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Peaceful Wisdom

When we first moved Earth Mama Angel Baby into the current manufacturing facility, we all knew the place needed to feel like home. Surrounded by concrete and steel, it was important for us to stay connected to the earth. So in the middle of an industrial park, we planted herbs.

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Oatmeal: A Good First Food

Oatmeal: A Good First Food – and Bath! – for Baby by Maggie Mead Oatmeal makes a warm, tasty and highly nutritious food for baby! There are few foods that are more warming and delightfully filling than a piping bowl of oatmeal on a cold morning. Don’t keep this yummy dish all to yourself, […]

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Drooling Over Seed Catalogs

I heard a robin singing last week. Not only that, little green stinging nettle plants and brave daffodil shoots are peeking out through the mud. And the raspberry plants have fresh new buds emerging from the dry, brown canes. That means two things that make my wee heart leap: It’s almost spring, and it’s seed catalog time! […]

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