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Anatomy of a Diaper Rash

Just what causes a diaper rash? Is it yeast? Teething? Diet? Something in your diapers or diaper cream? Use this handy checklist to see what might be causing your little one’s rashy bum, and to find what to you can do about it! 1. Is baby clean? CHECK! Make sure the baby is clean! Sometimes [...]

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My Baby Has Eczema! Or is it Something Else?

My baby has eczema. It’s itchy, flaky, oozy, red and angry. What can I do to help? At Earth Mama HQ we hear this question more and more often. “Eczema” is an increasingly common concern: as mamas gain a growing understanding about the potential toxicity of ingredients in baby care products they are looking for [...]

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Soap vs Detergent: How did Detergent become “Soap?”

Better living through chemistry! When margarine was invented, housewives huzzahed. Margarine didn’t spoil like butter, it didn’t burn like butter, and it was much less expensive than butter. That “miracle fabric” Polyester saved time and money, polyester pants came out of the dryer looking fine and dandy without hauling out the ironing board. And the [...]

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Postpartum Depression Resources

Postpartum Depression Resources, compiled by Jennifer McNichols, Z Recommends – Postpartum Progress is consistently named one of the best blogs about depression and/or pregnancy. – Christi blogs about postpartum depression, mental health issues, and suicide prevention. – Lauren hosts a chat about PPD on Twitter every Monday and also features “My Postpartum [...]

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