Go to the Head of the Class GRAND PRIZE!

Come play with us starting Monday, April 25!

Earth Mama Angel Baby® is giving you the chance to go to the head of the organic class, win prizes and learn about the five levels of Organic and Natural. You’ll get product label information a concerned consumer can really use, plus earn your Mama U. diploma and a chance to win fantastic prizes all along the way, including a ginormous Grand Prize worth over $650! Earth Mama Angel Baby and five respected bloggers (Mothering, BabyCenter, SafeMama, Fig and Sage and The Smart Mama) will take you from grade to grade: once you pass one level, you can move on to the next. You can do all five in a day or take your time and do it in a week. Just make sure you go to Mama U. Graduation by midnight Sunday, May 1 to pick up your diploma, your special graduate coupon code, and enter to win the Mama U. Graduates Grand Prize bundle of natural and organic goodies, valued at over $650!! See contest rules here.

The party’s over, the prizes have been awarded but the prize of valuable information is still here for the learning. Take a few minutes and you will win a prize: the prize of knowledge about how to cut through the marketing hype and decipher organic label claims!

So, Go to the Head of the Organic Class is over, but we’re always working on more. What would YOU like to see next?

The Mama U. Graduates Grand Prize Bundle is worth over $650 and includes:

PumpEase Organic, PumpEase Door Hanger, PumpEase Breastmilk Storage Guidelines Fridge Magnet, Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace ($72)

The world’s ONLY organic hands-free pumping bra.  Designed from a beautiful, unbleached and un-dyed 90% certified organic cotton and 10% spandex knit, it has a wonderfully soft hand, making it a dream to wear!  Also included: stunning hand-crafted ceramic pendants by artist Susan Kirk are understated yet eye-catching Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace, the Best for Babes “Miracle” door hanger which speaks volumes on your behalf in a fun and sassy way, letting your co-workers and family members know that ”The miracle isn’t the bra – the miracle is you and the milk only moms can make,” and a Breastmilk Storage Guidelines fridge magnet will keep the information that you need where you need it - on the fridge!

SwaddleDesigns – Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket ($32)

The ultimate Organic Receiving Blanket is a new parent and celebrity favorite!  Baby soft organic cotton flannel with GOTS certification, no unnatural chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides.  42 inch square with signature trim is optimum size and shape for swaddling and much more.  Made in the USA with superior quality.

HAPPYBABY A Growing Family: Starter Set ($120)

The Growing Family starter set includes: 1 recyclable & reusable HAPPYBABY tote (16″w x 12″h x 6″d), 1 organic cotton HAPPYBABY bib, 1 organic cotton HAPPYBABY t-shirt, 3 canisters of HAPPYBELLIES organic cereal (Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Multi-Grain), 3 canisters of HAPPYBABY PUFFS organic baby snacks (Apple, Apple/Banana, Greens), 2 canisters of HAPPYMUNCHIES baked vegetable & cheddar snacks, 10 HAPPYBABY/HAPPYTOT pouches, 1 organic cotton HAPPYMAMA t-shirt, 1 copy of our book HAPPYBABY: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months By Dr. Sears and HAPPYBABY, Infant and toddler Nutrition Guide written by Dr. Sears and Amy Marlow, RD MPH CDN,
FAQ on Probiotics & DHA, and HAPPYFAMILY Recipes

Moby Wraps Moby Organics Celery ($59.95)

Moby Wrap, the award-winning baby carrier, is a long piece of ultra soft, breathable cotton that is wrapped around the wearer to create a safe, custom-fitted and versatile baby carrier.

Little Beetle Little-To-Big Organic Cotton Velour Diaper ($27)

Introducing organic diapers & wool covers with a Growth Policy!  Thanks to a shrewdly designed snap arrangement, our Little-to-Big Beetle grows with your child. All Little Beetle hemp and organic cotton fitted diapers come with their innovative semi-attached and foldable beetle booster. Fold to the front, back or lay flat for customized absorbency where your little one needs it most.

ecostoreUSA Eco Friendly Household Cleaners Assortment ($34.50)

Your family’s health is a priority to the team at ecostoreUSA. That is why we have produced a range of eco-friendlier kitchen cleaning products that are better for the earth, and better for your health too. We believe that by changing from the conventional cleaning products in your kitchen you are doing your family an important service, especially young children whose immune systems are still developing.  Includes:  Cream Cleanser, Dishwash Liquid, All Purpose Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner.

Luna Pads Intro Kit ($55.99)

A collection of beautiful and effective cotton menstrual Pads and Liners, as well as practical, every day Pantyliners. The Organic Introductory Kit allows you to try both Pads (for light and average flow) and Pantyliners (for daily needs or very light flow). Perfect for teens or as a gift for friends who you’d like to introduce to Lunapads.

The Smart Mama’s Green Guide ($14.99)

The Guide delivers the information busy parents want and the tools to make informed, individual choices without the demand to go all-out green. Packed with practical tips on eliminating or reducing the hidden dangers of toxic chemicals that lurk everywhere, this book will empower readers to control what comes into their homes and make informed decisions instead of relying on government regulation of harmful chemicals.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

And last, but not least – a whole load of Earth Mama goodies!!  Includes: Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Angel Baby Oil, Angel Baby Bath Blossoms, Angel Baby Lotion 8oz, Calm & Clean Hand To Toe Wash, Happy Mama Hand To Toe Wash, Natural Non-Scents Hand To Toe Wash, Earth Mama Bottom Balm, Organic Peaceful Mama Tea, Organic Morning Wellness Tea, Organic Heartburn Tea, Organic Monthly Comfort Tea, Organic Milkmaid Tea, Organic Third Trimester Tea, Natural Nipple Butter, Earth Mama Body Butter 8oz, Mint Herbal Lip Balm, and C-Mama Healing Salve.

This Grand Prize Bundle is worth more that $650.00!

Thanks so much to the mama-friendly companies who donated so many wonderful goodies to help us spread the safe, organic word!

On Monday, April 25, get ready to begin your Organic education – grab your graham crackers and skip over to Pre-School to find out how to play!


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