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Talking about Infant Massage with Linda Storm

Infant Massage is a time-honored technique to soothe and comfort babies. It has amazing physical benefits, from stimulating digestion and learning, to reducing stress hormones and increasing relaxing hormones. It promotes a bond and lays a foundation for healthy, secure interactions, and helps babies feel connected and able to communicate their needs as it teaches [...]

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The Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant Massage has many benefits for baby and mama (or papa, or caregiver). Linda Storm from Infant Massage USA® lists a bunch here for us! And for a wonderful interview with Linda, click here. Infant massage stimulates: All the systems of his body digestion, circulation, immunity, elimination Learning – language development, multisensory stimulation, building neural [...]

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Remembering My Angels

Many of the mamas at Earth Mama Angel Baby have experienced baby loss along with baby joy. We offer this space to Mama Michelle, to tell her story to help heal her own heart, to commiserate, and by so doing to encourage other mamas to share their stories. Remembering My Angels by Michelle Lloyd October [...]

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Miscarriage and The House I Keep: an interview with filmmaker Jhene Erwin

Writer/producer/director Jhene Erwin created The House I Keep, a ten-minute short film about a woman’s struggle to come to terms with the loss of her baby. In 2007, after her second miscarriage, Jhene Erwin began writing poetry, which became the narrative behind the touching film. The House I Keep is currently available for screenings and [...]

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Welcoming Mama’s You Herb it Here Newsletter!

We’re delighted to welcome Mama’s You Herb it Here Newsletter, spreading Peace Love and Information for All! Mama’s Family Weekly and Mama’s Monthly Newsletter have merged into one herb packed, pretty bi-weekly newsletter, delivering herbal news, contests, fun and facts every other week. And thanks to Boolie Sluka for the clever name for our new [...]

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My Work-cation

Last week I took a much needed working vacation and it was perfect. The very first day, during a break in the rain storms, I was greeted by a hungry baby bird in the vegetable garden who hopped around at my feet asking for breakfast. Thank goodness for my compost pile and ready access to a handful [...]

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