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What can you do about varicose veins in your vulva?

Bump Squad mama Audrey on dealing with vulvar varicosities Vulvar varicosities are as wholly unpleasant as they sound. As uncomfortable as they are, it’s even more uncomfortable when a casual acquaintance inquires as to your well-being when you have them. “How is this pregnancy treating you?” “Oh, well, this one’s been a bit rough.” “Nausea?” […]

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Last Chance to Win a Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle!

Last chance to win a Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle! With natural nursing helpers, including Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Certified 100% Organic Milkmaid Tea to help support healthy breast milk production; Lanolin-free, naturally safe Non-GMO Project Verified Natural Nipple Butter helps soothe and prevent sore nipples; Booby Tubes® gel-free breast packs to use warm or cold to […]

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