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Bee Positive

I’ve been pondering the apparent plight of bees the past few days. I mean more so than usual. I tried to take a picture of the lavender that is dancing under the weight of bees that zip from one blossom to the next, but photographs just don’t capture the magic. Still pictures just can’t show [...]

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The Birds and the Bees

I’ve still got it. It’s been years, but I just dusted off my bee gloves, the smoker and goofy hat with the netting and gingerly got back in the bee business. Some weeks ago I found a discarded bird’s nest under one of our huge cedar trees. At first I wasn’t sure what it was [...]

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Why I’m A Fan Of Poop

Bizarre as it sounds, I’m a big fan of poop. No, not the kind you’re thinking of, but manure, and especially composted horse manure. It’s rich in nitrogen and not as “hot” as chicken manure so there’s much less chance of burning your plants while you’re trying to feed them. I’m fortunate that the property [...]

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Remembering My Mama

Last weekend I found this basket when I was clearing out the cabinets in my mother’s kitchen. My dad, who was directing my efforts at the time, said “You can get rid of that.” I’m sure he didn’t realize that I had made this basket about 15 years ago when I was just beginning my [...]

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