, that is my second sons name. Ella and Nikolas sound good together too 😀

  • Melissa


  • Erica

    My picks if your looking for names that are not over done, but not crazy unusual: Abel James – Ella and Abel sound sweet together (I love that they both have only 4 letters)
    Alaric James – Ella and Alaric is alliteration at its naming best
    Ephraim James – Ella and Ephraim might be a good name for a design firm later
    Eden James – Ella and Eden is cute, maybe a hair girly…
    Elliot James – Ella and Elliot is more storybook style alliteration
    Harvey James – Ella and Harvey sounds very classic, possibly oldmanish (but I like it… and we all know how much my opinion counts here)
    Isaac James – Ella and Isaac has a great “Get in here, now!’ quality to it
    Jacob James – Ella and Jacob sounds very classic and easy together
    Levi James – Ella and Levi is cute, but maybe hard to say when calling them together
    Oliver James – Ella and Oliver sounds great together too
    Good luck naming your little one! And lots of good vibes your way for the labor process.

  • Megan Spillane

    William James :) My son is William John & we love it!

  • Maja

    Noah, Leon, Gaell :-)

  • Rachel

    Avett, I am a fan of the Avett Brothers

  • Dave and Liz Allen

    Oliver or August (perhaps Augustine as a full name for August).

  • Lucy

    My 4 yr old niece suggests.. Samual. She’s giggling away with ‘Sam and Ella’ – say it 10 times fast and you’ll get it. Where do they come up with this stuff!
    The older one is suggesting Alexandre James (sounds good with Alex and Ella) or Byron and Ella

  • Amy Huggins Dearborn

    Leighton James

  • katieb

    Theo! (short for Theodore). Could also be a Ted or a Teddy…

  • Jennifer Amos-Neff

    I like Reese, Arlan, Owen, or Asher. I hope you do too!

    • Jennifer Amos-Neff

      Also Xavier.

    • Jennifer Amos-Neff

      Oh, and November or Orrin would be good too.

  • Lindsey

    Austin James

  • jessica colborn

    Dalton, jesse, travis

  • Michele M


  • Rachel Poling

    Avett, as in the Avett Brothers, gotta love them :)

  • Guest

    Elian James and Ella sounds perfects =)

  • Maribel Figueroa

    Elian James and Ella sounds perfect =)

  • Becky Overthrow Gallivan

    Solomon :)

  • Tiffany Kreh

    Touren James
    Gage James
    Eason James
    Mason James
    Cadance James
    Shiloh James
    Zeke James
    Avery James
    Reuben James
    Harley James
    Truman James

  • Heather Tatum

    Since I am having a girl and can’t use my boy names, my favorites are:
    Hayden James
    Elliott James
    Looks like Oscar and Oliver have been mentioned already
    My son is Ashton Alden – family names and they aren’t too popular which is great
    I have a friend with an Ella and a brother Ryder
    Also, I see Reese was mentioned.. my dad is Reiss if you want a different spelling

    Now.. who can help me name my baby girl!!??

  • Diana Chylinski Hightower

    Don’t see my comment but I think Hammish James. And Cash James sound great!

  • MJ in LB

    I like Ian James (Ian and Ella sound so cute together!) and Atticus James (my To Kill A Mockingbird Tribute) My husband suggested Nathan James.

  • Kate Brockmeyer

    Tucker James … you’d have Tucker and Ella! They are similar type names!

  • Kimberly Falsafi

    Five years ago I had a boy and named him Thurston. I fall more in love with him and the name every day. I get the occasional Gilligan’s Island comment but most people comment that it sounds sophisticated and unique.

  • Pamela Firlik-McGill

    Winston James

  • Spencer James

    I just n

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  • Ashley Cornelius

    Ian James! 😊

  • Ashley Cornelius

    Asher James 😊
    Noah James
    Silas James
    River James

Peace, Love and Information for All!

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