Go to the Head of the Class – Graduation!

If you’ve just joined our little Go to the Head of the Organic Class FUNdamental educational campaign, please grab your backpack, put on your beanie and trot over to Preschool so you can see what all the fun is about! Take the exams, enter some contests, arm yourself with knowledge, and then come back here for a chance to win the grand prize!

The party’s over, the prizes have been awarded but the prize of valuable information is still here for the learning. Take a few minutes and you will win a prize: the prize of knowledge about how to cut through the marketing hype and decipher organic label claims!

So, this game is over, but we’re always working on more. What would YOU like to see next?

You did it! You made it all the way through Mama U! Now, don’t you feel smart? You know the difference between the four levels of Organic, and even what Natural is! And you now have the power to make safer choices for yourself and your family. So here’s one final exam before you can toss your cap into the air!

In the comments below, in a sentence or two, please tell us what you learned. Make sure to include your email address on the comment form, so we can contact you if you win! We’ll choose one winner from the comments below to win the Mama U. Graduates Grand Prize bundle of honestly organic goodies, valued at $650!! If you need a refresher, see the Crib Notes here.

One lucky graduate will win!

One lucky graduate will win!

Oh Pomp! Wonderful Circumstance! You look ever so intelligent in your mortarboard and gown. Don’t forget your Mama U. Diploma! Click here to customize and print your very own certificate of completion of the Go to the Head of the Organic Class campaign.

And just for you, a special coupon code for 20% off your next order of purely natural, naturally safe — and honestly labeled — Earth Mama Angel Baby products! Use code MAMAU20 at EarthMamaAngelBaby.com

Congratulations, mama! You are an aware consumer, armed with knowledge. Go forth into the aisles and shop for your family, knowing you have the best information you can have!

We’d like to thank the wonderful people and organizations who gave us invaluable technical assistance to help clear up these tricky subjects to make your organic education complete: The Organic Trade Association, Quality Assurance International, NSF, and Jennifer Taggart: The Smart Mama.

With loads of love and mortarboards flying,


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  • Hwolfshohl

    I was very surprised to learn that the word “natural” is not regulated when put on labels. I will have to start reading labels more carefully now!

  • Trina

    I knew a lot about USDA labeling and that natural is a false security blanket, however it was nice to learn about the NSF label as a trustworthy symbol on products. Thanks EMAB!

  • Christine

    I was aware that most labels don’t mean much, but I knew nothing as far as how to correctly interpret the claims made. I am a complete newbie to trying to rid toxins and whatnot from my home and my families bodies. The information on the USDA labels, both for food items and others was new to me as was learing to look for the third party certifier label. Thank you for doing this!

  • Cristen

    I learned that I need to read the packaging even at “health food” stores! I’m sure I will annoy my husband even more now with my new found knowledge, but it’s so worth it for my two little babies’ health!

  • Jen

    I had seen information about third-party certifiers, but it was interesting to learn more about their role in the organic certification process. And it was very good to be reminded about the greenwashing that occurs with words like “natural” on packaging—not everything that’s natural is good for you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1428679621 Jaimie Leader-Goodale

    I learned that there are different certifying agencies, and different levels of organic. I’d never really differentiated them before. Also reinforced my natural dislike of the term “natural” until I know what they are referring too…

  • http://profiles.google.com/gypsydiva57 Elizabeth Evans

    I have finally learned how to distinguish between all the levels of “organic.” I have known for a long time about “natural” vs. “organic,” but I had never really bothered to look into organic claims any further than seeing the word organic somewhere on a label. I foresee my shopping trips growing even longer! I think this will empower me to make even better choices for my family!

  • Seehorce

    I learned that I already know a ton, which is a nice feeling to have when caring for my family. I did learn of a a couple new web pages I hadn’t heard of and that is always nice.

  • http://profiles.google.com/akauzlick Amy Kauzlick

    I learned ALOT about how to read a label. The most shocking is the “natural” label that can be used despite yucky ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) being used.
    akkauz at hotmail dot com

  • Heather

    I finally learned how to tell when products that are labeled organic are actually organic. It seems like everything is labeled natural and organic these days! I am really picky about what I expose my daughter to and I have been using Earth Mama Angel Baby on my daughter ever since she was born and am so glad I found it and that they practice honest labeling and actually use organic ingredients!!!

  • Sara V

    I will now be able to pick safe products for my family. I learned that just because is say’s it’s natural doesn’t mean it is. I now know what organic really is. I will be paying more attention to everything the labels state. Thanks for the classes! I learned a lot.

  • MamaMichele

    Reading labels is very important. Third party certifiers are very important where labels are concerned, because they support the integrity and validity of claims made on packaging. Knowing the difference between certifiers is also important. Also something labeled as “natural” is clearly not organic and not all natural ingredients are SAFE to use, consume or safe in the way they are derived. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more.

  • Carrie

    I learned that organic (in my opinion) is more reliable in safety than natural, to always look for USDA label & 3rd Party certifier, always double check ingredient labels for ingredients that might not be safe, and educate myself if I don’t know what an ingredient is. Thanks!

  • http://profiles.google.com/orion2878 Rebecca Oakley

    I learned what was required for each level of labeling. From here I’d like to learn exactly how much money the government makes off of it :/

  • Jlfairclough

    I am a mother who strives to learn everything I can about growing my girls in a healthy and happy manner. I learned very valuable information about reading labels. There are so many terms out there “Contains organic ingredients” “Certified Organic” “Made with….”, “Natural”.

    Now I know what each means and I can make more educated decisions for my family!


  • Amy

    I learned what was required for each label, and to look beyond what the words on the labels evoke in my mind, the knee jerk reaction. I learned that beyond just the plant products, many of these also govern emulsifiers, etc. that are included in a product.

  • Lcosand

    Thank you for this fun trip! I learned so much today. I now know what to look for on the labels to know whether it really is 100% organic, Organic or Natural. I try to choose the best products for my daughter and now I feel like with this new knowledge I dont have to question myself I what I am buying is really healthy. Thanks so much!!!

  • bmelton

    I learned what each label REALLY means! What to trust, and also to look beyond what is on the front of the packaging!

    Thanks for doing this! I feel like I can make more educated descisions now!

  • Kristen

    I learned just how important it is to make certain that what may claim to be organic, really truly is. I learned how to do verify, which I didn’t know previous to Mama U…

  • Mkokopelli

    I learned about 100% certified organic means just that, 95% of ingredients must be organic to claim organic, Made with Organic ingredients products must be 70% organic, look for NSF/ANSI 305 certification for organic standards for true organic claims, natural means nothing- so read labels. :)

  • Nicole

    Labels are confusing and I learned what to look for to ensure the product is actually 100% organic. I was also shocked that a widely used natural ingredient, SLS, is not at all safe. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  • Stefanie

    I learned that just because something says “natural”, it isn’t always the best! I also learned how to decipher the labels — I am going to have so much fun at the store next time I go!

  • Ashley

    You can’t just look big words and natural pictures on the labels you have to read the labels and understand what everything means. Natural does not = safe. It was helpful to learn exactly what to look for on a label to see if its actually organic

  • Eaa121

    I learned that natural means nothing, and from there on up the more certifications the better! Thanks for teaching me which products are 100% organic, which are 95% organic, and which are 75% organic!

    • Eaa121

      I meant 70%! Oops!

  • Jayna B

    I learned that products labeled “natural” may not actually BE natural. I also learned spend a little extra time looking at the labels, finding the third party certifier!

  • BerlyQ

    I learned how important it is to be an educated shopper. You cant rely on just the packaging itself. knowing exactly what to look for and how to read the labels make me a more confident shopper!!!

  • tara ritter

    i learned all about “natural” vs “organic” and and how to read labels better. And just because it says natural doesn’t mean it’s actually safe!

  • not.justamom

    I learned that natural is actually the claim that I need to watch out for the most. It’s the most likely to be used by unscrupulous marketing wizards.

  • Laurski

    I learned a great deal about the different standards required for the different ways organic can be applied to a label, and like many previous commenters, I learned that “natural” is a rather tricky word on a label–if I see it on a personal care product, I need to read the label more closely!

  • Burnettfams

    I learned so much! It was great to understand the difference between 100% vs Organic vs “natural”. Very empowering

  • Michelle Marino-Buckman

    I learned how to focus my mind’s eye on the truth of a product’s labeling. I learned how important it is to be able a decipher a label because there are many greenwashing marketing techniques that some people will use to get you to be interested in their product.

    Thank you for this class so that I can better understand what the language means.

    Michelle Marino-Buckman

  • Anonymous

    I learned that I had been shopping with good intent (I favored “natural” and “organic” buzz words), but without knowing the definitions (or not!) of those words. I am eager to re-evaluate my pantry and produce box for the truth!

  • Beloved_of_the_Lord40

    Look at the products label & to make sure the product I buy has the decipher a label on the side.So I know I am turely getting a true organic product for my baby & I..
    Stephanie Eagle

  • Supershelly3

    I learned that it’s important that read the labels more closely when it claims to be “natural.” It’s also nice to know the difference between the levels of organic.

  • Katie

    I learned to be a label reader. To look for that 3rd party certifier. I learned about NOP and NFS/ANSI.

  • Amongolm

    I learned that not all “Organic” products are actually 100% Organic and that there are several different meanings to its use. Always check the labels carefully. And buy whatever you can from Earth Momma Angel Baby! Thanks a bunch! Marnie A.

  • Rlmortimer

    I learned how to read labels. Words on labels mean more than we think!

  • Sarah

    I learned that I should always look for an independent certifier on the side of a product’s label to make sure it’s actually organic, that “natural” doesn’t always mean organic or even very safe, and sodium lauryl sulfate is derived from coconuts so it can be called “natural” even though it really isn’t! This was really informative and it will change how I shop and I think I’ll continue to read more about it! Thanks! :)

  • http://crunchyearthmama.blogspot.com VegetarianMama

    I have learned to be more particular about my organics. We tend to buy more organic as time goes by, but now I have the ability to understand which organics are better than others, and which labels should automatically trigger the Mommy Red Flag. Thank you!!! I also learned that the number of label readers like myself is growing! Yeah!!! Keep up the good work :-)

  • Hollywilson82

    I learned alot! I thought that 100% organic and organic were the same. I also thought that “made with” and “contains” were the same and did not realize there were strict standards. I thought they could just throw in one organic ingredient and say something was “made with” organic ingredients. Now I understand all the differences and feel a lot more confident making safer choices for my family. Thanks!

  • http://profiles.google.com/manderbutts Mandy Rauscher

    I learned that true organic has the usda symbol and that is the true symbol. I always figured, yeah right, the company is just putting that on the box, now Iknow to look for the certifier. Same with NSF, never knew that was the non food certified label!!!


  • CyB

    I learned that I actually need to start reading labels! I used to assume that “Natural” meant the same as “Organic”! I’ll be a more informed shopper, now! Thanks!

  • Jenn Simo

    This was very helpful. I wasn’t always sure what to trust when labels say “natural” or “organic.” Thanks for the education!

  • Annette Robertson

    I find all the info helpful. I now know what to look for to make sure I am getting something healthy for my and my family. Thank you.

  • Knv0284

    I found all the information to be very beneficial. Being a mom to two small children with a third on the way, I’m always looking for safe products I can trust for my family. I’ve learned what to look for on the labels to make sure the products I’m buying are actually what they claim to be. Thank you!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LGWSIPKEF2QON3GPPXHCY7G2VU Emily

    Even though I am a high school biology teacher, I was unaware of the differences between all the labels! Can’t wait to explain them all next year in a lab I’ll design! Thank you!

  • Joanie_79

    This information was quite helpful. Being a first time expectant mom I’m always looking for products that are Organic, now I know what to look for on the labels and what each of them mean!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000103412856 Jamie German

    I learned how to properly read labels! I also learned the vast difference between Organic and “natural” products. Thank you so much for the great information!

  • shanna7313

    I learned a lot. I learned that an item can have only one organic ingredient and still label themselves as organic, natural doesn’t always mean safe, and to double check all my labels! You never know what companies are sneaking into their “natural” products!



  • Amy Alvarez

    i really learned alot in the organic field didnt know that a organic product should be certified by a third party and that their could only be one organic ingredient..now i will be checking all my labels..especially since not all natural elements are not safe..

  • http://profiles.google.com/mindfulhome Kristi Freeman

    Always look for the certification seal, otherwise the organic claim may or may not be true.

    mindfulhome at gmail dot com

  • Jennifer

    I learned the difference between “100% Organic” and “Organic,” which I hadn’t really paid attention to before, and that “Made with Organic” and “Contains Organic” are much better claims than “Natural.” I was always aware that they were better, but not how extremely different they are. I hope we get labeling practices that are clearer and easier to understand at a glance!

  • Jillynn

    I’ve learned about the differences between 100% Organic, Organic, Made With Organic, and Natural claims that manufacturers label their products with. Thank you for the clarification!! It will go along way while I’m shopping :)

  • Nicoleandcraigkleemann

    I learned so much. I learned to not just trust a company’s reputation and to read the label. I also learned that the word “natural” on labels is deceiving and to stick to the USDA seal with a 3rd party verifier!! Thank you so much for doing this.

  • Melody W.

    I learned a lot about the levels of organic food. I had known about natural products being not very great, but now I really understand the extent of how far fetched the claims truly are.

  • nikki2kids

    I learned about organic foods and just because a product is natural does not mean they are good for you. I also learned its important to read labels carefully!

  • Rosemary

    I learned abou the necessary percentage needed to legally make the organic claim. Great info. Thanks! rosemaryutz@yahoo.com

  • Amanda Knittel Herman

    i learned what the necessary labels are the prove it’s organic! i was always skeptical about most organic products at stores like walmart, but now i know how to check to see if they are the real deal! thanks!

  • Nitya S Iyer

    I always knew that there was a difference between “organic” and “100% organic”. Now I finally know what that difference actually is!

  • lace

    I learned about what the correct labels look like on organic food and what organic and natural actually mean. I’ll now be able to avoid those products that use greenwashing tactics but aren’t actually organic or natural for my family.

  • http://profiles.google.com/vaughan.lisa Lisa Vaughan

    I learned that labels can be very tricky when it comes to organic. I now know what to look for in the products I choose for my family.

  • Jenn

    I learned about labeling and third party certification

  • Holt0268

    Hi. I learned exactly what to look for on a label. Also, when to be skeptical.

  • http://meanseringhome.blogspot.com Kacy

    I learned that organic products must be certified by a third party. These agencies have different standards, depending on the product (ex. food or beauty products). There are different degrees of organic products, with “certified USDA organic,” being the most reliable. Some products using the word “organic” can have as little as 10% organic ingredients, which is why you should check to see who certified the product.

    kacyrellis [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Renae

    I learned the different types of organic certifications and how to read the label of a product to know how organic the product is. I also learned that I have to be careful about claims of natural ingredients that aren’t necessarily safe ingredients. Overall, it is important to know the certifications and the parties’ guidelines for their “seal.”

  • amanda

    I learned that in order for products to be truely organic the product has to be certified by a third party, which you find on the side of the product. Also, in order for a product to claim “organic” 95 % of the ingredients must be organic. I also learned the difference between 100 % organic, organic, and natural products and how to check to make sure the product that I am buying is 100 % organic.

  • Ntorres2609

    I learned that ‘natural’ oesnt mean anything near what i thought it did, or anything at all really. I also know how to tell if the ‘organic claim is substantiated by a certifier and seal and what percentage each level requires!

  • Mileerom

    I learned that you need to be careful when a product says its organic and natural. These labels can be misleading and don’t necessarily mean that they contain safe ingredients.

  • betsy

    There was a lot of good information explaining the difference between organic, natural, USDA organic, etc. I found it interesting to learn how the various labels (i.e. certified organic) have specific requirements that must be met.

  • Lauren

    Thank you for such wonderful information. I am glad I now have a better understanding of how to read labels to determine how organic a product actually is.

  • Sandy_555_de

    I learned what claims, labels and seals to look for. The differences between 100% Organic, Organic, made with organic and so on. Now I feel more confident in buying organic products for my kids and myself.

  • Anne L

    I learned what the different label identifiers look like and what they mean. And more importantly, what they mean to me and my family when I am trying to get the best products for them.

  • Jenniferk512

    I’ve learned a lot about the different claims that are made in products, such as natural or organic. I feel like I was prepped with some knowledge on how to make wise choices and use my buying power wisely.

  • Pawpawsmom

    I learned that “natural” isn’t always a good thing as it’s portrayed on packaging. I also learned that the organic label should also be accompanied by the certifier. Thank you for this fun treasure hunt!

  • Sara E-C

    I learned that a label can actually indicate many things to the consumer, but that it takes a savvy eye to ensure that the products we purchase are actually good for us. For example, a “natural” product really makes no verifiable claim that it is natural, much less healthy, while a “Made with Organic” product lets me know that at least 70% of the ingredients have been certified by a third party to be organic. I also know now that I can FURTHER read a label to find out what ingredients actually do carry the label and designation organic.

    Thanks for doing this! I feel much more empowered as a consumer!

  • Becky

    I learned some new things and also reviewed the vast differences between 100% organic and “natural”…and everything in between. What a great lesson! I’m also glad to know I’m not the only label reader :) This information will allow me to read and decipher labels better which means better choices for my family. Thanks!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CT4MGKVSCNWYUFU6DB7GDJI6UM Melissa

    I learned that labels can be deceiving, and it is important to check the labels to make sure a product is truly safe.

  • BabyBloggerMama

    I feel like I finally can decode product labels. Natural vs. Organic, 100% Organic or just Made with Organic… really just make an informed decision about what to buy for my family.
    Thank you for creating such a fun way to learn all this info (and introducing me to some great websites at the same time)! I could not live without your products…. THANKS EMAB!

  • Maureen

    I learned how to look at labels and finally have an understanding about what the terms “100% organic” “Certified Organic” and “Natural” mean…it can be confusing and this was a great way to learn! Thanks so much Mama! Love all of your products!

  • Crystal

    I learned that I need to be more careful about the products that I buy. Thanks for educating me and helping me keep my family safe!

  • joye

    I learned that there are many kinds of organic certification, such as QAI.

  • Deeperoots78

    I learned the difference between natural and organic and how to tell if it is 100% organic of if it only contains organic ingredients. Thanks for the knowledge and the opportunity!

  • http://twitter.com/JenivieveElly jenivieve

    I learned how to look at labels and understand what “100% organic” “Certified Organic” and “Natural” stand for!

  • Casey

    I learned how I can tell what is in the products I am buying by understanding the various levels of Organic labeling. Now I am a much more informed buyer:-)

  • Elsa

    Just because a product says “natural” does not mean it is. In order to be confident about the organic/natural products you buy, you need to look at the labels and search for the certifications.

  • JenT.

    I learned to truly understand what is on a label and what to look for in a product. Now, I feel like I can make a truly informed decision when buying Organic products – thank you!

  • Laurie

    I learned that even “natural” ingredients are sometimes unsafe. I also learned how to correctly read the Certified Organic Label and what to look for!

  • Joanna

    I learned (among other things) about the not so natural “naturally derived” coconut products!

  • http://profiles.google.com/laceyjane260 Veronica Krulish

    I learned natural does not mean safe and I will only buy certified organic from now on!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559220466 Amy L. Norman

    I learned that just because a label states that all natural ingredients were used that it is not safe. For example, “either SLS or Cocomidopropyl betaine” are naturally derived, but are not safe for use.

    artzamy23 at gmail dot com

  • Jennifer

    Now I can better understand the differences between the labels at the store. With so many labels and certifications it can be quite confusing, so this was helpful! Thanks!

  • Ireane

    I learned what the NSF seal means. Also that when a product is claiming to be some part organic, the non-organic ingredients have to be on a approved list.

  • Anonymous

    I learned that you really need to read every label carefully and not always trust what is on the front labels. People abuse the words Organic and natural for marketing purposes. As consumers if we only buy the truly organic products then maybe we can make a change in the market.

  • Shannon

    I was reminded how important it is to be an educated consumer. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the very many “Organic” and “Natural” labels that it can be tempting to just gloss over them, look for buzz words, and get out of there :) I am so thankful to you for offering all these explanations–I will NOT be sucked in by the word “Natural” again!

  • Amydlavelle

    I’ve learned how to read a product label and decipher what is 100% organic, versus organic, and “natural. I’ve learned that not all things that are natural are good (or truly from nature). I’ve learned what the NSF label means and the NOP label looks like. And the best part was every class included an example of an Earth Mama Angel Baby product label to visualize what was being taught. Very smart indeed!!

  • Trisha B

    I learned to make sure to always look at labels. Make sure to look for a independent third party certifier statement to verify 100% organic statement is true. 95% of ingredients have to be organic in order to claim product is organic legally. To make sure product claim organic is true and look for USDA certified from independent third party certifier on the side of the package. legal claim for products certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 organic standard is that it contains organic ingredients. either SLS or Cocomidopropyl betaine are examples of natural products that are actually not very safe.

  • Anonymous

    I learned that just because a product says it’s organic, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true organic. You need to look at the actual package, search the labels, and make sure it has a certifier from a third party.

  • LillieMonstersMommy

    Labels are very deceiving! Manufacturers like to throw the words organic and all natural around to catch our eyes, especially to the consumer that is looking for that particular label, “its organic, it must be good/safe” You have to read and and be aware what the actual label is telling you! Look for certifiers! be an informed shopper! :)

  • HeatherW

    I learned that there are four different levels of organic, each with specific legal claims. I also learned that “natural” on a label can mean a wide variety of things and isn’t certified in any way. Thank you so much for putting together this course of study. I’m a much smarter consumer now.

  • Cristin

    I learned that just because a label says that the product is natural, doesn’t mean that it really is and that you should always search the label to make sure that it’s truly organic!

  • Kristi

    I learned that 100% organic is the easiest label to trust, but the hardest to achieve. When buying a labeled organic product, I should look for the seal and third party certifier. And I learned that “natural” can mean whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean.

  • http://twitter.com/MELI554 Melissa

    I learned that there are 4 different levels of organic and that you have to look for the third party certification.

  • Jennifer

    I learned that just simply buying something labeled organic does not guarantee there are no chemicals. I also learned natural does not equal organic

  • Leisha

    I learned that third party certification is very important to look for on organic products, whether they are claiming to be 100% organic or containing organic ingredients. I also learned that the use of the word “natural” doesn’t ensure that a product is indeed what I would consider to be natural!

  • Keldonovan

    I didn’t know about the 3rd party certification and I don’t think I’ll ever trust the word “natural” again! Thank you!

  • BoyGirlBoy

    I learned that just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful. Thank you!! :)

  • http://papercuprain.com reb

    i didn’t know about the third party certification and this also clarified for me the different between “made with” and “contains” organic ingredients. it’s all very interesting. thanks for doing this!

  • Anonymous

    I learned how important it is to read product labels very carefully. I know to always look for a 3rd party certification and not be fooled by certain buzz words that make you think a product is organic and natural when in fact it is not. Thanks for such an eye opening experience!

  • http://profiles.google.com/kara.a.fig kara.a.fig

    I learned a ton! Thank you so much for supplying this education all in a streamlined way! I think a lot of people have misconceptions about what “natural” really means!

    I learned that that even if it doesn’t have the USDA stamp that if the claims say organic that there are still high standards that must be achieved.

  • Krista

    I definitely learned how to look for organic products and know they are certified organic rather than just using the word for more “points” with consumers.
    I’m a scientist so I already know that natural doesn’t always mean safe, but I’m really interested to know why those coconut derived products aren’t safe. That wasn’t addressed, just that the products aren’t really natural when they finally make it into your shampoo.

  • Jenkay1500

    I learned how to differentiate between truly organic and the deceitful “natural” label. I am thrilled to finally know the ins and outs of the different organic labels and be able to better purchase for me and my family.

  • Molli G.

    I learned the difference between 100% organic, organic, made with organic ingredients, and natural. Now I have the knowledge to know what organic or natural on a label means and in turn make better choices when it comes to the things my family and I put into and on our bodies!


  • Mel

    I learned that most manufacturers don’t care as much about my children’s health as I do. Saying that a product is natural doesn’t mean anything. Yuck! Armed with my new knowledge learned from this contest I will feel much more confident when shopping for my family. Only a certain few companies like Earth Mama will be trusted.

  • VWgirley

    I learned that when buying food or personal care products, organic is more important than “natural.” I also learned that there are levels of organic certification! Great and useful information that I will continue to use (and share with others) to keep me and my family safe and healthy!!


  • Tabitha F. Lopez

    I have learned that natural does not always mean it is a safe product, nor does it mean the ingreadients are even naturally occuring. I also learned that just because a product says it is organic, does not mean the entire product is 100% organic.


  • Mccbethany

    I feel so much smarter now! I learned that just because it says natural or made with organic ingredients it doesn’t mean it is necessarily good for you. It is nice to know the levels and what they mean!! Thanks for this challenge!!

  • samantha

    i’ve learned exactly what all the different “organic” claims mean, the importance of finding an independent third party’s name somewhere on the label to verify that a product has been certified organic and that “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean safe.

  • Catherine

    I learned that “natural” does not always mean safe!

  • Sarah Burk

    Wow…I didn’t know that ‘natural’ was such a crock…It’s also good to know that really the only fully organic items are those with the 100% Organic label.

  • Corycaroldelp

    I learned all about the different claims that can be made on labels and what they really mean, like the difference between 100% Organic and “Made with Organic _____.” I also learned that a manufacturer can put natural on anything they want with no legal or regulated definition. It means nothing, basically. Corycaroldelp@yahoo.com. Thanks, Mama U!

  • Rhiannon

    I learned just because they put natural on the label doesn’t mean it’s good for you or doesn’t have other unwanted stuff in it.

  • Laura

    I learned to double check a product’s claims of being natural and organic, and not assume the latter is true without third party certification and/or the proper labeling on the product. Now I just have more questions! What ARE all those scary-sounding ingredients on most of my products?? Thanks EMAB!

  • Sguyer80

    I’ve learned that seeing the word organic actually means a lot more than what I previously thought. I’ve known for a while that “natural” is worthless on a label, and had been a bit skeptical of “organic” on SOME packaging. Now I know that is highly regulated and I will pay more attention to the logos that I see on the box and feel confident in my purchases.

  • http://profiles.google.com/adamandheatherconnor Heather Connor

    I learned that some naturally derived items like SLS are still not safe. Plus, 3rd party certification has alot more importance than I previously thought!

  • http://www.runnerbeanarts.com Tracy Gaito

    I learned that something labeled “natural” deserves a much closer look over before purchasing. Also, the importance of locating the third party certification and the differences between the various organic claims – will be looking at products much more closely after this!

  • Legomama

    I am much more able to sift through the different labels now. I did not know that “natural” does not in fact mean safe. I can more easily navigate between 100% organic, organic, made with organic and contains organic prouducts. I will also be able to interpret labels better. My family and I thank you!

  • Julie M Vance

    I’ve learned a lot about organics over the last several years, but now I feel better armed when I go out and look for certified organic products for my family. I also learned how naturally derived ingredients can be chemically altered to become (sometimes) toxic ingredients. This was a great learning experience!

  • Diana

    I learned that certified organic and organic have very different meanings. I learned that just because something is labeled as “natural” it does not mean it is safe. I also learned to always look at the label and for third party certification.

  • Mindais

    I learned that I didn’t know anything about how they labeled things 100% organic, Organic, Made with Oraganic ingrediants, or Natural. And I can Look at a lable and NOT be confused and intimidated by it, THANK YOU!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VLAMI4WF7HCNH2DUPXTM6AN2Y4 jamie

    I learned that the word natural on a label means nothing. Also if a product is not certified organic by a third party certifier then you cannot trust the claim.
    Products labeled organic and independendly certified can be 100% organic, organic (95% organic ingredients or more) or Made with organic ingredients (minimum of 70% organic ingredients).

  • Kris

    I learned that the word natural on a label means nothing. if a product is not certified organic by a third party certifier then you cannot trust the claim.
    Products labeled organic and independendly certified can be 100% organic, organic (95% organic ingredients or more) or Made with organic ingredients (minimum of 70% organic ingredients).

  • Dkrezel

    I learned that it takes a lot of label reading to make sure you are buying “safe” products for your family. It is a shame that in the US that companies are allowed to make up their own definition of “natural” and put disgusting or harmful ingredients into our food and beauty products. When will these companies start realizing that life is not all about making a buck. I thank all of these blogs and green websites on educating me, and I try and pass along that info to mothers around me.

  • Asdrexler

    i learned that thought there has been a lot of effort to clear up what labels mean, there is still a lot of grey area out there! and with greenwashing all the rage, it seems that “organic/natural-washing” would be even more prevalent without guidelines! thanks for the info, at least i know what i am looking for with labels and certifications!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=740694903 Jeannie Huffman

    I learned that I thought I had great products with no toxins or chemicals in them for my baby, however, some of them need to be tossed! Some “contain organic ingredients” which means, they still have chemicals in them – scary! I am also glad I learned of the NOP and their efforts to establish “organic” as a legal term.

  • Michelle

    I learned to read labels carefully to see what I’m purchasing is really safe. Greenwashing is everywhere but this little course made it easier to distinguish fact from fiction, thank you!

  • Gabbela

    I learned that it is important to look at labels, and find the third party certifier, or other symbols that mean the product is what they say. I learned that putting natural on something, or organic, even if it is not certified, can be deceiving and even harmful. We are suckers for wording, and want to feel virtuous, but we need to question and not assume that something is healthy because it is “natural”. Thank you for this education!! I needed it!!

  • Amber S

    I learned It is important to read labels to see if what i am buying is safe, just because it says natural doesnt mean it is good for you and how to tell if something is actually organic

  • Leigh

    I knew about USDA organic food certification, but did not know about the parallel cosmetic certification. Very interesting

  • Gretchen

    I learned how important it is to actually look at the certifications on the product, not just to trust words like “natural.”

  • Michelle Stice

    I learned what certifications to look for and exactly what they mean in reference to how “Organic” a product is.
    Sticemichelle at aol dot com

  • Neekyme

    I’ve learned that you really have to pay attention to labels, and look for the proper certification, not just words. I’ve also learned not to trust the word “natural” anymore! It was so nice to have everything explained in plain English – I now feel more confident in making choices for my family!

  • Keri B.

    I learned how to read labels claiming ‘Organic’, ‘Made with Organic’, and ‘Natural’. I was suprised to learn that the term ‘Natural’ may not mean anything like what I thought it should. I will be more selective of the products I buy in the future. Thanks for teaching us. What a fun way to learn!! :)

  • SarahW.

    I have learned and also have been reminded about the organic labeling of products & have a deeper understanding of what “natural” means on a product label – which can actually be harmful as it can contain ingredients such as SLS or Cocomidopropyl betaine.
    I now understand: USDA Certified 100% Organic means having a independent third party certifier statement, that a product must be 95% organic,in order for a product to claim “Organic” it must be 95% organic, and to confirm that the “Made With and Contains Organic Ingredients” label is independent third party certified.

  • Jennifer Satter

    I learned how important it is to read labels and not to just buy things that say natural. I will be looking for USDA symbols and third party certifiers from now on. Buying things that are 100% organic is important to me and my baby.

  • Erin Macfarland

    It was really helpful that these posts distinguished between the different levels of organic ingredients a product contains in order to display the various seals and claims. I didn’t realize there were separate standards for food and personal care products. Thanks!

  • http://profiles.google.com/sapphiresbn Sarah Nelson

    I learned about the separate standards for food and personal care products. It was also great to learn about the levels of certification. And a great reminder that even if it’s “natural” or “contains organic” it’s best to always check the ingredients list and for the third party certifiers.

  • http://www.diapershow.com Diane

    Thanks for showing me what to look for when I am purchasing natural / certified organic products. I think I’ve been duped more than once because I forget to read those labels. Now I can remember what to look for (and actually know what it means!)

  • Melissa

    I’m so glad I “took this class”! I am absolutely prepared to pick out a new product next time I’m in the store and not have to wonder if I’m really getting what I think I am. I went through my cupboards and looked all over the labels. Thanks so much!

  • Shannon

    Graduation! I (finally) learned how to decipher the symbols and wording that are on most of the products I use. I think I need to allot a bit more time for my next grocery trip, lol!

  • Erin Laguana

    I’m glad I was able to read this. I haven’t really taken the time to educate myself on it other than to know that SLS shouldn’t be in the cleansers for my sensitive-skinned son. I have a bit more of an idea of what to look for to buy something that is really going to help him stay healthy!

  • Jessica

    Natural labeling is the one that always gets me, and it seems more and more products are using that label. I’ve learned to avoid all products with SLS in them, even the ones that say naturally derived. This has been a great refresher course!

  • Laura

    I have learned the difference between 100% Organic, Organic, Made with Organic Ingredients, Contains Organic Ingredients, and “Natural”. I am glad I completed this “course” because it will help me be a more educated consumer.

  • LovelyKillerBee

    Wonderful course! Glad to be a graduate. :) I’ve learned the differences between 100% organic, organic, made with organic, contains organic and natural. I’ve also learned that it is so important to be armed with knowledge when shopping for personal care products because there are so many that sound good thanks to clever marketing. Thanks for the info and the fun!

  • Jewely

    I’ve learned quite a bit and want to thank you for helping to navigate the organic labeling terrain. Whew! All this information has ultimately helped me learn how to take care of my family and that’s most important to me. Regards to you at Earth Mama, Angel Baby.

  • Stacey Russell

    I learned the meanings (and hidden misconceptions) behind the labels I so commonly look at when at the store- the differences between certified organic, organic, and natural, as well as how to look for the certifier and labeling that back up the products claims. I’ve also learned just how much goes into producing an organic product and this encourages me to buy them, even when it does cost a bit more- the value and safety is MUCH higher. thank you!

  • Amy

    I learned that for 100% Organic, Organic, and Made with Organic Ingredients I should always look for the third party certifier! I also learned which levels are allowed to use the USDA seal and what percentage of organic ingredients each level is required to have (not to mention that all other items not organic must be on the approved list). I also learned about the NSF seal. and standards. I found my way to a list of 3rd party certifiers to check out and that I shouldn’t trust a label that says “natural!” I would like to thank you all for this great course. Gifts and prizes aside, the knowledge I gained is invaluable to my trying to decipher what is good for me and my family. Thank you!!

  • Andreamf15

    I learned that even though something claims to be made frome something natural like coconuts doesn’t mean it really is safe.

  • Andreamf15

    I learned that even though something claims to be made frome something natural like coconuts doesn’t mean it really is safe.

  • kmontufar

    Being new to organics, I would routinely look for anything that said “organic” or “natural” and be fooled! How embarassing now! Now I know what is really in the products I am using on my 2 year old daughter, on my currently 5 month pregnant body and soon my new little angel :) Thank you for doing this class fow newbies to all things natural like myself!

  • http://twitter.com/ThenWere4 Then There Were 4

    I learned quite a bit from these lessons! I always try to buy organic products for myself and my boys but I learned today that I have to be extra careful and aware that some products that say they are safe and ‘natural’ are not! I need to watch especially to make sure the USDA Organic seal is on products that I purchase. And to read each ingredient on the labels because a lot of companies will try to fool you into buying their products, even though they are making false claims! :( Thank you again for all this wonderful information and for the opportunity to win these amazing prizes!

    venturesofsahm at yahoo dot com

  • http://profiles.google.com/crdanford Catherine Danford

    Thanks for the knowledge! I knew a lot about organics, but nothing about natural. That was quite eye opening. I had no idea there was no standard for natural.

  • Carie Lemley

    Just when I thought I knew something about organic products! I am now officially “schooled” in the do’s and don’ts of purchasing organic. I can’t thank you enough for this information. After I took the courses, I ran down to look at baby food I just purchased from a local retailer. The label says “organic” but there is no USDA label or third party certified stamp anywhere! So glad I know what to look for now so I can ensure my children get the right nutrional content. Not only do you make amazing products, but your company is passionate about helping us all make the right choices for our whole families, inside and out!!!

  • Wendy

    I learned there is a lot more to “organic” than just the name. Need to look how it is worded on the label in addition to checking for certification. I’ll be scrutinizing labels a lot more closely now than ever before.

  • Mollysquad

    this “class” is just what i have been searching for, with our latest bundle we are encountering ecezema, and have been eliminating toxins by going organic…and now i feel so much more informed and less likely to spend hours reading labels, i now know what to look for!

    • Mollysquad

      i am now off to thow out a ton of “natural” skin care products, thank you so much! i feel like we are sailing past the road-blocks that were holding us back in figuring out labels!

  • Kellyn

    I learned to always read the whole label, looking for third party certifiers on organic or made with organic products, and how to read the ingredients on ‘natural’ products to see how ‘natural’ they really are! I woul LOVE to have info to direct me to a site where there are lists of dangerous chemicals to watch for! Thanks for everything!

  • http://www.facebook.com/leonard522 Jennifer Leonard

    What a wonderful lesson!! There are so many natural and organic products coming out lately, so it is nice to have the knowledge to look through them to find the best and safest products for our 4 girls! I will take my notes with me next time I need a product for my girls (or just keep buying EMAB products that I KNOW are safe!!) Thank you!!!!!

  • Joanie boyne

    Thank you so much! I already new not to trust most labels but now I have the knowledge to know which ones to trust by finding the Organic seals and certifiers and not just trust the “Writing in Bold”. I hope one day to pass on this knowledge to those who benefit from it most, my sweet sweet babies! :) Thank you for helping me protect them!

    • Joanie boyne


  • http://profiles.google.com/booliesluka Boolie Sluka

    Organic and Natural are terms that aren’t always what they seem. If Organic isn’t certified and labeled as 100%, you won’t know what 5%, 30% or more of the product is. Natural is the not synonymous with safe, and the most important lesson…READ, READ, READ. Always read the label, not just the words on the front of the box.

  • Quakergal

    I’ve learned that there are several levels of organic. Also that you can not always trust the word ‘natural’.

  • Melanie Mccowen

    I feel I can read labels and actually know what I can trust and not trust! Thanks EMAB!

  • Nancy

    I loved the “natural” section—I’ve been confused by ingredients like SLS because I’ve heard that they’re not so healthy, yet they are described on labels as “natural” or “derived from natural sources,” etc. I also liked the point about making sure that anything claiming to be organic should have a certification seal on it. Thanks from me & my family for saving us from buying unhealthy stuff! :)

  • http://twitter.com/summerwines summer

    Protect our babies!! I learned that the word natural on a label means nothing. Also if a product is not certified organic by a third party certifier then you cannot trust the claim.
    Products labeled organic and independendly certified can be 100% organic, organic (95% organic ingredients or more) or Made with organic ingredients (minimum of 70% organic ingredients), great info!

  • Susan R

    I learned the labeling can be very confusing and misleading. A “natural” product isn’t necessarily good for you. There are different standards for food and personal care products and I need to be more careful in reading labels for those products.

  • Emma Geisler

    I learned the FDA is really watching to see if its natural or not.

  • Emma Geisler

    I meant not watching.

  • Ashley-Michelle Arnold

    I think I’d have an easier time explaining what I didn’t learn. Like most mamas who buy from the Earth Mama, I really thought I was quite informed–it never occurred to me that there were any differences between “100% Organic” and “Organic”. I also learned that simply because something likewise claims to be “Natural,” it doesn’t mean it’s safe for you, like the coconut derivative that’s popular for conditioners that can actually be quite harmful.

  • The Knapps

    I learned a lot from reading this. I, too, assumed things that said organic and natural were safe for me to use, but never really knew what to look for. I now know to look for the USDA seal and/or third party certifiers to see if something is actually organic (whether 100%, 95% or 70%) and I learned that certain product may be “natural” but are not actually very safe, like SLS.

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I learned how careful I need to be when reading labels to determine if it’s a good choice for my family… how not to be deceived by the sometimes tricky product labeling out there. I feel better informed now than when I started about what’s safe and healthy and the levels of organic & natural… and that I always need to do my homework when it comes to product ingredients!

  • Krissy Donahoe

    With my first child, I did everything the easy way and just bought what was convenient. My friend has slowly been teaching me the benefits of being organic and using organic products, especially when it comes to products for my son. But, I’m still learning and to be honest, figured if something said “natural” or “organic” it was good. Now I know what to really look for when I’m reading labels and selecting products. My second prince is due in July and I want to make healthier choices for my whole family. This helped educate me so I’m not the buffoon wandering aimlessly through the grocery aisles.

  • Julie3love

    One of the main things that I learned was how to truly read the label(s) on a product. I thought I knew a lot until now :) I feel so much more confident now when I am at the store and am trying to decide which item to purchase. This schooling has been a wealth of information and I am so thankful I was able to be apart of it.

  • Amcaraway

    I learned how to properly read a label that claims organic/certified organic/contains organic/natural and to be careful when purchasing these products (its not enough JUST to have the USDA symbol or to say “organic” on the lable). I also learned that “natural” means nothing, I used to be confident that if the label said “natural” that it meant exactly what I wanted it to mean…natural, safe, toxin free, good for my family…I was WRONG. Clearly I was thinking exactly what the manufacturer wanted me to…what “I” wanted “natural” to mean, instead of what the manufacturer (who made the label) intended “natural” to mean. Such a sneaky little trick :(

  • Mamamirage

    I learned about the different levels of organic certification and how “natural” really isn’t necessarily a good thing! Thanks! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1029143529 Johnna Hanson

    This was great! The main thing I learned was how to decipher all the craziness of Organic labeling. I try to make the best choices for my family and having the specifics will make it much easier! Thanks :)

  • mommy76

    Wow! Thank you for such an informative class! I learned the real difference between certified organic, organic and natural products. I find it crazy that companies will do what they can to get around the requirements. I am glad we have such a great reference in you.

  • margaret

    I learned to be more cautious of products labeled natural. I also learned to keep an eye out for the USDA organic seal.

  • BG214

    Wow~! I, too, learned a lot through this. I thought I already was quite informed on these things, but it is quite alarming to know that things that are claimed to be safe and natural aren’t truly so. As mothers, it seems like we need to be looking out for our little ones beyond what might seem adequate. We can’t trust companies to care for them. This prize pack is so awesome. I’ve tried some of the products for my little girls in the past but there are some I’ve always wanted to try but never got around to either because I wasn’t sure it’d work or it was a bit pricey. I hope to win~

  • lindsey

    I learned a lot too! Mostly I learned about things that say they’re ‘natural’ but are still pretty icky. thanks so much for the fabulous info!

  • Butterfly734

    I learned how to be more aware of what I am buying, and just because a product claims it is natural or organic, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

  • Amilee

    I learned how to read labels more carefully and not just glance. i also learned (big thing for me) that “natural” on a label doesnt mean a thing!

    Im so thankful to have learned all this now I will put into action

  • Stacey

    This was so informative. I learned something important in each post. I was most shocked to learn that the term “natural” indicates no regulation what so ever. Thanks for supplying us with such great information!

  • Tassia

    I am much more informed on the nuances of organic and “natural” labeling. I’ve learned to always look for the usda and third party certification.

  • Corey

    I learned that not only do I need to pay attention to the USDA seal, but to pay attention to the third party certifier information on the side of the box. And I also learned to research those third party certifiers and their standards.

  • Amanda Bradley

    I learned the differences between the levels of Organic because before I didn’t know there was such a thing. I now feel more prepared to buy with confidence and knowledge.

  • Samantha Rudzinski

    I learned how to determine whether or not the product is really organic and just how much of it is, by the USDA label and third party certification. I also learned that natural on a label can be very misleading, and does not really give you any real indication of the safety of the ingredients.

  • alanna

    I learned about the different levels of organic, and that the term natural on a label doesn’t actually mean anything. This couldn’t have come at a better time, I’m in need of new shampoo and will be using this knowledge while shopping.

  • Nicole

    I learned that I didn’t really know anything about the differences between organic and certified organic and even natural products! I now know how to quickly and effectively scan products to be sure that what I am buying is really safe for my family! Thank you (Mama!)!

  • Michelle Harrington

    I learned how to read the labels of beauty products and how to decipher all the different words used (natural, organic, certified by). I am excited to be able to finally know the truth vs what manufacturers want me to believe about a product.
    Thank you!!

  • SweetSummer

    I learned what the different “organic” labels can mean and how much or how little they are regulated. I also learned more about the ambiguity of “natural”. this will definitely help me be more aware and decipher labels!
    nlcorless [at]gmail[dot]com

  • Kimothyjo

    I was aware of the different levels of organic; however, I needed the information on “natural” and the fact that there is zero standard on using this word. I’ve been tricked before by “SLS-derived from coconuts” and will not do that again! Thanks!

  • http://lifewithdandh.blogspot.com Heather

    I wasn’t aware that even if the label says “organic” that I still need to protect myself and read ingredients.

  • Kelly

    I never knew there were different levels of organic! I also learned the importance of the USDA organic seal and the 3rd party certifier. What great information!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XBBMWVET5XAY24NJO2OH6B5CMA alishab

    I learned that it is even more confusing then I thought to find products that are healthy for your family. I learned better what to look for to make sure you are getting quality organic and natural products. breithauptclan@yahoo.com

  • aheldreth

    Thanks for the info on the different levels of organics! Now, I’ll know exactly what to look for when reading the labels. I hate how companies are allowed to throw around the word “natural” when it doesn’t even come close to being natural. Thanks for all the info!

  • Caitlin

    I learned that organic products actually receive certification through third party organizations and that I need to start looking for those seals before believing what the label on the front says. I was also surprised to learn that “natural” doesn’t actually mean much of anything and that anyone can use that to label their products.

  • Justine McD.

    I learned that just because it says USDA certified Organic doesnt’ mean that it necessarily is. It also needs to have an independent third party certifier statement on the package somewhere.

  • http://profiles.google.com/christy.hacker Christy Hacker

    Thanks for all the info. Organic and natural labels are deceiving! Now I’ll know what natural ingredients to avoid!

  • Guessbeans

    Before this I would see the organic label and just grab and buy. I was intimidated by all the “types” of Organic. Now, I know it isn’t that hard! I can look for the USDA seal, the 3rd party certifier, as well as differentiate between “contains Organic”, “made with Organic”, “Organic” and “100% Organic”. Thanks! You made it fun to learn-clear and simple.

  • Rampersaudc

    I’ve learned that just because a label reads ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ doesn’t mean that it’s safe. I have to say that as a parent, I want to provide my kids with the safest, healthiest and planet-friendly home I can but navigating these eco-claims is overwhelming. So, I guess I’ve learned that I am my own best advocate…ask, learn, advocate!

  • Nicole

    I have learned more about the different types of organic products. I knew that there was no regulation on what can be called “natural”, but I was not sure about the different percentages of “organic” and “made with organic” products. Additionally, it was nice to learn about the different certifiers for both food and personal care products.

  • Jazzmin

    I learned that I need to do way more research when I buy products. I know to be less leery when I see the USDA symbol, the third party certified logo, or the NSF logo. I will most definitely be telling my friends, as I am sure they didn’t even realize how loosely regulated all of the “natural” and “organic”
    marketing terms are.

  • Vanessa

    I learned that there is always mroe to learn and not to fall for advertising.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.benavides RobertandGina Benavides

    I learned that the “Natural” label doesn’t mean safe, or anything at all really. I also learned about 3rd Party inspectors, and which labels to look for on the box. Plus, I now know the differences between organic labels.

  • Rachel R

    I learned that “natural” doesn’t really mean anything on a label. And there are more “types” of organic than I knew!

  • Pinkgreenbean

    Organic doesn’t mean anything unless it is certified by the USDA! Pinkgreenbean at gmail

  • Naomi

    I was surprised that people trust the word “natural” over the USDA organic label, since natural can mean whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean. I also know now how to discern organic claims. Thanks!

  • Chelsey

    I learned that there are different “grades” of organic, and to be safest, the product label needs to have the USDA seal. I also learned not to be fooled by the word natural, because it doesn’t mean much when it comes to product safety.

  • Erin Gregerson

    I learned so much! I didn’t know to look for 3rd part certifiers, I learned that to claim a product is organic it needs to be 95% organic. I learned to not trust the “natural” label. Thank you so much for this awesome learning experience!

  • Adrienne

    I learned how to discern differences in labeling for organic, and “natural” does not mean it’s safe.

  • Sweetone62406

    I have learned to look for the USDA seal and stay away from SLS and other natural but harmful ingredients.

  • lalalandadventures

    I learned about different ‘levels’ of organic and that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe. And how important a 3rd party certifier is when it comes to organic claims! lalalandadventures at bellsouth dot net

  • Michelle P

    I learned that it’s more than just important to read labels for ingredients, but to also look for a third party certifier to be sure that what I’m purchasing is organic and safe for my family. I also had no idea the giant discrepancies between the levels of “organic” claims, and I will shoot for a minimum of “Made with Organic” from now on, but can honestly say I will never buy the “natural” claim again. Thank you!
    marinelli.michelle at gmail.com

  • Taryn

    I learned that I should really research the companies I buy from, because knowing whether I can trust the claims a company is making is just as important as being able to read and decipher labels b

  • Kate Stillman

    I learned that even some of the “natural” ingredients are not derived naturally and you need to know the ingredients as well as their orgins.

  • http://allcraftsconsidered.etsy.com Kat

    I learned there is a difference between “Made with Organic” and “organic.” I also learned that legally, “Natural” doesn’t mean anything, even though some manufacturers use it responsibly. Now, some of the labels I’ve read with “natural” with crazy ingredients on it actually make sense (I didn’t know SLS was usually coconut derived)!
    What a neat giveaway, thank you for the helpful info!

  • Sandra Cowell

    Gosh… this was awesome!
    We are having our 4th baby in June, and in the last two years we have been (slowly) trying to change our lifestyle to benefit ourselves, our health and the choices and influences our children will have on their environment. I feel like my eyes were opened quite a bit. I was one of the “Natural” must mean safe believers.

    I learned that you can tell about what is true by looking at the lable… and that it is really important to look for the third party certifier in the variety of organic types. I also felt reassured that I can look up the standard for the certifier and get an added level of security, when the product is still questionable.

    Thanks for all this GREAT information!!!

  • Tiffany

    I think one of the big things I took away from this is the importance of stuff being independently certified. That’s something I will look for from now on. It also taught me to read the labels a little more closely, and not always assume that something is really and truly green just because it makes vague claims to be!

  • Mike T.

    I didn’t really know about all this until I read these posts. Thanks!

  • Heidi

    I learned a lot about what to look for besides a USDA certified label! Now I’ve been checking all of my organic items to see if they have the 3rd party label on them. I didn’t realize the importance of the 3rd party. I am also happy to read about the certification of beauty products and now I can carefully screen future purchases. I’ve been picky with my families food choices and now I have the knowledge to be even pickier with our health/beauty products. Not only is it important for our health-but also for our Earth!!! Thanks to EMAB and ALL of the companies/websites for coming together and teaching us! :)

  • Sarah C.

    I definitely learned about what to look for when I’m really looking for something organic and I also learned that the label of ‘natural’ is more likely than not just to make me feel like I’m buying something non-toxic!

  • http://www.dangerouscrayon.blogspot.com Carrie

    I hadn’t realized how many levels of organic labeling there are. I thought is was just “organic” or not! I learned that a key component of figuring out an organic label is the third party certifier. No certifier, no guarantee that a product is what it claims to be! I’m also now more cautious of “natural” since “natural” doesn’t really have any specific, legal, or certifiable meaning.

  • Sasha

    I learned that even though something has the word organic on it that does not necessarily mean it is an all organic product!

  • amommie23

    Thanks for the great info. I am reading labels with more confidence now.

  • Lesleytaylor

    I learned that I need to pay closer attention to the labels of the food I buy. Just because is says “organic” or “natural” doesn’t always mean that the product is up to MY standards as a consumer :) Thanks for this contest. I hope I win :)

  • accidentalmama

    I learned that most of all the “good and healthy” stuff i buy is most likely just full of “natural” crud. I really used to think natural and certified organic were equals, now i know better. Thank you so much Earth Mama and all the other sponsors for teaching me what to look for. Im 16 weeks pregnant and already looking for healthier and safer products for me and my growing family. i think my family is already starting to go crazy over how im all about organic this and organic that because now i know whats actually safe and worth the extra money. thank you again a million times over for this awesome info!

  • Kristin Lambert

    Though I had the knowledge of a lot of what I read and had been putting this knowledge into practice with our family for a few years, I didn’t know to look for the third party organic certification. Thank you for sharing this knowledge and for the giveaway.

  • Colleen

    I learned that I should check to be sure a product actually is what it claims to be…and that there’s a few ways to be sure! Thanks for helping keep my family safe!

  • Kristy

    I learned to check the label of every organic product I buy to make sure there is third party certification. I also learned that the term “natural” really means nothing. The information on the different levels of organic really helped me a lot. Thanks!

  • Christie

    I learned that natural and organic are very different…and that there really isn’t any standard one has to meet to be labeled natural

  • Janice

    That not all items labeled “organic” are equal! I will be reading packaging much more carefully from now on!

  • Sarahansman

    I learned that I should check to be sure a product actually is what it claims to be!

  • Laurie

    I learned that what I’m using for my baby (the shampoo and body wash by EMAB) really is good stuff and I am going to read other labels more closely. I had no idea that the word “natural” could be applied to so many things, but not have any real meaning.

  • Jen

    I learned that it takes a little bit of research to find out what’s truly in a product. Thanks so much for the giveaway (and the information!)

  • Jes

    I learned valuable information about how to keep my family healthy and as chemical-free as possible. Thanks!

  • Greyrayne

    As a first time pregnant mama, I learned some great information about the truth behind the ‘organic’ label and what I need to look for to make sure my family and I are safe. Thanks!

  • http://profiles.google.com/andrea.dippner Andrea Campbell

    I learned that it takes a lot to truly be organic…and that organic and natural are not the same thing. I’ve learned a lot about how to read labels better & I’m definitely going to look into what we use a lot more now! Thanks for the info!!

  • America Coates

    I learned about a great site to send all mums to! I just finished a DONA doula workshop and hope to finish my certification soon. Now I know where to get the best things to fill my bag with! ;-D I also work in a food cooperative and we carry some Earth Mama Angel Baby products!

  • Emilie

    I learned that I need to do a lot more research on products before accepting what the label claims to be true. I also realized that I want to take more time to buy items that are truly made from safe ingredients because I don’t want my family to be exposed to unnecessary chemicals.

  • Tracie

    I learned that I should look for the USDA seal, 100% organic, and a seal from a third-party independent certifier. I also learned that “natural” is not a trustworthy label to follow on my personal care products.

  • Christina

    I learned that just reading labels isn’t enough because companies can find ways to make their products seem better/healthier/safer than they actually are. We need to be informed enough to decipher the contents of the labels and know what to look for.

  • Gatorgirlie

    I’ve learned to always look for the USDA seal or an independent third-party certifier… to never trust the word ‘natural’ and to always read through ingredient lists. While it’s not mentioned, it’s always great to keep the skindeep registry bookmarked, so you can double-check those ‘natural’ seeming ingredients are actually safe and non-toxic!

  • Kperks

    I learned that I need to be reading labels more carefully! That a product labeled natural doesn’t mean it is any better for my family and I need to be looking for a third party certifier, not just an organic label.

  • melissa clark

    I learned that all products labled as “organic” are not created equal and to always look for the USDA or NSF seal and for the third party certifier. I learned that “natural” does not always mean beneficial or good for you and is a very unregulated lable.

  • Kendal Barriere

    I learned that the consumer can be and is easily deceived when it comes to purchasing quality organic products. I have learned the exact things to look for on the item packages to make sure that I am buying true and healthy organic products.

  • Jennifer

    I learned a lot, I wasn’t aware that there were so many different levels of organic, for starters. Secondly, the natural labels were a blessing to learn about because I have seen it be marketed to where they look as if they are trying to be100% organic (to the unaware), i feel so proud to know the difference now so I can make better choices for my family. I am also a more aware consumer so I WILL be checking the labels for those seals!! Even if I dont win, I received such a huge gift already and that is the knowledge of these labels to make safer choices for my children. Thank you

  • Candace Box

    I have learned to always look for the USDA seal and/or the seal of an independent third party certifier to determine to what “degree” of organic a product is. I also learned that although the product or ingredients may claim to be “natural”, they may, in fact, still be harmful.

  • http://profiles.google.com/amanda.j.hearn Amanda Hearn

    Thank you SO much! This is such a great event. I learned how to verify that my purchases are indeed organic (by looking for the ‘certified by’ portion of the label. I also learned that a product only has to be 95% organic to be labeled organic.

  • Lisa Epsteen

    I learned the difference between the terms organic and natural, and also how to tell HOW organic a product is. I hopefully learned how to be a smarter consumer and make better choices for me and my family. Thanks so much!

  • RobinLM

    This was truly a powerful giveaway filled w/ lots of helpful information! The biggest thing I took away was just b/c a product is natural, does not necessarily mean that it is organic and/ or safe for my family. Knowing the 70% rule and also learning about how to read organic labels will help me make safer purchases for my family!

  • http://profiles.google.com/bethany.hammond07 Bethany Hammond

    I have learned to always look for a third party certifier if a product claims to be at all organic. I learned that “organic” products only have to have 95% organic ingredients. I also learned that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can be labeled as “naturally derived.” Yikes! Thanks for the lessons!

  • http://profiles.google.com/tawnycoral tawny coral

    I learned that all products labeled as “organic” are not made equally and to look for the USDA or NSF seal and third party certifier. && that “natural” does basically means nothing!

  • Jennymay2005

    I have learned that cosmetics labled natural can mean whatever the manufactuar wants it to mean, I also learned that Organic on the label doesn’t always mean 100 %organic and to watch for the third party certifier! Jennymay2005@yahoo.com

  • Amhmorris

    Not only did i learn to check for a third party certifier and natural is not always good natural. I also found some neat websites to add to the one i currently visit. Thanks you for putting this all together is was awesome.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lisamkeyser Lisa Keyser

    I learned about the limitations for including “Organic” in the product name, what to look for on the back of the box (an independent third-party certifier), and what percentage of organic ingredients a product has to have to be considered organic or made with organic ingredients. And I learned not to trust anything that says “natural” without reading the ingredients list first!!

  • DoulaChanel

    Knowing and understanding the differences from “natural” all the way to “100 percent organic” is going to help me a lot — not just for the products and foods I choose for myself, but for what I can suggest to and give my moms-to-be as their doula! Can’t wait to get home and check out my “organic” shampoo. Thanks for these great classes! — doulajax@gmail.com

  • kelly

    I had no idea that SLS sometimes came from coconuts and I learned to look for a third party certifier on organic products!

  • june

    I already knew that the term “natural” meant…well, nothing. It is terrible that companies capitalize on that term. I will continue to read labels and from now on I will make sure there is a 3rd part certifier as well!! Thanks for getting this info out there!

  • Lisa C

    I learned how to decifier the differences when a company puts the word organic on their product. I will be looking for the 3rd party certifier any time I see organic on a label now. Thanks!

  • Rainey_87

    I learned how to check and see if a product is really certified organic. I also learned that the word natural on a products label really doesn’t tell me anything and can mean anything!

  • http://profiles.google.com/aliciaambler Alicia Ambler

    I learned just how little “natural” means!

  • Tara P.

    I learned that I didn’t know as much about organic ingredients as I thought! Now i know to look for the labeling “clues” and different seals before purchasing and products. I’ll also be passing up items that only claim “natural” since there is no regulation on that word! thanks so much for the much needed education!

  • Jamie

    I learned how misleading the word “natural” on a product can be. I now know what to look for to be sure an item is organic.

  • Allison

    I learned a lot actually! I never realized how “natural” is completely unregulated and how I really need to pay more attention to the random words/labels on the products that I use. Thank you!

  • Jamie

    I already spend a lot of time looking at and deciphering labels and knew to look for the USDA seal on 100% Organic claims. I did not know about the other three organic levels. I will be looking more closely for the independent certifier and the NSF seal on products. Very informative!

  • Leah

    I already knew a lot about what I was looking for on the labels- and usually look for the 100% organic and FDA seal on items for my daughter… However, I did not know that “natural” is not defined by anyone but the company. That kind of makes me sick, and very angry!

  • http://profiles.google.com/crystalbuffaloe Crystal Buffaloe

    I knew some of the information already, but was surprised to learn that a product might say 100% Organic and yet not be if they don’t have an independent company verifying that information and include that information on the packaging — I’d never have thought to look for the 3rd party. I also didn’t realize quite how far the “natural” claim could stretch — I suppose it’s a little bit light “light” or “lite” on food packaging. Thanks for hosting this! I hope I win!

  • http://jewelsandtreasures.blogspot.com/ jewelsntreasures

    I knew quite a bit that “natural” did not necessarily mean natural. I also knew about the 100% USDA organic. The rest of the organics though were pretty sketchy in my mind! So thank you so much for enlightening me! I really appreciate it! Any chance you could make a sheet with all this info in one place so we can keep it?? Thanks! :)

    jewelsntreasures (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Coritastull

    I learned a lot about the federal requirements for organic labeling, in particular I was struck by the percentage of non-organic ingredients allowed in something that is labeled “made with organic ingredients.” I also learned how sls and cocomidopropyl betaine are made. I think I will just stick with the actual coconut oil from now on.

  • Thepeach80

    I learned quite a bit. I remember hearing some cases that the words organic meant nothing but now I know they can mean varying things depending on if it’s 100% organic or contains organic ingredients or if it’s food vs products! I knew natural didn’t really have to mean anything but it was good to see it all explained out in easy to understand wording. Thanks again for this!

  • Nikki

    I learned that you really have to read labels and know what you are looking for! It seems that more and more products are putting “natural” on the package as a marketing tool, but after reading the information about “natural” ingredients, I know I have to be careful of that…”Natural” does not mean good for you. I also learned that if I see the word “Organic” on the label, I need to look for a third party verification.

  • Stormy

    I learned a ton! That not all products labeled ‘organic’ are truely 100% organic and that I must look for the certifiers, USDA organic stamp, and read the labels to find out what i’m really getting.

  • http://profiles.google.com/shoverocker Shoshana O

    I learned that it is really important to read labels.

  • cecey8s

    I learned the finer points of what marketing and packaging terms actually mean. So incredibly helpful to know the difference! Some blogging contests are a bit of a waste of time, but this one had some substance. Thanks, mama!

  • Sarah

    I reaffirmed my commitment to label reading!

  • Anonymous

    And the winner is…. Gabbela who “learned that putting natural on something, or organic, even if it is not certified, can be deceiving and even harmful. We are suckers for wording, and want to feel virtuous, but we need to question and not assume that something is healthy because it is “natural”. Thank you for this education!! I needed it!!” Look for an email, and congratulations Gabbela!

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