Go to the Head of the Organic Class – Pre-school

The Head of the Class game begins Monday, April 25 and ends Monday, May 1. Grand prize announced May 2!

The party’s over, the prizes have been awarded but the prize of valuable information is still here for the learning. Take a few minutes and you will win a prize: the prize of knowledge about how to cut through the marketing hype and decipher organic label claims!

So, this game is over, but we’re always working on more. What would YOU like to see next?


OK, you’re standing in the personal care product aisle of your local green-n-healthy market. You want to get something that doesn’t have toxic ingredients, something safe for your baby, kids or your pregnant body, right? So many products, so many labels! The label says it’s “natural,” but does that mean it’s safe? How do you know what’s really organic? What the difference between “made with organic” or “contains organic” and who’s making sure those claims are protecting you and your baby from unsafe ingredients? You almost need a degree to decipher label claims!

That’s why Earth Mama Angel Baby® is giving you the chance to go to the head of the organic class, win prizes and learn about the five levels of Organic and Natural. You’ll get product label information a concerned consumer can really use, plus earn your Mama U. diploma and a chance to win fantastic prizes all along the way, including a ginormous Grand Prize worth over $650! Earth Mama Angel Baby and five respected bloggers will take you from grade to grade: once you pass one level, you can move on to the next. You can do all five in a day or take your time and do it in a week. Just make sure you go to Mama U. Graduation by midnight Sunday, May 1 to pick up your diploma, your special graduate coupon code, and enter to win the Mama U. Graduates Grand Prize bundle of natural and organic goodies, valued at over $650!!

One lucky graduate will win!

One lucky graduate will win!

When a food or personal care product uses the word “Organic” on the label, consumers should be able to trust that it’s safe. But if you think reading the words natural or organic on your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, or deodorant, means that your personal care product is safe think again. It’s tough to distinguish between seemingly trustworthy claims and legitimate statements and even the savviest consumers sometimes have trouble.

Most people think the FDA is watching, but surprisingly it has a very limited role in policing the safety and organic claims of personal care products. As a result, even “organic” and “natural” personal care products can contain everything from petroleum byproducts to endocrine disruptors, and synthetic ingredients that are toxic to organs, nerves and immune systems. At Mama U. you’ll learn to distinguish between certifiable claims and marketing hype. It’s a hard subject, but don’t worry, we want you to pass, so it’ll be open book. Check the Crib Sheet for answers!

Play the game, take the easy exams and enter to win one of many prizes. Not the least of which will be the prize of power – the ability to make safer choices for yourself and your family.

Now head over to Baby Center to start your organic education. Pack your healthy organic snacks, #2 pencils and Pink Pearl erasers. Kindergarten, here you come!

We’d like to thank the wonderful people and organizations who gave us invaluable technical assistance to help clear up these tricky subjects: The Organic Trade Association, Quality Assurance International, NSF, and Jennifer Taggart: The Smart Mama.


Peace, Love and Information for All!

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