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8 Toxins to Avoid in Mama and Baby Lotion

Top 8 Toxins to Avoid in Mama and Baby Lotion

Expert guest post by Betsy of Eco Novice Like many of you, I started paying attention to the ingredients of common household products after the birth of my first child. When my baby first sucked on our wood floor I wondered, what’s in my floor cleaner? When he sucked on my hair I wondered, what’s […]

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Make Your Own Safe, Non-toxic Scrubby Cleanser!

Earth Mama®’s pure castile soaps clean from head to toe, but would you believe from “head” to kitchen? Perfect for homemade baby wipes, camping dish soap, and even a safe and super effective DIY scrub that cleans your whole house, stem to stern. Kitchen counters, sinks, toilets and tile, plus birdbaths, coffee stains in ceramic […]

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