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Postpartum Depression Resources

Postpartum Depression Resources, compiled by Jennifer McNichols, Z Recommends – Postpartum Progress is consistently named one of the best blogs about depression and/or pregnancy. – Christi blogs about postpartum depression, mental health issues, and suicide prevention. – Lauren hosts a chat about PPD on Twitter every Monday and also features “My Postpartum [...]

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Postpartum Depression: One Mama’s Story

by Jennifer McNichols, Z Recommends My first and only child was born about 7 years ago. I don’t remember much about the first six months of her life because I suffered from postpartum depression after her birth. Those first six months are pretty hazy in my memories. I remember asking multiple times if something was [...]

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PPD: How to Help

So how can you help a mom who is dealing with postpartum depression? What can you say or do? Or what should you NOT say or do? Don’t offer to hold the baby while mom does the laundry/dishes/cleaning/cooking. Offer to do the work instead! Don’t tell mom to pick herself up by her bootstraps/keep a [...]

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Questions about Milk Banking?

Oregon and the Northwest have the highest breastfeeding rates in the nation, yet our hospitals currently order donor human milk from milk banks in Colorado or California. Sometimes these milk banks cannot fully supply regional needs for donor human milk due to low supplies. “It’s a travesty that we don’t have this option for local [...]

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Talking about Infant Massage with Linda Storm

Infant Massage is a time-honored technique to soothe and comfort babies. It has amazing physical benefits, from stimulating digestion and learning, to reducing stress hormones and increasing relaxing hormones. It promotes a bond and lays a foundation for healthy, secure interactions, and helps babies feel connected and able to communicate their needs as it teaches [...]

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The Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant Massage has many benefits for baby and mama (or papa, or caregiver). Linda Storm from Infant Massage USA® lists a bunch here for us! And for a wonderful interview with Linda, click here. Infant massage stimulates: All the systems of his body digestion, circulation, immunity, elimination Learning – language development, multisensory stimulation, building neural [...]

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