Meet Mama Earth!

Meet Mama Earth! She’s bigger than a bread basket but smaller than a mouse. She’s here, there and everywhere. She sees you when you’re sleeping, and she’s very quiet because she knows that doesn’t happen very often! Mama Earth’s hands create beauty in the world, and can wipe away the smallest teardrop or gild the farthest star. Her feet can tread gently as a butterfly or chase down the fastest toddler as she helps you find and walk your own true path. She possesses clarity of vision and sees goodness all around, but you should know she also has eyes in the back of her head, so don’t try any tricks! Her bosom can rest a weary head, is a home for the heartbeat of the world, and naturally nurtures the smallest bee and the largest elephant.

Mama Earth is here at Earth Mama Angel Baby. Let’s have some fun!

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