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A Sweet Blessing Ceremony for Your Angel Baby

Your sweet baby is here! Welcome your wonderful bundle with Mama’s gentle ritual, or use this as a starting point to create your own special ceremony. Invite all those who love and will help look after your new angel baby to share in your blessing ceremony. Ask each person to bring a small symbolic gift [...]

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It’s Testimonial Week AGAIN!

And we’re giving stuff away!  Write a product review on the Earth Mama Angel Baby website for the daily product announced below. Then go over to Facebook and let us know that you left your review. Mrs. B. will choose one winner from the day’s testimonials to win that product! Each contest day ends at [...]

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Confused About Borage Seed Oil?

Oh Internet, how we love you, but you do tend to confuse, especially with information about herbs for pregnant women and babies. Over the years, we’ve talked to more than a few anxious and bewildered ladies, all responsibly looking for guidance about what’s safe and what’s not safe for their growing bellies and the baby [...]

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Welcoming Mama’s You Herb it Here Newsletter!

We’re delighted to welcome Mama’s You Herb it Here Newsletter, spreading Peace Love and Information for All! Mama’s Family Weekly and Mama’s Monthly Newsletter have merged into one herb packed, pretty bi-weekly newsletter, delivering herbal news, contests, fun and facts every other week. And thanks to Boolie Sluka for the clever name for our new [...]

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